Shinrabansho Skill Ups

I have to say that I enjoyed the new Shinrabansho dungeons because I could skill up so many monsters at once, but I can see it being an annoyance for those that are targeting one or two skill ups. It’s nice that they changed the dungeon to drop evolved fodder, but that’s actually not much consolation due to the way the drops are set up. The drop rate of a specific evolved fodder is significantly reduced both by sharing a floor with another and having a chance of a card dropping instead. Non-IAPers will likely still be stuck evolving fodder, but I guess anything that reduces that count is a good thing. I found it strange that that skill ups for Kiriko and Asmodeus were surprisingly easy, while those for some of the silver eggs were quite rare. I got 66 Kiriko cards, 45 Moebius cards, but only 17 Apollo cards. Maybe it was bad luck, but a discrepancy that large even for a small sample size is strange. Luckily none of the REM silver eggs are all that worth chasing skill ups for.

Name Tries Success Rate
Kiriko 10 4 40.00%
Kiriko (2) 20 4 20.00%
Asmodeus 13 4 30.77%
Apollo (REM Silver) 19 2 10.53%
Sai 7 0 0.00%
Saiga (REM Silver) 14 5 35.71%
Maxius 18 5 27.78%
Ryuga 29 5 17.24%
Ark 11 3 27.27%
Kai 16 5 31.25%
Moebius 20 5 25.00%
Astaroth 66 10 15.15%
Baal 5 3 60.00%
Baal (2) 29 5 17.24%
Lakshmi 25 10 40.00%
Lakshmi (2) 37 8 21.62%
Drawn Joker 25 6 24.00%
Shiva 24 6 25.00%
Dragon Rider 19 6 31.58%
Dragon Rider (2) 19 1 5.26%
Ruka 9 4 44.44%
Kano 5 1 20.00%
Kano (2) 3 0 0.00%
Fuu 13 2 15.38%
Kurone 5 1 20.00%
Masterion 46 10 21.74%
Apollo (Mini Boss) 39 12 30.77%
Saiga (Invade) 11 4 36.36%
Total 557 131 23.52%

Shinrabansho 1 was a mess. All I really wanted to skill up from that dungeon was Astaroth and Kiriko. I got Kiriko done very quick, but Astaroth was brutal. About half my five-feeds were 0-fers. Only a few lucky two-for-fives got me back to a respectable 15%. Going after Astaroth skill ups was probably a terrible idea, especially since her next significant upgrade will likely be an awoken uevo. I did manage to get a max skill Ryuga along the way, which was kinda nice. On the other hand, all I wanted to skill up from Shinrabansho 2 was Asmodeus and that was done fairly quickly. I also  managed to finish off a few sticker girls that had a level or two remaining from the Angry Birds collab.

For those curious about drop rates from the dungeons, I didn’t keep track of which things dropped from fixed or random floors so the stats are a bit of a mess. Here’s what I found, though:

  • For Shinrabansho 1, I only farmed Mythical with no bonus drops. It seems like the cards that only drop from fixed floors have about a 20-30% drop rate (Kai, Apollo, Ryuga). These are similar rates to what the evolved fodder from Fist of the North Star dropped at. The other cards dropped a much higher rate per run (Maxius, Kiriko, Moebius), but since I didn’t keep track of what dropped from fixed or random spawns, it’s hard to make any conclusions. Waferman was about a 40% drop rate per run where Dragon Stone was about 20%. I did 96 runs total.
  • I did significantly fewer runs for Shinrabansho 2, but the card rates were pretty much the same as Shinrabansho 1. I ran Expert during 2x drop rate so it’s not a 1:1 comparison, but running Expert during this period doesn’t appear to be a bad idea.

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