Weekly Roundup 23


The Past Week:

  • Last week’s roundup
  • Updated PADherder
  • 7 ranks – I still have about 30 days left until my one-year which should be more than enough time. I wasn’t expecting to get many ranks this week, but the Shinrabansho dungeons had fairly decent exp.
  • Cat woke up

Next Week and Beyond:

  • PDX has Challenge Dungeons 9 starting on Monday. I’m writing this about 15 min before the day change and there’s still no announcement. As expected of GungHo.
  • This will hopefully be my last Monday farming Mechdragons. Once I get that last +297 for my Meimei System, I’m going to try and limit my +egg farming to Star Vault and the more stamina efficient FT4. 3x normals never.
  • I have a silver of hope that NA will release another wave of uevos this week — that’s how much I want Meimei — but it will almost certainly happen before the start of the next event in two weeks. If they ever bother to announce it, that is.
  • With JP getting the Hunter×Hunter collab on the 20th, it looks like any assumptions I made about Batman are dead. Now I have no idea when they intend to bring it back.
  • We got the Persephone uevo, but not even art for the rest of the pantheon. I’m very interested in what they do for Artemis.