Bestcat OP


To think I was actually worried about this Lv10. This is the first Lv10 I’ve 0-stoned on my first try. Bastet shits out so much damage without even trying, one-shotting every floor and making most of the mechanics irrelevant. I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.

5 thoughts on “Bestcat OP

    • That’s correct, she isn’t. I had no intention of ever 297ing her, but after experiencing how amazing Bastet is and Kushi being one of the better wood damage reducers, I’m beginning to reconsider that stance.


  1. I just used your bastet helper to 0 stone C10. Took a bastet, liu bei, kush, liu bei, verdandi, bastet team into C10. Everything was smooth sailing until Hera-Is proceeded to skill bind my team. I proceeded to deal too much damage to her on the first turn and she bound everyone except for sub liu bei for 3 turns. Somehow i managed to combo heal enough to stay alive until bastet was unbound to kill hera-is on the last turn of skill bind. I entered sonia gran with kush and liu bei #2 both on 3 turn bound timers. But bestcat is OP so my other 4 team members managed to chip her down to 20% over 3 turns then finish with a liu bei active.


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