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Found this on reddit. I knew the Scarlet System was good, but the fact that it can curb stomp the hardest dungeon in the game (most of the time) is pretty disgusting. The fact that it’s “gated” by a heavy stone investment doesn’t make it any less disgusting. That team didn’t even have any latents! Power creep is the lifeblood of this game, but sometimes I can’t stand it.


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  1. Wow, so basically if you had the time and money to invest in this team you could essentially have an unlimited supply of Pii’s from that dungeon.


    • There are at least two things that can prevent consistent farming:
      – Getting DQ Hera on the Hera floor and dying to the preemptive.
      – Not doing enough damage to Kali. I believe the video needed some skyfall help to reach the requisite damage numbers.

      It doesn’t look like the first one can be addressed via dark resist latents. I’m not sure if the second can be addressed through ATK latents.

      Despite that, it still appears to be one of the more reliable clears, especially if you value ease of use. And putting aside the Ultimate Arena, it can’t be denied that the Scarlet System is just very, very strong.


  2. And this is a FARMABLE team… good lord… And it’s not like you HAVE to money to build it either. To build it quickly, yes, but Scarlet will be back of course. Over a few months each time she shows up just invest your stones in this team instead of getting trolled in the REM, and you can faceroll extreme area… XD Who’ve thought?

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    • My thought is that considering the difficulty of Scarlet’s dungeon and the amount of commitment it would take to actually assemble that team, I think it is perfectly acceptable. She’s one of the most difficult descends in the game, and so I am glad that she can demolish other very hard dungeons.


  3. OK, so I’ve seen some number crunching, done some soul searching, and I don’t think that this team is *that* bad. Sure, the powercreep level is there, of course it is, that’s how games like this operate. Release hard dungeon that only a few monsters in the game can clear, release updates for old cards that enable them to clear dungeon, release new cards that can clear dungeon easier, rinse and repeat. It’s been happening since Zeus Descends was the hardest level in the game, and his 3x LS was OP.

    Now, I’ll open this rant by saying that the amount of effort it takes to make ISN’T as bad as it looks, and it CAN be done F2P… It’ll just take 5x as long.

    That said, some quick stats. So, each scarlet needs 10 skillups. Assuming you feed during 2.5x, and get exactly 1/4, you’ll need 41 copies to “guarantee” one max skilled scarlet. multiply it by 5, and you end up with 205 copies of her. 50 Stamina a run, and you have 10,250 stamina. Now, you’ll need 495 team cost to run her, which comes at somewhere around rank 430. Let’s simplify slightly and assume you’re rank 467 (ish) and you have 250 stamina, that means that it’ll take 41 stones’ worth of stamina to max skill the team, assuming you don’t get either trolled, or extremely lucky.

    So, 41 stones, not too shabby. Now of course, the cost of evolving her is pretty high, both Divine Hera and Dancing Hera means that you’ll need a total of 2 evolved Heras, 5 orbs and 3 devilits. 50 stamina per hera, we’ll say 100 per devilit, and is the appearance rate of jewels 20%? That’s what we’ll go with, so 250 per jewel. So that’s another 1650 per Scarlet, for a total of 8250 stamina, or 33 more stones… So far we’re at 74…

    So, for less than a pack of stones you can have an incredible farming team, capable of killing LITERALLY EVERYTHING. Of course that doesn’t include levels or plusses, neither of which I care to do the math for, but I saw a rough estimate saying 38 stones for levels, and 180 for five 297’s. I’m not going to add those in personally, as a max evolved system at lv 1 will STILL beat most if not all descends, but it’s worth considering. 292 stones for the ability to clear extreme area 1/5 of the time, IF you get good skyfall luck.

    …Honestly, probably worth it.

    I mean, the only major hurdle for a F2P player is dealing with her dungeon consistently, which is a legitimate threat. If you can do that, you can essentially build this team FOR FREE slowly but surely. As of right now, the free stones per day rate is greater than 1:1, in a month we get ~30 free stones from events, log in bonuses, new dungeons, etc. If you were to max skill ONE scarlet per dungeon appearance, you’d have the team basically made after 5 appearances, and that’s a MUCH more manageable 8 stones per appearance. Less than 2 crappy GF rolls for one amazing farmable card… sounds pretty good to me TBH! As a F2P, you don’t have to rush it like the whale teams do, you won’t NEED to stone for stamina for Heras Twinlits and jewels, (Maybe jewels… my luck kinda sucks right now.) so the stone cost for them disappears. And if you just devote all your xp to scarlets as you go, you won’t need to stone supers 38 times to max level them all.

    Now the biggest problem is, of course, clearing her dungeon. The dungeon is pretty darn difficult. I’ve heard it said from some highly reputable players that this dungeon is harder than some C10s, and I’m inclined to believe them… If you can easily farm this dungeon, odds are you have something good enough for everything but extreme area, and this team won’t be taking that on without that plus egg investment of ~180 stones (~6 months’ worth of free stones). So bear that in mind F2Pers, this’ll take a ton of time and effort, and a minimum of 4 dozen stones, but in the end you get a team that can quickly and easily farm the hardest dungeons in the game.

    Of course, I GUARANTEE YOU that GH will be releasing something even more tantalizing for the whales to chase after next patch in JP, so just hold your horses folks, this powercreep rollercoaster hasn’t ended yet…


    • I feel PAD is best when leaders that require the most puzzling skill have the highest potential. While that is technically true, Anubis’s damage is mostly overkill. On the other hand, Scarlet also overkills, but is so consistent and easy to use. It’s this disparity in skill level that bothers me the most, but that was also true with Juggler and he’s almost never mentioned anymore. I guess I’m not too worried about this, but it does bother me.

      It’s good to know you can make the team with about a pack of stones. Then if you’re a JP super whale, you can just farm/stone 5 Scarlets, literally buy Flampys from the MP shop, buy several coin Star Vaults and King Carnivals, then run Hera Rush a few times the next time it comes around and you have one of the best teams in the game. The game was always P2W, but I find this particularly amusing.


  4. I’m thinking of trying to build this team, but I’m super confused how on dkali, they hit a skill turn increase, yet her friend scarlet was up next turn? Something I’m missing?


    • The cooldown increase is random between 0 to 2 turns. It just so happens the only active Scarlet was reduced for 0 turns. This was almost certainly done intentionally to give him the best chance to activate since he didn’t use it the previous turn.


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