Thoughts on the Game8 JP Tier List 7/21/15


Changes from 7/10: Shiva Dragon A+→S (debuted A+ 7/16), Kite debuts at A+
S 2012 - Awoken Ra2011 - Awoken Bastet1901 - 最強装備, Juggler1955 - Awoken Lakshmi1954 - Awoken Shiva2030 - Cloud & ハーディ=デイトナ2253 - 破壊神, Shiva Dragon
A+ 1747 - Sparkling Goddess of Secrets, Kali1937 - 最強戦士・超ベジット2230 - 気狂いピエロ, Kite1664 - God of Dark Riches, Osiris2013 - Awoken Anubis1001 - Deathly Hell Deity Jackal, Anubis1951 - Tome-Creating White Phantom Demon, Ilm1847 - 黒天の幻龍王・Zaerog∞1947 - Lightning Red Dragonbound, Gadius
A 1736 - Wailing Bleak Night Goddess, Pandora1956 - Awoken Parvati1953 - Enraged Black Phantom Demon, Zuoh1672 - Norn of the Present, Verdandi1674 - Norn of the Future, Skuld1371 - Crazed King of Purgatory, Beelzebub1645 - Marvelous Red Dragon Caller, Sonia1666 - Sacred Life Goddess, Hathor2009 - Awoken Horus1760 - Dawning Dragon Caller, Sonia Gran2080 - 知徳の麗女神, Sarasvati


Changes from 7/10: Haku removed
S 1726 - Awoken Hinokagutsuchi1743 - Restrained Dragon Hero, Liu Bei859 - ドスバギィ&バギィネコ2078 - 劫火の威女神, Kali1747 - Sparkling Goddess of Secrets, Kali1738 - 覇征の龍武王, Cao Cao
A+ 2146 - 金風の碧龍喚士, Kaede2010 - Awoken Isis1557 - Dancing Flame, Amaterasu Ohkami1561 - 超サイヤ人第三段階・トランクス1926 - Heaven-Shaking Thunderdragon, Indra1947 - Lightning Red Dragonbound, Gadius1953 - Enraged Black Phantom Demon, Zuoh2148 - 早天の日龍喚士, Kanna1733 - Blue Chain Starsea Goddess, Andromeda1734 - Green Star Vanquishing Deity, Perseus1736 - Wailing Bleak Night Goddess, Pandora1373 - Genius Sleeping Dragon, Zhuge Liang1670 - Norn of the Past, Urd1674 - Norn of the Future, Skuld1672 - Norn of the Present, Verdandi
A 2180 - 平定の黄泉神, Izanami2073 - Awoken Leilan2081 - Divine Creator of Order, Vishnu1902 - 究極装備 Thief1903 - 究極装備, Time Mage2075 - Awoken Meimei2094 - Phoenix Rider Valen1887 - 幸七羽毛・ヘッドロココ1741 - Soaring Dragon General, Sun Quan1556 - Demon Slayer, Susano no Mikoto

The Game8 list.

There weren’t many changes that were relevant to most NA players, but seeing as they — Shiva Dragon and Kite — may define the direction future leaders take they are worth analyzing. One surprising change was devil Haku being removed from the sub list, a change they apparently didn’t feel was necessary to document.

Shiva Dragon Puts Shiva to Shame?

2253 - 破壊神, Shiva Dragon
It isn’t difficult to discern that Shiva Dragon is quite strong. While its sub pool is smaller than Awoken Shiva’s, there are plenty of quality fire god options. The most glaring omissions would be Kagutsuchi and Cao Cao, but Urd, RValk, Ares and YamaTake aren’t embarrassing. Outside the sub pool, Shiva Dragon is vastly superior, sporting a higher ATK multiplier with no combo requirement, a better active and arguably better awakenings.

I was particularly impressed with the following Ultimate Arena clear:

This sets a dangerous precedent for the monster point shop, making it an outlet to purchase the best leaders in the game. I’m not really sure how I feel about it — my initial impression is “it’ll be fine” — but I can see how it could be disheartening for players that struggled to obtain Awoken Shiva or similar leader.

Kite Debuts as an A+ Lead

2230 - 気狂いピエロ, Kite
It’s hard to argue with a 64x lead debuting at A+. The DQXQ portion of his leader skill makes him incredibly easy to activate and makes it simple to incorporate the five-orb match (is there a good term for this yet?) onto your board and hit that 64x. His awakenings are good and board changes are always strong actives. I definitely think the A+ is well deserved, but I’m not sure if he’ll ever reach S rank. For pure damage leads, his main S-rank competitors are Ra, Bastet and Juggler. While I can see him eclipsing Juggler since he isn’t as orb-hungry, I’m not sure about Ra or Bastet. However, like with most new PAD additions, we really need a few weeks context to determine his true worth; he hasn’t even had a chance to run challenge dungeons yet.

Why Did Haku Fall Off the List?

1269 - Banishing Claw Byakko, Haku
At first, I thought this was a strange omission, especially since it was never noted in their change history. It does make sense, though, as most row-based teams simply don’t cut it nowadays, especially those where Haku is an ideal sub: Pandora, DMeta, Beelzebub, and RSonia. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Pandora, Beelzebub and RSonia to fall off the leader list soon.

I still think Awoken Haku should be an A rank sub, though. She’s great on Awoken Anubis and Infinirog, both who are A+ leads. Maybe I’m just overvaluing the awoken Chinese, but I’ll soon get to see firsthand whether I’m mistaken or correct.

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