Making the Meimei System Video

I recorded all the feeds then ran God Rush with the team.


4 thoughts on “Making the Meimei System Video

  1. Wow! Congrats on finally completing the system! You’ve inspired me to work on mine as a long term goal. So far I have 4 total Meimeis, 2 of which are Awoken Meimeis now, and 1 woodpy so I have a long way to go lol (6 more green jewels, 15 woodpys, Zuoh and 5 badpys). But anyway keep up the good work!


    • Thanks! If this is a long term goal, you’ll probably be able to skill up Meimei and Zuoh through Green Jewels and Devilits respectively whenever that change comes. At least for Zuoh, the Devilits are much easier than pys. Good luck!


    • Thanks! Yeah, I was actually surprised how long it took to build the team. It didn’t help that it was 6am, either. There was more than a few times where I blanked out for a few seconds due to lack of sleep.


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