Thoughts on Awoken Susano

Awoken Susano

Wood being my main element, I’m obviously ecstatic about this announcement, but I must say he was the god from Japanese 1 that least needed an upgrade. I guess if they plan on finishing off the pantheon, the order doesn’t matter much. I’m sure many Verdandi users busted a collective nut as he looks to be G/R and he’d help address her biggest weakness: healing.

I’m really curious how they’re going to change his active skill. I think most would agree every awoken uevo up to this point has a better active skill than their predecessors, particularly when usability, synergy and cooldown time are considered. This is generally achieved by adding an additional clause to the original active or improving an existing one while reducing the cooldown. This precedent has me both hopeful and fearful for a change to Susano’s active. On one hand I wouldn’t mind trading some raw power for a lower cooldown, perhaps approaching Dark Izanami, Phoenix Rider or, god forbid, Baggi levels of power. On the other hand, I hope they don’t dilute the defensive power by adding an affect that serves no purpose. An additional affect could also be bad if it means adding a turn or two extra to the cooldown. If they aren’t looking to push Susano’s power level too far — wood doesn’t need much help these days — I hope they treat the active similar to Anubis’s, just making a nominal change, but keeping the active essentially the same (and forcing you to use more Pys… sigh…).

Another thing that has me a bit worried is YamaP’s recent declaration of making rows dominant in the meta again. It’s easy to assume Awoken Susano will have TPAs as his G/L form has one and it’s what wood is all about now, but with the tease of the Sengoku pantheon and each god featuring two rows, there’s a chance they will take this chance to revitalize wood rows (not that they were ever relevant, but you get the point).

I’d say one of the few things wood is missing is an elite damage reducer. I don’t think Kushi counts (if only she had a skill boost) and NA will never get Thief, so I’m really looking forward to what they do with Susano. I’m hoping we get some stats in a month or so.


5 thoughts on “Thoughts on Awoken Susano

  1. Yup! Saw the news and got super excited seeing another Green/Red. You’re right in that Kush isn’t an elite damage reducer. She’s a conditional flex sub for me. Hoping her split ult in the future may give her some skill boosts in place of auto heal or that att awakening. I don’t have Susanoo sadly. I’m still trying to get my hands on a Perseus so I’m saving for Heroes rather than Jap 1. I sort of agree that TPA has taken over PAD, and rows have been overshadowed. For now, I’m not really bummed that they are going back to rows considering they brought in an overhaul of TPA in the last few months so there is still variety. Can’t wait to see the release of Susanoo’s active and awakenings.

    Goal towards REM Wood Domination: Perseus, Susanoo, Kaede, Ceres, MEIMEI (how I want one)
    Too bad the REM gives me things I’m not looking for lol


    • I’m actually worried about Kushi’s split uevo as she’s in store for her leader one, meaning it’s unlikely that her awakenings will be fixed. I’m hoping they buck this trend, though, as power creep has made leaders with only four awakenings largely irrelevant. Just looking at the 3K split uevos, almost no one uses their leader forms and they certainly aren’t worthy to tackle endgame content.

      Okuni appears to be in store for his sub split uevo, though, so if they do more with it than just give him more awakenings maybe there’s hope for Kushi.

      Speaking of Kaede, I’m ready to drop several packs on her first godfest to not get her. I hate 6-star GFEs. I wish you luck in your future REM pulls, however.


      • As much as I hate to agree, but I think you may be right in that Kushi’s split ult may change into a better leader skill. Okuni split ult made him stronger by adding awakenings which makes sense since he only holds 4. His leader skill already received an upgrade from Evo to Ult Evo so it makes sense that he gets more awakenings. Since Kushi got more awakenings, her leader skill may be what changes 😦

        Kaede would be a godsend for my A. Parvati team. Those 2 fingers and that active will come in much use. Fingers, TPA, Orb Change. Just take me away lol


  2. Susano was the 2nd monster I pulled for my Green Team when I first started playing 2 months ago, after Verdandi. Since he is the only monster I currently possess that would get an Awoken Ult I am super excited.

    All the rage in Japan version right now is Haste Active Skills. Maybe they will give him a new active like 50% Reduction for 3 turns and 1 turn haste. Add a 2nd TPA, some Skill Boosts, and Bind Removal and he could be a amazing ( as long as they keep his 2 bind resists)


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