Weekly Roundup 25


The Past Week:

  • Last week’s roundup
  • Updated PADherder
  • 9 ranks – Rank 600 in 345 days, 22 days before my one-year (not sure why GungHo sets the anniversary at 367 days).
  • I spent much of the weekend farming +eggs. The 3x hype was real. Now there’s little excuse for people not to farm +eggs.

Next Week and Beyond:

  • It looks like NA is getting Aamir on Friday. I have a post on him ready, but I’m waiting for an official announcement. Of course, they probably won’t actually announce it until the last minute, like always, so expect it before then.
  • We get another weekend of 3x normals. I plan to farm it hard again. I’d like to take a break from hardcore farming, but who knows when we’ll get this again. After all, it took us quite a while to get 2.5x skill ups frequently and I’m wary to call that a regular occurrence yet.
  • We should be getting a godfest too. I’m still confused why the previous mid-month godfest was so early, leaving such a large gap. Perhaps to accommodate the trap carnival, but that just seems silly. Is there any chance we’ll get the new Dragoncaller GFEs? Probably not as it’s only been a month and a half since their release on JP and it took Gadius and co. three months to reach NA, but I’m so looking forward to Kaede that I’ll get my hopes up every time.
  • Our collab streak as officially ended. I wonder what we’ll get next.
  • As for JP, I’m not really sure to expect, once again. I’d suspect the announcements they made on their stream will take priority. I was hoping they’d finish off the Greek pantheon, but Apollo’s art looked far from finished so who knows what’s next on that front. I’d love to see what Awoken Susano’s stats are, though.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 25

  1. Dang, Setsu! I checked your padherder. The pluses ARE real! I’m very interested in seeing your numbers on 3x normals. Show us! Setsupls.


  2. “•Our collab streak as officially ended.”

    And THANK GOD. Now I can stop making yolo rolls in collabs and wasting weeks of stamina for skillups on cards I’ll likely never use… Looking at you fruit dragons, looking at you…

    On the other hand, using free stones I got both SS Isis and Kiriko, the only two gold collab eggs I have ever desperately wanted, so there’s that.

    Rabbit trail below:

    I’m only ever lucky when NOT spending money, odd how that works out. the VERY last pull I ever made as a P2P (Until The light and dark dragon callers get here at least, THEN we’ll do some soul searching…) was the Blue Sonia I had rolled so hard for that I swore off spending… not sure if I should consider it a parting gift or a plea to keep spending… Probably the second one, but I’m three months clean so far! (It’s crazy how made up that sounds, but legit, I got the card I’ve been seeking for over two years on my LAST pull…)


    • Yes, I suppose it’s a good thing we have a break from collabs, particularly ones with REMs. Just conjecture, but I’d imagine NA IAPers don’t have the same dedication that JP’s do, meaning IAP fatigue is even more real. One might even say the break is necessary for our market.

      While I’m sad there’s nothing to be excited for, I’m thankful for the break. I wouldn’t mind if it extended until the release of Kaede.


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