Bastet Clears Extreme Endless Corridors


I’m still horrible at the game, but I’ve come a long way since I started practicing combos with Bastet. I don’t think I’ll ever put in the effort to become a respectable puzzler, but at least now I can activate Bastet on a semi-regular basis. Now I just need Kaede and uevo Vishnu for some more sweet, sweet time extends/crutches.

The team obviously folds to Divine Queen Hera, but none of the other RNG floors posed any problems. Meimei was MVP, providing easy to combo bursts and facilitating a steady stream of actives.


4 thoughts on “Bastet Clears Extreme Endless Corridors

  1. How long did it take? Looking at this post and the TEC post, it looks like you spent 50% battery and 2 hours attempting this, haha.


  2. Man, you’re not bad at pad. Bad is when I use meimei’s board change and still fail to activate Bastet. My wife has been ripping me constantly about my terrible solving skills lately, so maybe it’s time for me to actually learn how to combo…


    • My main problem is my movement speed. I have a decent idea of where I want to move each orb, I just can’t do it quick enough. When I’m solving a board I feel like I’m moving pretty fast, but when I watch my recordings it becomes apparent that I’m pretty damned slow. I’m not expecting to be as fast as some YouTubers, but I do need to improve in this regard.

      As for pure solving, I struggled with this as well… and still do to an extent. All I can say is practice really does pay off. I definitely intend to put some hours into EEC in the future; I don’t expect to become a master, but I do want to improve.


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