Rating the Godfest: 7/31-8/1

Note: The individual grades for day 2 were wrong and have been corrected! Everything else is correct.

Grading scale. The individual grade is composite grade of all monsters in it relative to all other pantheons. The combined graded is a composite of all monsters in both pantheons relative to all other combinations of pantheons.
Godfest: Indian 2 & Chinese 7/31, Heroes & Greek 8/1
Day 1 Day 2
Indian 2 Chinese Heroes Greek
Individual B+ B+ B+ C-
Combined B+ B-
Individual B- A- A+ B+
Combined B S
Individual B A- A+ B-
Combined B+ B+

NA giving a decent notice for a godfest? What’s next? Free pys? (pls gungho)

The NA meta has shifted significantly in the past month or so with the awoken Egyptians and Indians, making a clear distinction between the very best leaders and everything else. This basically means any leaders outside those two pantheons and GFEs are fairly irrelevant.

This puts day 1’s Indian 2 pantheon in a strange place as it’s mostly a leader-only pantheon. They’re still capable, but if you’re looking for an elite leader you’re better off waiting. The Chinese pantheon is as great as it’s always been. I can confirm from firsthand experience that Meimei is amazing and I expect her sisters to perform just as well. This is not a bad day to roll, but I’m always wary of Indian 2, even after their upgrades.

Day 2, on the other had, is quite easy to classify as they’re basically all subs. The Heroes are still respectable leads, but have largely been eclipsed by power creep. The Greek gods are in the process of getting their split uevos. They’ve been quite good so far, but they’re overshadowed by the awoken uevo hype. If you need any of these gods, this is a great day to roll as all of them can fit on a multitude of teams.

Grading scale. Ratings are weighed in favor of endgame viability. Ratings try to take the latest JP updates into consideration.
Day 1, 7/31
Name Lead Sub Overall
Indian 2
2079 - 日輪の勇将神, KrishnaKrishna B+ C- B-
2080 - 知徳の麗女神, SarasvatiSarasvati A C- B
2081 - Divine Creator of Order, VishnuVishnu B+ A A
2082 - 招財の学問神, GaneshaGanesha D C D
2083 - 魔掌の討女神, DurgaDurga B+ B- B
2073 - Awoken LeilanLeilan B+ A A-
2074 - Awoken KarinKarin B+ A A-
2075 - Awoken MeimeiMeimei B+ A A
2077 - Green Gleaming Star Kirin, SakuyaSakuya B+ C- B-
2076 - Awoken HakuHaku B+ A A

The big story with Indian 2 since last time is Vishnu who got a huge upgrade with triple TPAs. The skyfall skill upgrade is particularly great for him since it only increases his viability as a sub. I’m definitely looking forward to trying him out on my Bastet team and using two of them as subs on my Verdandi farming team. The rest of the pantheon is still meh and still suffers from being poor in dupes.

NA got the first of the awoken Chinese with Meimei and she’s quite good. Haste is extremely powerful and the longevity of their relevancy could rival orb changers (although many haste actives are attached orb changers). The Chinese have always been a great long-term investment and that hasn’t changed at all. Pursue them freely and enjoy their power.

I still hate the Indian 2 pantheon, but the Chinese are so good that it shouldn’t prevent your from rolling.

Grading scale. Ratings are weighed in favor of endgame viability. Ratings try to take the latest JP updates into consideration.
Day 2, 8/1
Name Lead Sub Overall
1732 - Stormy God-Emperor, Yamato TakeruYamato Takeru B+ A A
1733 - Blue Chain Starsea Goddess, AndromedaAndromeda B+ A A
1734 - Green Star Vanquishing Deity, PerseusPerseus B+ A A-
1735 - Revered Monkey King, Sun WukongSun Wukong B+ B+ B+
1736 - Wailing Bleak Night Goddess, PandoraPandora B+ A A
2235 - 復仇の戦軍神, AresAres C+ B+ B
890 - Commerce Deity of Dreams, HermesHermes C+ B+ B-
891 - Hunt God of the Holy Bow, ArtemisArtemis C+ B B-
2238 - 渾天の光明神, ApolloApollo D B C
2239 - 揺籃の冥府神, PersephonePersephone D B+ C

It feels like yesterday that the Heroes uevos were released and it felt like they’d be the best subs in the game for a long time. Well, they’re still amazing, but it’s telling of the recent power creep that there are other, more impressive options now. YamaP recently tweeted that he wanted to make rows more relevant in the future; if this is true the Heroes will definitely play a significant role.

The Greek pantheon is in the middle of getting their split, sub-based uevos, giving them much needed additional awakenings to improve their relevancy. The new Ares, Apollo and Persephone uevos are quite good, but, like the Heroes, they are just overshadowed by other offerings. I’m most excited for Hermes and Artemis — figures they are the last two — but I have tempered expectations. I’d love Artemis to get triple TPAs and become the waifu version of Liu Bei, but wood has been getting so many triple prongs lately that I’m skeptical they’d make another one so soon. YamaP stating that he’d push rows also makes me wary of being too hopeful.

Day 2 is a great day to roll for subs. Even if you can’t use any of the gods immediately, they’re certain to form a strong foundation for a team in the future.

Ratings Notes

  • I’m in the process of adding NA collab-only gold eggs to the ratings.
  • I’ve been considering removing Juggler as it doesn’t look like NA will ever get him. I only added him since he was clearly the best lead in the game at the time, providing a great data point to establish a rating hierarchy. Now that NA has the awoken Egyptians and Indians, there really isn’t much need for his data point anymore and he’s just skewing the distribution.

Please feel free to leave questions in the comments; I’ve relaxed the comment settings so you should be able to post anonymously, if that’s your thing. I’ll try my best to reply to them ASAP as I know how time sensitive godfest advice can be.


47 thoughts on “Rating the Godfest: 7/31-8/1

  1. I have a dilemma and the answer screaming out at me, but I guess I’m hoping for a second oppinion:
    Two of the major wood subs I need for the longest time will be in this godfest but on different days. MeiMei and Perseus have avoided me for the longest time. The problem is I don’t really like rolling Indian 2 (like you say) and I have 4 of the other Chinese gods. I swear Leilans are attracted to me like magnets. Rolled 3 last time Chinese came around. I have NONE of the Heroes Pantheon and only Ares of the Greek. That said….I shouldn’t roll for MeiMei right? T_T That’s stupid to roll for MeiMei right? That turtle…Is she THAT good? (lie to me please)


    • That’s an extremely tough choice. As most of the recent relevant wood subs have a skill bind resist, Perseus’s two are becoming less relevant, but he’s still a very strong sub. I value my Meimei very high; just as high as Liu Bei if not more. I think she’ll be the foundation of my wood teams for a long time to come.

      However, considering your situation the rational choice is to roll day 2 as it’s more likely to improve the overall quality of your box while also having a coveted roll in Perseus. It’s also likely that Artemis’s new uevo will be very good. It’s a shame we won’t know about it before this godfest.

      Personally, since I’m heavy-IAP, I tend to follow my heart, dupes be damned. You may not have that luxury, but considering the nature of the game you just have to do what you think is right.


      • Thanks for the words of advice. My heart is torn at the moment. I guess I’ll dwell on it a little more until then. I agree I really wished they would tell me Artemis’ new awakenings. It’s really on the fence right now considering that rows are making a comeback. Decisions decisions…. 😦


  2. I just started playing two weeks ago with an Isis, and I’m at Creek of Neleus for Technicals and Rhea-Themis Temple for Normals and still progressing. I’m non-IAP.
    Here’s my padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/pinkt4pe
    Should I roll in this godfest, or should I save my stones? Based on my current (relatively empty) box and my Isis, which gods should I aim towards getting?


    • Hey! I’m not Setsu, but I’m hoping I can add in my two cents and help anyway I can.
      Q: Should you roll or should you save.
      A: That depends solely on your needs

      The answer is very vague, but true in that it depends on what your looking for. Isis is a GREAT beginner leader, but she won’t be as strong in the end game stage. If you are looking for a better leader, the best leaders in this godfest is : Pandora, Durga, Svarasati, Notable mentions include: Other Heroes god, Krishna, Chinese Gods. The downside, however, is that Heroes require specific REM subs (orb changers) to make use of their leader skill. Your Isis uses rainbow colors so you are more flexible in that you don’t need many good gods in one color, but you can have a bit here and there in each color and still be okay. These leaders I just mentioned are not premier leaders like Egyptians or Indians 1. However, they are options if you want to replace your Isis.

      If you’re looking for subs, than day 2 have great sub options. Chinese Gods from Day 1 are also amazing sub options as well, but I’m not a fan of Indian 2 for subs (except Vishnu with his 3 TPAs) so that would deter me from rolling day 1. If you’re happy with Isis, try to aim for subs that helps her ability. Otherwise, just roll for subs that will help you if you find a better leader. Heroes pantheon is a great pantheon for both subs and leader. I’ve been trying to get my hands on Perseus or Andromeda for a long time so I’ll attest to that.

      At the end of the day, ask yourself do you want a leader or do you want subs. If you want subs, I suggest rolling Day 2 since the “Sub potential” is better. If you want a leader that resembles Isis, I suggest rolling Day 1 since Chinese gods uses a rainbow team with 3 colors and will make good subs later on. If you don’t feel like you need it, then don’t roll. But you just started and your stone capabilities is still very high to collect and store. I’m 95% non-IAP (buying 1 stone the times I have 4 and godfest ending) and I am doing well. If I have to name the Pantheons that I would want to roll if I started out, it would be: Heroes, 3 Kingdoms, Chinese, Indian 1, Egyptian 1 on the top of my head. You can roll now or save your stones for Egyptians 1/Indian 1 if you want end game leaders, but there isn’t a day in this godfest I would totally avoid.


    • At some point you’ll have to start saving stones for the Player’s Choice Godfest at the end of the year, but it should be fine to roll now. Considering your fledgling account you just need to start acquiring gods and it’s unlikely NA will have a significantly better godfest selection that this. Both days are quite good, but I’d lean toward day 2. You already have a good leader in Isis, so the sub-heavy day 2 will be great for you, particularly Hermes and Andromeda. Day 1’s Chinese pantheon is more powerful, but anything from Indian 2 is less likely to immediately help you. If you decide to roll, good luck!

      Also, remember that team cost is still a huge factor for you. Let’s say you’re lucky enough to roll a Hermes or Andromeda early on, it may be wise to show some restraint and save the rest of your stones as it will take you a while before you can field all your gods anyways.


  3. I would appreciate some help as well. Im debating whether or not to roll on either or both days or simply wait till players choice godfest later. My padherder is:


    i am very much non-IAP and more often or not am rather patient. I’m waiting to farm some more dub-mylits this friday so i can get my mats for my bastet (i need a stable team for that [l.meta is shaky for me)]. Other than that, i run my urd team most of the time with a flex for liu-bei/echidna/mitsuki depending on the dungeon. I plan on replacing Theurgia with Disco Hera-ur (once i evo her).

    Should i roll? I guess i’m looking for subs at this point (vishnu, leilan, meimei, haku, yamato, perseus, pandora)

    Also, as a side note, what teams would you run with my current cards? The few leads i think i could utilize are Urd, bastet (awoken when i get mats), Lu Bu, Beelzebub (when i ult evo), durga (with new ult), and l.meta. Opinions? Teams? I appreciate your time and thought.


    • Your Urd team is definitely your best team with a very solid core of Cao Cao and Chiyome. I’d imagine that would be your farming team of choice for a long time. I also agree with trying to make a Bastet team as Liu Bei and Sasuke form a solid core for that team, too. I’d focus on those two teams the most.

      As for rolling… PAD is a hard game to give correct rolling advice for, but it gets easier considering you’re a patient person (I’m not, thus I IAP hard). I’d always recommend light- or non-IAPers to wait for the PCGF, but that’s another 4 months away. If you think you can wait until then I’d definitely suggest doing so. I think you have enough things to work on with your Urd and Bastet teams that should keep you busy until then. Since you have very few gods, waiting for the PCGF will benefit you greatly as almost every gold egg will be guaranteed to improve your overall box quality. As your box quality improves, more options will present themselves, making it easier to target which godfests you should be rolling in.

      If you were feeling the itch to roll this weekend, for whatever reason, I’d suggest day 2 as you already have great leaders in Urd and Bastet. Perseus, Artemis, Yamato Takeru, and Ares are all solid subs for those teams. I think targeting specific monsters, like Meimei or Vishnu on day 1, is a mistake for you since you’re just looking to improve your box quality and rolling misses in the Indian 2 pantheon won’t help you in that regard.


  4. Thanks a lot for the rating system, very useful for a beginner like me. If possible I would like to have your opinion on if this GF is interesting for me, or if I should wait for PCGF.
    Non-IAP, Rank 150. Currently mainly farming T5 to make my mono-dark team stronger to start with Descends. Starting pull was Lubu, so mostly running LuBu devil team and pairing with Ronia friends
    Other notable semi-developed REM pulls: Zuoh (on my devil team); Pandora (waiting to Evo to devil, still need Devilit). Verdandi (for weekend dungeon)
    Non-developed interesting REM-pulls: FA Lucifer, Blue Sonia, Hathor
    My question: Currently my Verdandi and Blue Sonia are on the backburner due to missing subs. Does day 2 include some interesting subs for my end-game goals ?


    • You already have the core of a solid devil team. Lu Bu / Zuoh / Pandora / FA Lucifer / whatever / RSonia should be able to take you pretty far, you just need to watch your RCV. You won’t be able to dominate the endgame with the team, but that’s fine as you should be able to pick up a true endgame leader by then.

      I don’t think this godfest is for you. There’s no great devils for your Lu Bu team outside a dupe Pandora. If you want to go Verdandi, you really need a Liu Bei. I don’t think a BSonia team is worth pursuing; outside insane REM luck with a couple of BOdins, your Lu Bu team will just be better. Finally, Hathor is great, but I’d probably hold off on developing the team until you got an LKali.

      In short, continue to develop your Lu Bu team. Since that team is pretty good, I’d avoid trying to develop other teams. If you’re patient, I’d save your stones for the PCGF at the end of the year, see what you roll and go from there. Hopefully you pick up an endgame lead in the process!


      • thanks for your reply! I will wait for PCGF as you suggest. I’ll be patient and continue developing my devil team. . I’ll pick up some farmable Verdandi subs along the way (ADKZ/CuChu). Need a half-decent team for weekend-dungeon anyway.
        If you can give some advice for my devil team, I would like to try and begin to tackle some descends, but I am just not getting there yet. And ofcourse do not want to stone it…
        Current team: Lu Bu/DrawnJoker/VampDuke/Zuoh/Lilith. All max awoken except DJ (waiting for skill-dungeon). Possible subs: Awoken Hera, Pandora, FA Lucifer, Hera-Ur-Senpai, CDD, Wicked Lady, Hamahime.
        What would be the best setup to include devil Pandora on my team ? I doubt if I can go Zuoh AND Pandora to proceed.


        • I would work toward the following team: Lu Bu / Zuoh / Pandora / Lucifer / flex / RSonia where the flex spot is either DJ or Vampire. I don’t quite understand why you think you can’t use both Zuoh and Pandora — maybe team cost? — but this is one of the ideal combos for a devil team. A Zuoh board change followed by a Pandora orb change results in a two-color 2/3 dark board, giving you the highest probability of having a 6-combo 3-row board to maximize your damage.

          If team cost is an issue, I’d take your current team but try to swap out Zuoh for Pandora. Zuoh doesn’t do a lot for you without another orb changer to combo with, but Pandora + Vampire can make the critical mass of dark orbs you’re looking for. Hopefully you can get that Devilit soon.


      • How important is Liu Bei for running a Verdandi team in descends? I’ve got a pair of Cao Cao, RG Leilan, Cu Chu, meimei, Vishnu, GD Ceres, Gonia, and awoken Bastet that all cycle through the team, plus a new GZL. Should I go bananas when 3 kingdoms comes back through, or can I make due?


        • At least 1 Liu Bei is critical for Verdandi, ideally you want 2. While uevo Vishnu can replicate Liu Bei’s damage, you won’t be getting the HP bonus from Verdandi. I personally would avoid using off-color subs like Cao Cao with Verdandi, but it could work for you depending on which descended you’re facing. I think you can make due for lower end descendeds, but Liu Bei is critical for tackling the endgame.


  5. Hey Setsu, thanks for the informative and well-written analysis! I’m looking for some advice on whether I should roll and if so, which day; padherder here: https://www.padherder.com/user/mischiefmaker/monsters/#31,0,31,2047,268435455,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,0

    I’m currently running Pandora/Haku/Hanzo/Vampire/flex, where flex is CDK, CDD, Echidna, Chester, or d/d Lilith, with a friend Pandora/Lu Bu/RSonia depending on the dungeon. I can farm kotg and alt coins and I’ve 0-stoned a handful of descends, the hardest being Hera-Sowilo and Beelzebub. I’m also 100% non-IAP and reasonably patient.

    I think my potential end-game teams are:

    Beelzebub/Haku/Hanzo/Pandora/flex, probably DJ most of the time
    Hathor/LValk/Athena/??/??, currently Echidna/Pandora
    ??/Chiyome/Homura/Dino Rider/

    I’ve also got Ra and Anubis but my meager combo skills are insufficient to make running them anything other than a complete waste of stamina, even in no-RCV dungeons. My current goal is working towards teams that can run the harder descends, as I need a dark jewel for Beelze and have had to pass on a handful of dungeons because I didn’t have a team capable of running them.

    What would you suggest? I’m leaning towards waiting for PCGF as there are only a handful of guys that would actually make a difference (Krishna/Karin/Andromeda, maybe Vishnu/Meimei), but as you say this is probably going to be the best GF in a long while (of course, I thought that a month ago during the Greek-Roman/Chinese gf), and I could really use a Kali or DKali to make running Hathor more viable.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated; thanks!


    • As non-IAP, the correct answer is almost always to wait for the PCGF, but let’s see what we can do with your teams.

      Your dark box is by far the most developed, so let’s start there. I think you’re correct in thinking Beelzebub with the Haku-Hanzo combo can take you to the next level, just keep in mind that it will take a decent +egg investment. You made an excellent choice in 297ing Haku and Pandora should also serve you well in the long term if you want to go that route. Luckily 3x normals has made +eggs a lot more friendly for non-IAPers. I noticed you also max skilled Pandora and Hanzo and are close on Haku; these three will definitely serve as your core for a long time to come.

      I know people that are having trouble getting that dark jewel too; this event was particularly poor for farming them. Unfortunately it looks like you’re just going to have to wait for the right descended to come around, barring extreme PEM luck, of course.

      However, in the meantime it’s also prudent to start thinking about other teams since Beelzebub isn’t the end-all-be-all. I’d agree that either of the Kalis would do a lot of work for you, making Hathor viable. You could then use her to learn rainbow comboing then move on to Ra once you get more comfortable. However, I don’t think you should be fixated on a single god or team. You have a lot of goodies spread across all the elements — many of which you already listed — so as you acquire more gods the teams you should focus on will become more apparent.

      Ugh, suggesting where to roll is always hard for me. I strongly believe the PCGF is the best bet for non-IAP and would strongly urge you try to hold out for it. I wouldn’t recommend rolling in either day of this godfest. If you had to choose a normal godfest to roll in, I’d think Three Kingdoms would be your best bet since that are all great and you wouldn’t risk any dupes. Good luck with your teams!


      • Thanks for the thoughtful advice! I appreciate you taking the time and will hold out for pcgf.

        I’ve got another 108 eggs that are earmarked for Pandora, but this event I’ve mostly been trying to farm jewels since a few of the descends were easy enough that I can consistently 0-stone them (Valk and Hera-Is), under the thinking that jewels are hard to come by and I should take them whenever I can. Should I be farming eggs instead, since who knows when another 3x normals will come around?

        Also, to clarify your comment about Beelzebub not being the end-all, I seem to recall that you 0-stoned challenge 10 with him, which seems about as strong as one might need. Perhaps there are dungeons (no awakenings, maybe?) with mechanics that are unsuitable for him?


        • I think it’s tough to prioritize what to farm first, but unless you need the jewels for uevos that you’d use immediately I’d prioritize +eggs over them. +Eggs are particularly valuable for Beelzebub teams as all three types get multiplied by leader skills.

          As for Beelzebub, I feel that he’s slowly becoming outclassed by the ever increasing difficulty of Lv10. Even with a full hypermaxed team, I struggle with the dungeon whereas Bastet barely broke a sweat. Beelz is still strong, but without some more help I don’t think he’ll remain an elite leader by the end of the year. Of course, who knows what’s going to happen in that time, but I felt you should be aware of that.


  6. “I’d love Artemis to get triple TPAs and become the waifu version of Liu Bei, but wood has been getting so many triple prongs lately that I’m skeptical they’d make another one so soon. ”

    I’m thinking it’ll be that Artemis gets the 2TPA 2 row deal, along with attacker typing. She’ll be good on row teams, she’ll be good on attacker teams, win win. Of course, what I’m thinking is seldom what GH is thinking, se we will see…

    “YamaP recently tweeted that he wanted to make rows more relevant in the future;”

    As someone who has (almost) exclusively played Pandora and Lakshmi over the past year, It’s news to me that rows were ever NOT relevant. Working on A. Bastet right now though, so my view point may shift shortly, but row teams are still powerhouses. I guess Lakshmi IS the only row team on game8’s S tier list though… hmm. IDK, I’d love to see a return to rows personally. Double row Persephone is INCREDIBLE for a Pandora team, can’t wait to see what else is in the pipeline. Hoping A Orochi will have lots of rows.

    Curious of your thoughts on Neptune Dragon. He’s very good, but nowhere near as good as Shiva dragon. If shiva dragon had been 4x, I would be psyched about ND, but as it stands, fire getting an unconditional 5x and water getting a CONDITIONAL 4x seems a little… meh. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still iffy on the whole monster point store thing, but if you’re doing a whole pantheon, don’t open it with an S tier leader and follow up with an A tier one… Although 4 rows is really tempting to run him as a sub, his AS just doesn’t wow me enough, you know? I mean, poison’s situational at best, unless it’s one HELL of a poison, and 16 turns for 2 haste is silly when sephiroth has it in 11 IIRC. All in all, if the poison is 100x atk, he’ll be decently good. (some info indicates that 100x is the case, It is at this point my opinion of him actually shifts from negative back to neutral) 145,300 damage per turn (unplussed in fact, add another 49,500 to that for +99 ATK) adds up. If anything, water tank teams are now a thing lol, dealing as much damage as a morning star every 3 turns, and having 70K HP with the RCV to back it up… lol. Doing 2% of a 10 million HP boss’ total hp PER TURN is an incredible active. In the time it takes to charge a 30% gravity, you’ve already dealt 30% damage! For a tank team, you pop two gravities, pop a poison, you’ve already got the boss at 21% HP left… XD As a leader I still hate him, but as a sub he’s… interesting for sure. I’ll hate him less if the active is 3x at 5 orbs, 4x at 6, but it’ll probably be Andromeda but one turn shorter on each end.


      • Wow, thanks for catching this! All of the grades for day 2 were incorrect. I use a script to generate the report from the spreadsheet, but I should’ve caught this myself.


    • As much as I want Artemis to get triple TPAs, there’s just no reason to have her overlap so much with Liu Bei. I do think Hermes will get triple rows, but a case could be made for Artemis to get either that or 2 and 2. But yeah, who knows what GungHo is thinking, we’ll just have to wait and see.

      It’s not that rows were irrelevant, but more that TPA teams and rainbow/combo teams featuring TPAs were so dominant. I think YamaP implied he wanted to make rows just as if not more dominant than TPAs.

      As for Neptune Dragon, I’m not impressed, but I wasn’t all that impressed with Shiva Dragon either, if that means anything (I do recognize him as an elite leader, though). If you turned that last dark row into a skill boost, then there might be something there. I am curious how effective his poison will be, though.


  7. Hi Setsu,

    I love your write ups. I’m rank 195 and have taken your Beelze post to heart and patched together a team but definitely look forward to any advice on where I should be going next. From your post above it seems wait for PCGF but are there any combinations I’m missing? Anything specific I should be building towards?

    Padherder here:

    I am non-IAP and hoarded my stones to go big at the last PCGF so I have some decent pieces (I think).
    My main descend team:
    Beelze/Haku/Lu Bu/Vamp/Persephone – I was having problems spiking so I put in Lu Bu for the end boss. I want to use CDD but my RCV is too low so I’m farming +eggs right now. I’d love a Panda and just started leveling DJ but again am worried about spiking power and who to remove. Any advice there?

    My kotg team that is pretty foolproof is:
    Lu Bu/Haku/CDD/Vamp/Persephone with a friend Panda

    My other teams that might be viable for endgame:
    Kali/Yomi/SQ/Izanagi/(Athena once I can afford her, currently Valk)
    ZY/LB/LB/sd zl/ flex (cu chu? zeal?) with friend Verd
    Karin B/G / SQ/LB/LB/Karin B/D with friend Karin

    If you have any suggestions I would appreciate it. Thanks so much!


  8. I think you’re on the right track with your Beelzebub team. I think using Lu Bu for burst for normal descendeds is a good idea, I just don’t like using him in things like Rushes and Challenge Dungeons where you typically need to burst multiple times and his 0 RCV kills you. I think the biggest buff to your damage is probably Pandora as a replacement for Persephone. Hanzo would also be good for you over CDD since he also has high RCV.

    The other teams you brought up I don’t like as much, but your LKali and Hathor teams are probably the best of the bunch. I’d stay focused on your Beelzebub team, but it wouldn’t hurt to also raise those teams if you need a change of pace. If you need a mindless trash farming team, Athena is a good choice, but she won’t do much more for you than that.

    I mentioned this to another commenter, but unless Beelzebub gets some help he’s likely to lose his elite endgame leader status by the end of the year as the dungeon difficulty rises with the power creep. Therefore, it’s prudent to look into another endgame team as well. Luckily, you have the luxury of having many premium pieces to work with. Your water and wood subs stand out in particular, with multiple Liu Beis, Meimeis and Karins. I’d definitely consider trying to complete some teams for these subs. Egypt 1 is a particularly good pantheon as Bastet can lead your Liu Beis and Meimeis and Isis can lead your Karins. Heck, you might even pick up a Ra to put that LKali and Sun Quan to work. Egypt 2 is also not a bad choice, especially if they do another E1/E2 godfest, but E1 is clearly superior, at least until E2 gets their uevos.

    If you really wanted to squeeze every bit of value out of your stones, you could wait for the PCGF, but I don’t think it’s a strict requirement for you since you already have so many nice pieces. If I had your box, I’d definitely look into rolling in the next Egypt 1 godfest, then seeing where you can go from there. A Heroes godfest like day 2 is also a good option.


  9. My current best team is probably Verd / Liu Bei / GZL / Cu Chu / then either Zhang Fei, Dragon Knight, Ceres or 2nd GZL. Just rolled a Vishnu and was quite happy as I don’t have a 2nd Liu Bei. Question is I see a lot of talk about how amazing Mei Mei is for green teams but I’m not sure how well she fits on a Verdandi team considering it already has 2 board resets? It’d probably be foolish to chase for her without a leader like Bastet right? Contemplating on giving it another go for any of the chinese or waiting tomorrow for a chance at Perseus and Artemis.


    • You’re right in thinking Meimei isn’t the best on a Verdandi team. Her haste is quite powerful and her HP is valuable for otherwise low-HP wood teams, but Verdandi doesn’t really need either. Vishnu will be a stronger contributor in most situations. You’re probably better off rolling for Perseus and Artemis, both of whom can be easily skilled up relative to Awoken Meimei who quite costly.


  10. Not really a question about the godfest but more about team building. So I just rolled Haku and Hanzo this gf and i have a Pandora sitting in my box so I might just make a team for her. Last two subs im thinking are Vampire and Chaos Dragon Knight? Other dark monsters i have are: Hades, Hera, Anubis, Dragon Samurai, Thanatos and Pierdrawn.

    Not sure if this is worth pursuing since idk if Pandora is a farming team or a descend team. My current team is Urd/Shiva/RValk/ChibiChiyome/Kiriko which will eventually turn into an A. Shiva team which should be capable of descends and i can continue to farm using Urd.

    Despite having an already stronger team do you think its worth investing in a Pandora team?


    • I don’t think it’s worth investing in the Pandora team. Urd is much better for farming and Shiva is an elite endgame lead. The only reason I can think for making a Pandora team is to address elemental weakness, but that’s more a luxury than anything and there aren’t too many dungeons that severely punish you for it.

      However, it’s great that you have such a good core for the team. There is a strong possibility that GungHo will improve row support in the future — already evidenced by the new Sengoku pantheon — making your Pandora team or a derivative more attractive in the future.


      • Thanks for the feedback! Just thought i should start a new team project since my Urd team is maxed level and I’m still trying to get mats for A. Shiva. Guess Haku and Hanzo are gonna sit in the box for awhile 😦


        • My advice was based solely on trying to be the most stamina efficient towards clearing the endgame. The great thing about PAD is you can set your own goals. I personally really enjoy the row play style — especially comboing two-color boards made by Haku + Hanzo — so if that’s something you want to do, you should.


  11. It’s rare to see a decent godfest like this one, but seeing the green golem in my box taking over my precious space deters me from rolling anything until Gung Ho removes all the 3-star craps and their evo-ed version.

    With the new evo for Ares coming out and row meta becoming a thing, I was thinking of switching my outdated red team (https://www.padherder.com/user/Abnormale/teams/#162039) into a descend-clearing team (Of course with the other evo of Freyr and Ares). How viable do you think Goemon is right now and in the future? Even though my UY team can beat a lot of descends, and will be destroying more as I get more useful subs like Sun Quan and Famiel, color-restricted and wood-heavy dungeons are getting in my way.


    • I have to admit that I barely know anything about running Goemon teams. He seems strong, but it’s probably pretty tricky to clear things like Lv10. I’d suggest searching YouTube for some Japanese videos and seeing if the teams there clear the type of things you’re aiming for.


      • I checked some videos and he seems ridiculously strong. He requires mostly planning before entering the dungeon rather than orb-matching skill. I might try rolling some better subs for him in the future as well.

        Also, keep up the great work!


    • Gonna add my $.02 here. Goemon is, and always has been, a prely farming leader. He’s for people who want to have a push button team for maximum speed, because hs active essentially kills two floors. He’s for people who want to run a single dungeon over and over again, not for people who want to complete the widest variety of content. That said, he’s crazy strong as a leader, and CAN beat almost anything in the game, but he’s one of the most stressful leaders as well. As far as your comment on planning not orb skills, it takes a LOT of skill to heal properly on a Goemon team. there is literally no margin for error, overheal by one point and you can’t activate and don’t do enough damage and die, underheal and you die. Not recommended for anything short of farming using 5 rodin friends on challenge mode.

      That said, he’s an incredible lead, and if you feel like you’re up to it, go ahead and run Goemon! You’ve got a pretty decent team for him, you’ll be ale to kill stuff with it, just know that if you start playing him, you’re gonna want Goemon skilled up pretty quickly, and the dupe method is the only viable way of doing that…


    • I usually wait until an official announcement. PDX is correct more often than not, but that doesn’t count. I’m not going to do the work and have the actual lineup be different. We don’t even know what the second day is yet.


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