Skill Up Log – Set


Monster Tries Success Rate
Set (2.5x) 19 3 15.79%
Set 12 2 16.67%

It feels like it’s been a while since I made a skill up post. This skill up was particularly painful as the drops were relatively rare and I got poor rates even under 2.5x. I was going to avoid skilling up Set since I had no plans to actually use him, but the completist in me wouldn’t allow me to. Well, now I have yet another max skilled monster that I’ll probably never use.

7 thoughts on “Skill Up Log – Set

    • It probably wasn’t the most efficient stamina-wise, but I ran only Mythical during 2x drops. Out of 59 runs, I got 31 Red DeviNyans which is about 95 stamina per drop. From what I can gather, I had a pretty good rate. If you’re looking for both Nut and Osiris skill ups and nothing else, farming Ancient Masks seems better.


  1. One way is as easy as another. I have a skill lock GZL team that makes easy work of Ancient Masks so it’s just a matter of doing it.


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