Analyzing Aamir

2069 - Black Beast Demon's Servant, AamirAamir is very straightforward. He’s the best farmable bind healer, ignoring element. He’s particularly valuable to devil teams, being the only unbindable, dark devil with an active bind heal in the game. He also has a time extend, improving his value to combo teams, particularly dark rainbow teams needing someone to cover wood. His leader skill is somewhat bizarre, requiring the team to basically run four stiffs in order to hit an otherwise unconditional 25x. I’d definitely recommend picking up at least one Aamir as a sub, especially if you’re lacking other good bind clearers.


1371 - Crazed King of Purgatory, Beelzebub1645 - Marvelous Red Dragon Caller, Sonia
I’m quite the Beelzebub enthusiast so my first thoughts gravitated to whether Aamir is good for the team or not. After all, he’s is the first dark devil unbindable bind healer (that’s a mouthful). He also sports great RCV, something that Beelzebub teams are starved for.

Sadly, despite these positives he doesn’t really fit into the team. Space is already cramped and fitting in a sub that contributes almost no damage is impossible to work around. As each Lv10 features new bosses with higher HP, keeping the damage status quo is dangerous enough, let alone lowering it.

That being said, Beelzebub’s greatest weaknesses are binds, with the Achilles heel of the team being RSonia; the team simply can’t function when she’s bound. However, the Zuoh version of the team features three bind recovery awakenings — Pandora, Pandora, RSonia — allowing the team to easily deal with single binds. Mass binds are still a problem, but the biggest threat is Athena’s 10-turn dark bind, something that Aamir’s four-turn bind recovery wouldn’t help with much, especially since he has no bind recovery awakenings of his own. I think Aamir has his uses on the team, but in the hardest dungeons he’s a miss.

I’ve been playing Beelzebub for a while now and I’ve found that the best option to address a dungeon with a bad bind is to just run another team. Of course, this isn’t an option for many players, but in that case you probably shouldn’t run the dungeon at all.

His Real Value Is on Dark Rainbow Teams

1668 - Goddess of the Dead, Nephthys2083 - Magic Hand Slayer Goddess, Durga2032 - 堕ちた英雄, Sephiroth2230 - 気狂いピエロ, Kite
“What dark rainbow teams?”, you may ask facetiously. Well, light still dominates that area, but dark is slowly gaining relevancy. The most relevant lead on NA is Durga with Nephthys also being quite good. Sadly the other options are from JP-only collabs. What particularly hurts is that Kite is the best of the bunch and it’s very likely NA will never get him.

Dark never had very good ways to deal with binds, but Aamir is not only an on-color sub, his sub element deals with one of the more difficult to cover in wood and he also brings a time extend. While he may never match up to the likes of LMeta, Isis or Ceres, for a farmable monster he is quite valuable in this capacity. If I were to play my JP account with Kite, Aamir along with Izanami would be first two descendeds I try to clear. Even if you think you’ll run something like Persephone or Asmodeus to cover green, investing in Aamir is still a good idea just to have that utility option.

Is He Good Anywhere Else?

I covered where he’s both good and not so good, but is he usable anywhere else? Bind utility is always useful, but unlike a dark rainbow team where he could be a regular you’ll likely only use him when the dungeon calls for it. Does that mean you should get an Aamir for your dark team? Maybe, it depends on what else is in your box. If you have some nice dark subs with bind recovery awakenings (DKali, Pandora, etc) or active bind recovery (Shadow Dragon Knight, Sleeping Beauty, etc), those are likely better options since they contribute better awakenings. There aren’t many dungeons where you absolutely need an unbindable bind healer, but if you still want him and you’re stretched thin on stamina, just farm one of him and skip the skill ups.

He’s good on dark teams, but does he have any value in off-color teams for his bind utility? Maybe. If your next best option is something farmable like Archangel or Alraune, Aamir could be a better choice since he’s 100% unbindable whereas the others are only 50%. This is a stretch, however, and it feels like if you’re fielding such options that you’re likely not ready for the dungeon in the first place.

Perhaps your Dragon Swordsman is a Better Option?

1503 - Fire Dragon Knight1505 - Water Dragon Knight1897 - Earth Dragon Knight1507 - Shining Dragon Knight1899 - Shadow Dragon Knight
No one is ever happy rolling an REM silver, but the Dragon Swordsmen are some of the most useful silver eggs, especially now that they can be easily skilled up via metal and jewel dragons. Their main strength is their heartbreaker active which also reduces binds by two turns. Their biggest weaknesses are having only one type, dragon, and low weighted stats. If you have one of these guys, they’re very likely superior to Aamir as a bind immune bind healer. It may still be worthwhile to grab an Aamir, but if you had overlooked these guys you’d be wise to give them another look.

What About That Leader Skill?

208 - Earth Light Carbuncle210 - Moonlight Carbuncle
An unconditional 25x for all elements would be great if four of your team’s slots weren’t dedicated to stiffs. I guess you could use him as a ghetto, farmable way to clear Thursday mythical. Sadly, Friday isn’t really an option as it would be difficult to hit the requisite HP threshold to survive the Dub-mythlit preemptives. There are other strange options, like filling the last two team spots with high damage subs like Liu Bei, but these teams are more novelty than anything else.


Aamir is yet another solid descended drop with the express purpose of being a farmable, unbindable bind healer. He’s best on dark-based rainbow teams like since they can make the best use of his time extend, but he’s still a solid choice for any dark or devil team. As I’m leaning towards improving my dark box, I’m strongly considering max skilling an Aamir, but I may wait to do that when he comes with a jewel invade. There’s not much harm in picking up one of him, so if you’re lacking other bind options and can afford the box space, you should definitely do so.


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  1. Is there any way to petition gungho to bring HxH here? My wife is already planning on clearing out her 401k to roll for Killua (he’s her favorite in the show), so I imagine they’d make some good money…


    • It seems unlikely that the HxH collab will ever come to NA as it’s used to promote a Japanese-only HxH mobile game. I’m not sure what conditions would convince GungHo to bring the collab here, but contacting them directly couldn’t possibly hurt.


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