Meimei System Clears Aamir Mythical

This descended was unexpectedly easy. I guess that’s a good thing because then many newer players can get their hands on a nice bind clearer.


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  1. I’ve been reading your posts for a bit now since I started playing Puzzle and Dragons about a month ago and I finally figured out my password to log in and comment :P. I know this isn’t related to your current post but I just wanted it to be seen so I posted it here. I was just wondering if you could help me out a bit with a team or two. Some notable monsters I have are Skuld, shinra sun god apollo, siegfried, crystal aurora dragon, creuse, claymore, shinra golden god maxius, verche, devil dragon, holy dragon, apocalypse, vampire lord, shinra ultimate god kai, urd, verdandi, ars nova, amaterasu ohkami, echidna, divinegon, famiel, dark kali, light zhuge liang, and angel. Sorry for the long list those are the monsters I have that i think are good in some way and I have a few smaller monsters too. Is there any monsters that aren’t from the rare egg machine that I should be trying to get for a team with these monsters? Anything you have to say would be greatly appreciated thanks and awesome blog. 😀


    • First, I’m going to assume from your statement of “…any monsters that aren’t from the rare egg machine…” that you’re light- or non-IAP.

      If I had your box, I’d start developing a Skuld team. You can start with a physical sub-theme with Siegfried and Creuse. Claymore and Famiel can be decent stand-ins until you get something better; I wouldn’t invest too much into them at this point, though. You could then fill out your roster with farmable options like Berry Dragon, uevo Starling, Ars Paulina, and hopefully the soon-to-be-on-NA Zhou Yu.

      Outside of that, Urd and Verdandi are you best leaders and your best sub, by far, is DKali. These can serve as the foundation for many great teams. This is a great luxury to have because that “turns on” just about anything you could roll from a PCGF. Until the PCGF, I’d focus on leveling your Skuld team.

      Also, for the future, it’s much easier to give advice if you set up a PADherder. There are many great resources on the net that can help you set one up.


      • Thanks so much for the reply! You are right that I am non-IAP and I have been focusing on a Skuld team. I will look into the monsters you have posted and I will make a PADherder if I ever ask again sorry.

        Just one last question though, do you think its bad to have people like shinra sun god apollo on a skuld team because he gets the 3x attack with his water subtype or should I just focus on main type being water?


        • You generally want to keep your team’s main type as much of one element as possible. If you have nothing else, then that Apollo should be fine. He’s certainly better than some other options in the early game.


  2. OK, so I have a bit of an off topic question for you.

    I wrote the teambuilding guide over on PAD forum for Awoken Lakshmi. (Fun fact, I was inspired by your post in… March…? Thanks for the great content by the way!) Something that comes up every few weeks is how Lakshmi can never be an S tier in NA since we don’t have Baggi and Trunks. I cried BS, saying that one or two subs doesn’t make or break a leader with as much flexibility as Lakshmi. (I say that because there ARE some leaders that rely on subs, like Shiva dragon needing triple row Ares to be S tier, or Ra depending on the Kalis, or Juggler needing Pandoras… though he’s not S tier any more :P)

    I pointed out that Phoenix rider is basically Baggi, and how Trunks only brings three awakenings and a bit of HP compared to Kamui, and how trunks is actually not used as much since A.Karin came out with OP awakenings.

    So I guess the question I’m trying to ask is : Is Laksmi S tier in NA without all the cool JP only subs?

    My gut says yes. I cleared Dragon rush two days ago, and my team wasn’t even max level, skill, or plussed, try THAT an A rank leader XD (you’d probably succeed actually, I’m just a little giddy is all.)

    Also, fun A. Lakshmi video: Note the hypermax latent awoken Amberjack… XD


    • I think Lakshmi is a S tier lead on NA. Like you said, Trunks isn’t necessary and there are passable alternatives to Baggi. The first alternative is to just prepare and play better, since Baggi is really just a safety net. The other is to use something like a golem or Phoenix Rider when you really need to survive a big preemptive. I absolutely agree that Lakshmi’s flexibility is one of her strongest attributes, it’s just harder for people that don’t know what they’re talking about to quantify which makes it easy for them to dismiss. If you need actual ammunition against the naysayers, you just need to point them at the videos Tiquity posts to see that Lakshmi is indeed an elite leader on NA.

      Speaking of which, I need to start working on my Lakshmi team again. After this 3x normals, I should have enough +eggs to start boosting my water subs.


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