Weekly Roundup 26


The Past Week:

  • Last week’s roundup
  • Updated PADherder – Coming sometime tomorrow due to maintenance.
  • 6 ranks – All from +egg farming.
  • Didn’t make any posts this weekend due to +egg farming. Not sure on the exact number due to maintenance, but it was a little over 1000 for the entire event. A post is in the works.

Next Week and Beyond:

  • Yep, RO Collab. Because we totally don’t need Poring Tower or GungHo Collab. At all. (My school Isis weeps).
  • I’m going to have to remember to finish off skilling my second Vishnu in the coin dungeons. Really hoping for 2.5x.
  • As for JP, I’m dying to know Awoken Susano’s stats. Artemis would also be acceptable.
  • It also looks like the time for the Eva Collab is nearing. If it comes out before Kaede, it’s going to be rough resisting the temptation of rolling. Assuming NA also gets it, that is. The fact that we even have to worry about such a thing is depressing.

7 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 26

  1. OK, I’m not crazy that poring tower is crazy overdue! I have two sold healer teams rotting from unskilled valks, not to mention my barely skilled cu chulain on my green teams…

    Fun fact, I don’t think I’ve seen the Eva collaboration in the entire time I’ve been playing (going on 9 months, I think. If my wife worked a little less, we could have another kid in that frame…


    • I actually started the game in the middle of the last Eva Collab. Suffice to say I didn’t roll in that REM. I’m looking forward to being able to do so (pls gungho).


  2. Have you ever done a ranking of the collabs or anything along those lines? When I started I bought stones for the DC one (didn’t even role a gold egg; was bummed), but haven’t since and honestly have no good way of gauging the quality of any given special REM vs. Saving the cash/stones for something else. As of now, I’m generally uninterested in rolling eva, just because I didn’t care much for the amine when I watched it in college (but I like red attackers, so…)


    • Since I started this blog in earnest, I’ve put out a review for each collab REM as soon as GungHo NA put out an official announcement. It won’t rank the collab REMs relative to other (which is an exercise in futility, anyways). It will have my recommendations on whether it’s worth it to roll or not.

      I think it’s too early to judge whether you want to roll on Eva now or not. If you don’t like the franchise, that’s one thing, but I expect the uevos to make rolling very appealing. We’re just going to have to wait and see.


      • Depends on if the evos are any good. :/ As of now the collab is pretty s#itty, which is sad since I rolled the whole set last time it was here. Hoping Ult Misato makes me take back all the regret I’ve had. Also, U13 needs a buff. Like, badly.

        Also curious if machine typing will help them in any way. I’m assuming a good machine leader is coming soon… hell, maybe the eva collab wll become all about good machine leaders instead of lousy attacker ones! XD (somewhat salty after a year of not using eva cards once…)


  3. setsu – just glanced at your padherder, and I’m curious why you haven’t pursued Awoken Shiva yet. I’ve been fighting for the last few weeks to get his evo materials, and now that I’m pretty close (finally got Red Grimoire yesterday in the ugliest effort of them all, after a lucky Phoenix drop during the last Noah), I was hoping to see more of your analysis on him. With him sitting atop the JP Tier list for a while now, I’d have thought he might have been a more appealing prize for you.


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