3x Normal +Egg Drops 7/27-8/2

Considering how much I played PAD the past week, I actually got a lot of non-PAD stuff done. Such are the benefits of being able to multitask while using minimal-attention teams. I didn’t farm nearly as much as I would’ve liked, much of my weekend being committed to other things. That time constraint made me wish I had farmed the time-efficient Sky Dragons instead, but after looking at the final +egg count and the stones used, I’m fine with how the event went.

Once again, the actual numbers are after the break.

Weekday Results

My curiosity got the better of me and I decided to try out some weekday runs.

Various T5 Dungeons (1.5x Drop/3x +Eggs)
Date Dungeon Runs Stamina Stones +Eggs Drop / Run Stam / +Egg
7/29/2015 Hyperion 3 88 880 2 44 0.50 20.00
7/30/2015 Kronos 3 133 1330 4 81 0.61 16.42
7/31/2015 Clayus 3 63 693 2 29 0.46 23.90
Total 285 2903 8 154 0.54 18.85

I had fairly mixed results, but my overall 18.85 stamina per +egg was fairly close to what other people had been seeing. There are a ton of factors that make lumping the results of all my runs into a single number dangerous — which dungeon set, which floor, the low amount of runs — but I think this is close enough to a representative number for me to make a decision. Which is: I’ll run them when I have time and free stamina, but I don’t have much incentive to stone them hard.

Weekend Results

I basically spent all my free time this weekend farming OoH5. I wanted to get an actual feel of the rewards vs. time and how effective it was for multitasking.

Ocean of Heaven – Sea-God of Heaven (Floor 5) (1.5x Drop/3x +Eggs)
Date Runs Stamina Stones +Eggs Drop / Run Stam / +Egg
8/1/2015 368 5520 16 418 1.14 13.21
8/2/2015 196 2940 8 198 1.01 14.85
Total 564 8460 24 616 1.09 13.73
Event Total 660 9900 28 727 1.10 13.62

My stamina per +egg ratio got farther and farther from 12 as the event went on. It was quite depressing, really, but 13.62 is still pretty efficient compared to Star Vault’s 20. I also switched from using the Rei System to a Kagutsuchi-based team, as recommended by some readers and a few friends:

1726 - Awoken Hinokagutsuchi2012 - Awoken Ra2006 - Avowed Thief, Ishikawa Goemon1927 - Abyssal Darkdragon, Vritra2012 - Awoken Ra1726 - Awoken Hinokagutsuchi
There’s probably a better team, but I didn’t put the effort into finding it. Two Kagus insured a single match would one-shot all the trash, Goemon and Vritra teamed up to take out a few floors including the Carbuncles and Ra took out Neptune. The spare Ra was used on the first Mystic Mask or Metal Dragon encountered.

I did record a run for each team — didn’t really feel like putting in much more effort than that — and the Rei System took 1:49 while the Kagu team took 1:09 (which I think is pretty representative of  the average run since it had a Mystic Mask speedbump in it). The Kagu team obviously took much less effort to pilot. While I couldn’t watch something dialog-heavy like Durarara, I could still enjoy plenty of anime on the level of Prison School or Working, so no problems there.

The real question is whether I’m satisfied with this amount of +eggs over time. I think I am. While it’s easy to look back and estimate that I would now have X more +eggs had I run Sky Dragons, I also would’ve had to spend Y more stones. Regardless, I’m still curious how farming Sky Dragons compares, so I’ll likely put together the team and run it next 3x. I still strongly believe that I’ll prefer OoH5, but there’s no point in jumping to conclusions without actually experiencing it first.

The Total Damage

Over the entire 3x event I farmed 1178 +eggs and used 48 stones. This was much more than I had imagined going into the event, but compared to some other players that was merely a drop in the bucket. I’m certainly curious how my farming would’ve gone had I just done Sky Dragons, but in the end I’m comfortable using this number of stones and getting this number of +eggs. Well, that’s not true; I’ll probably limit myself to 20 or so stones in the future, barring an urgent need to hypermax a team.

Going Forward

3x normals is obviously a boon for players of all types, but I feel that once coin Star Vault hits NA — someday — that most whales will focus the bulk of their +egg farming there; 3x will be a nice complement, but the time saved is just too great. For everyone else, whichever dungeon you choose or the team you do it with, 3x normals will be the go-to choice for +egg farming.

Personally, I’m still conflicted on whether I’m going to farm coin Star Vault. I’m thinking I’ll still do the majority of my farming during 3x, mostly due to not wanting to farm the requisite coins to pay for the coin dungeon. While I’m not shy about spending money on the game, I still need to take efforts to curb burning through stones too quickly; avoiding too much Star Vault would be a good start.


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  1. Nice team ;-). Any reason why Goemon over Lu Bu. I mean they essentially do the same thing. Just preference because you made a max skilled one?


    • Yup, thanks for the advice. I started out with Lu Bu, but his nuke doesn’t guarantee a floor wipe while Goemon’s kills everything, masks and dragons included. This limited me to using Lu Bu and Vritra on the same floor — to avoid dying on the attack back — so I just went with Goemon instead. For similar reasons I left the full board fire unused.


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