Challenge Dungeons 1! Lv10 – Beelzebub 0-Stone

I was bored and decided to record a clear. It wasn’t pretty, but it got the job done. Hopefully the people that wanted it catch it.

I don’t intend to make recording Lv10 a thing, it just so happens that this dungeon is relatively easy for Beelzebub so I managed not to embarrass myself too badly. I’m still surprised at how recording adversely affects my puzzling and decision time even though it isn’t live.

In other news, I feel like my PAD progress is in somewhat of a holding pattern as I’m waiting to hear more information on the Summer REM. Is NA getting it? If so, when? I feel like I should be saving my stones until we get more information, which is preventing me from doing anything meaningful in-game.


3 thoughts on “Challenge Dungeons 1! Lv10 – Beelzebub 0-Stone

  1. Welp, finally beat this C10. It sucked. I stoned several times. Still, worth it IMO. No way I was beating this w/o stoning, and it’s still cheaper than stoning for stamina on alts, so it evens out…

    I had heard that the next challenge dungeon in JP’s timeline was the last one to reward piis? Any thoughts on that? IIRC, the one after that was the legend dungeon style challenge, and we haven’t had any of those yet either. Still, there’s time for 08 (Zaerog=0, 8=infinity) to descend I suppose.


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