Weekly Roundup 27


The Past Week:

  • Last week’s roundup
  • Updated PADherder
  • 3 ranks – I expect something like this, or even less, to be the norm now. My days of taking rank into consideration for my PAD agenda are over.
  • I skilled up Shotel and my second Vishnu, but things like that don’t seem significant enough to post about anymore, especially in light of my Summer REM review taking up most of my time.

Next Week and Beyond:

  • The biggest question: when will NA get the Summer REM? It doesn’t look like this week, but there’s a decent chance we’ll get it after the next godfest. I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much, but I’m highly anticipating this REM, even if it’s a huge trap.
  • I have an initial draft of my Summer REM review ready, but I’m reluctant to publish it. Mostly because I don’t want to post it and NA winds up get it severely delayed or not at all. I may just push it out later this week since I’m growing tired of sitting on it and deal with the consequences later.
  • It’s also very likely we’ll get the next round of uevos this week. You still have time to prepare your evo mats.
  • I’m unsure what method PDX gets their early godfest info with, but it doesn’t look like the new GFEs will be in it. It’s by no means certain, but unless we at least get the art data I’m not getting my hopes up. Kaede will have to wait a bit longer (or perhaps significantly longer if the Summer REM comes out first and decimates my wallet).
  • Last week was a bit of a disappointment as JP never revealed Susano’s stats. Hopefully he, Orochi and Artemis get some love this week.

8 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 27

  1. Hoping both Summer REM and New GFE’s don’t come out back to back. Interested in what they’ll do with Awoken Susano. Had horrible luck with trying to skill both Muse and Nut in Water cat dungeon.. Shotel skilled up no problem at all though.


    • I actually saw the next godfest message myself as it’s already in the NA game data. The lineup reflected exactly what PDX has posted — and is likely the same source where they got the info from — so I think it’s very unlikely we’ll get the new GFEs this godfest. Like you said, I hope they don’t come back to back. If they come to close together, I’ll likely have to put off trying for Kaede until my wallet can recover a bit.


      • That’s terrible, but my luck is about the same, I fed well over fifty Nyan cats to Nut and only got two skill ups. As for Muse I don’t even want to talk about it… Shotel skilled up without any fuss which left me a bit irritated with the whole dungeon. Sorry to hear you had bad luck with your skill ups as well.


  2. A Second Vishnu?! Geez man, you’re killing it. I’m sitting here trying to skill up my first one. I’m half way there and the pain kills me when I fuse 5 and no skill up. Are you doing Myth for 100% drop or are you saving stam and going with Legend 80%?


    • I max skilled a Vishnu and got a second one 5 levels when the dungeon originally debuted (basically a side-effect of max skilling my Leeza, whom I don’t use anymore). So I only needed to get 4 more skills ups, which I luckily got in 10 feeds.

      I’ve only done Mythical as I greatly value 100% drop rates.


  3. “The biggest question: when will NA get the Summer REM?”

    Praying for winter… Need some time to save up stones…

    “You still have time to prepare your evo mats. ”

    Unless you forgot to get a clepoatra, then you’re in trouble…

    “Hopefully he, Orochi and Artemis get some love this week. ”

    Agreed, and Orochi better get rows…


  4. Winter sounds good to me too for the summer REM, but I doubt we’ll have that long of a wait for it. It’ll probably get rushed sooner than later. Hope Orochi gets some love on his active skill too.


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