Rating the Godfest: 8/14-8/15

Grading scale. The individual grade is a composite grade of all monsters in it relative to all other pantheons. The combined grade is a composite of all monsters in both pantheons relative to all other combinations of pantheons. Combined grades are not an average of the individual grades, but based on the normal distribution of all possible two-pantheon combinations.
Godfest: Three Kingdoms & Indian 1 8/14, Egypt 1 & 2 8/15
Day 1 Day 2
Three Kingdoms Indian 1 Egypt 1 Egypt 2
Individual B B+ A B+
Combined B+ A+
Individual A B B C+
Combined A- B-
Individual B+ B+ A- B
Combined A- A-

Once again NA gives more than a day’s notice for the godfest. On top of that, they put out another great two days.

Day 1 features two great pantheons in the Three Kingdoms and Indian 1, but they excel disparately as subs and leaders, respectively. It’s hard to go wrong as the average quality is so high. However, if you’re specifically looking for an endgame leader, you may be better off waiting for day 2.

Day 2 is the premier day for rolling endgame leaders; the only other pantheon combination that could rival it is Egypt 1 and Indian 1. It’s well known how good Egypt 1 is, but don’t forget that Egypt 2’s Osiris and Hathor are still great endgame leaders. If you’re looking to advance from the mid- or late-game and don’t have that elite leader, this is the day to roll.

For those conflicted about whether to roll during this godfest or to save for the Summer REM, I’d say just roll now. This has the added benefit of making sure you don’t have as many stones to roll in the black hole of value that is the Summer REM.

In other news, NA didn’t get the new Dragoncaller GFEs. If the release of the previous set is any indicator, we should be getting them within the next month.

Grading scale. Ratings are weighed in favor of endgame viability. Ratings try to take the latest JP updates into consideration. The overall grade is not an average and is based on the normal distribution of the combined lead and sub ratings.
Day 1, 8/14
Name Lead Sub Overall
Three Kingdoms
1738 - Dominating Warrior King, Cao CaoCao Cao B A B+
1741 - Soaring Dragon General, Sun QuanSun Quan B A- B+
1743 - Restrained Dragon Hero, Liu BeiLiu Bei B- A B+
1744 - Sacred Dragon Princess, Da Qiao1745 - Sacred Divine Flower, Xiao QiaoDQXQ B B+ B+
1746 - Chaotic Flying General, Lu BuLu Bu B+ B B+
Indian 1
1954 - Awoken ShivaShiva A B A-
1955 - Awoken LakshmiLakshmi A C B
1956 - Awoken ParvatiParvati A- B- B
1926 - Heaven-Shaking Thunderdragon, IndraIndra C+ B+ B
1927 - Abyssal Darkdragon, VritraVritra B B B

There really isn’t all that much to say about either pantheon that isn’t already common knowledge. The Three Kingdoms is one of the better pantheons for subs, especially if you covet Cao Cao and Liu Bei who are two of the best in the game. The rest of the pantheon are no slouches as subs, either. None are particularly great as leads, but Lu Bu is the best for his compatibility with RSonia.

As for the Indian 1 pantheon, Shiva and Lakshmi are two of the best leaders in the game and Parvati isn’t too far behind. While Indra and Vritra have yet to receive their awoken forms, they are still surprisingly useful subs. Indra is great on combo teams while Vritra is an essential part of push button farming teams while also being a nice dark devil sub.

If you’re targeting a specific god or two from either pantheon, now is the time to roll as you’ll likely get great value from your gold eggs even if it’s not something you’ll use right away.

Grading scale. Ratings are weighed in favor of endgame viability. Ratings try to take the latest JP updates into consideration. The overall grade is not an average and is based on the normal distribution of the combined lead and sub ratings.
Day 2, 8/15
Name Lead Sub Overall
Egypt 1
2009 - Awoken HorusHorus A- B B+
2010 - Awoken IsisIsis B+ A- A-
2011 - Awoken BastetBastet A+ B- B+
2012 - Awoken RaRa A+ C B+
2013 - Awoken AnubisAnubis A B B+
Egypt 2
1660 - Burning God, SetSet B C+ B-
1662 - Goddess of the Starry Sky, NutNut B+ B B+
1664 - God of Dark Riches, OsirisOsiris A- B B+
1666 - Sacred Life Goddess, HathorHathor A- D B-
1668 - Goddess of the Dead, NephthysNephthys B+ C+ B

Egypt 1 is easily one of the best pantheons in the game. While they’re mainly known for their prowess as leaders, they aren’t completely embarrassing as subs with Isis being one of the premier subs in the game.

For whatever reason, Egypt 2 is one of the most underrated pantheons. It may have to do with their relatively low ATK multipliers or their lack of uevos, but in practice that doesn’t prevent them from being effective leads. Osiris and Hathor are particularly powerful and it’s telling that they can still compare to the awoken Egyptian 1s without even having uevos. Speaking of uevos, their value should explode once they get them.

This is the day to roll for leaders. It’s unlikely you’ll get a better chance to snag one, even in a PCGF.

Ratings Notes

  • There are no more S rank leaders. Egypt 1 has the only two A+ leads in Ra and Bastet.
  • There are also no more S rank subs. The Three Kingdoms contains two of the top four rated subs: Cao Cao and Liu Bei.
  • The disappearance of S ranks can be attributed to once crap monsters getting huge upgrades. I take this as a sign that my grade system that is based on the normal distribution is working as intended. The outliers will regress to the mean as more monsters near each other in power level.

Please feel free to leave questions in the comments; I’ve relaxed the comment settings so you should be able to post anonymously, if that’s your thing. I’ll try my best to reply to them ASAP as I know how time sensitive godfest advice can be.


71 thoughts on “Rating the Godfest: 8/14-8/15

  1. Hi! You might remember me from the last godfest rating. I’m non-IAP and I’ve been playing for a few weeks with Isis as my leader. I’ve cleared through Footprints and Skydragon’s Domain and I’m in the middle of Starlight Sanctuary. I’m around rank 100. Here’s my padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/pinkt4pe

    I think that I should roll in day 1 since it has good subs and good leaders, and Sun Quan would be useful for covering wood in a healer Isis team, but I wanted your opinion.
    Also, I heard that Isis drops off in power later in the game, so should I worry about getting better leaders, or just roll subs? (I also have Andromeda, GGY, and Ilm, but I’m not sure if I can make teams for them easily since they seem to require lots of gods.)



    • I think I do remember looking at your box last time.

      I think rolling day 1 is fine. The quality is high enough that it’s difficult to suggest waiting for the PCGF instead.

      Yup, Isis does drop off later in the game, but NA should get her awoken form soon which gives her a significant boost in power. I’d imagine that you could stick with Isis for quite a while, especially since Andromeda is one of her ideal subs.

      As for rolling for subs or leads, I don’t think it matters all that much. Since you already have a good leader to work with, just improving your overall box quality is what’s most important. As non-IAP I wouldn’t necessarily target certain subs for specific teams, but rather let RNG help dictate how you progress.


      • Thanks for the advice. I have around 61 stones saved up right now, so I’ll probably roll a couple times and save the rest.


      • I decided to roll until I got at least 2 pantheon gods, and I ended up rolling all 12 times. I got Leilan, Phoenix Rider, Ronia, Lakshmi, 2 GGY dupes, GZL, Verdandi, DQXQ, and 3 silvers, which is pretty good.

        Is there any use for 3 GGYs?


        • Those are some incredible rolls. Congrats!

          I think the best use for GGYs is to let them sit in your box and then sell them for MP when we get the shop. Of course, I say that and GungHo will release some crazy uevo for them.


  2. Hi Setsu,

    I’ve been a lurker at your site for awhile now and I would like some advice on my box.


    I should have rolled two godfest ago when there was the Egyptians end game leads, but I rolled on the previous ones with the Chinese gods.. I didn’t want to roll during the former godfest because of the useless angels/archangels but it seems I’m in a predicament again this coming godfest..

    After rolling in the previous godfest I got some decent rolls… Ronia, Godin, Haku, Kirin, Krishna… Looking at my box, I’ve been using basically Verd and Lmeta and the 10.89X and 12.25X aren’t cutting it anymore… should I roll in this upcoming one or wait till PCGF?

    The reason I asked is because I think I have the potential “great” devil team of Beelz/Ronia (learned about it from your blogs) and I could have a strong endgame lead with Kirin because of her versatility with Farmable subs…

    What should I do? Should I save and just work on my Devil and Kirin team? Thank you for your help


    • It’s hard to give advice on your questions since I’m not sure where you’re at in the game. Do you IAP? What dungeons are you currently having trouble with? What are your long term goals? What do you consider the endgame?

      Without knowing any of that: I think your Verdandi team is by far the best. I’m not sure why you think it isn’t doing enough damage. Mini GZL isn’t ideal, but you can use him for burst. You’ll also need to skill up your orb changers and dump your +eggs into Liu Bei (if you indeed want to go the Verdandi route).

      You have some good pieces for other teams, but nothing that I’d invest in over Verdandi right now. Beelzebub is a very long term project as he requires many +eggs and I just don’t think the return on investment is there right now. I think working on your Sakuya team is fine as you have some nice pieces, but my wood bias wants to stick with Verdandi. The choice is up to you, though.

      I can give you better answers if you answer the above questions.


      • Hi Setsu,

        this was my reddit post


        I am non IAP, and I have cleared most descends on mythical… I’m only missing Vulcan, Sonia Gran, and those 99 stamina rushes… I’ve cleared most of the other ones I believe… Verdandi is indeed very powerful, and I am also bias towards wood too, but I figured I needed a higher multiplier team to clear those tougher descends…the low RCV and no bind clear/skill bind really hurts too… I had to put together such random teams (in the post) just to clear some descends… like Urd, Verd, Verd, Liu Bei, Lmeta/DQ, Shiva… or a team with friend Bastet.

        I just wanted a different perspective since some of those people on reddit told me to go for devil/kirin route and since you used Verd/Devil team before.. was wondering what I should do.

        What would my ideal be for KIrin or Verd? I’m fine with not rolling until PCGF or whatever, but I feel like, I can build a strong team with what I have now through just leveling/improving my box quality. What are your thoughts? Do I have the pieces to push through to late end game (challenges 7-10, Rushes, etc)


        • Cool, the extra info really helps.

          As a Beelzebub enthusiast, I would strongly recommend against NOT building a devil team. The amount of work you need to make them endgame viable isn’t worth the reward and you don’t have the Pandoras to put you over the top.

          I do agree that your Verdandi team is lacking the utility subs to take on the more difficult content. For that reason, I agree with pursuing a Sakuya team as you can leverage your LMeta. Her uuevo looks pretty good and hopefully it will come out on NA soon.

          Just working with what you have in your box, I’d say Sakuya / LMeta / LValk / fire flex / flex / Sakuya looks good. The fire flex spot could be Ariel, Echidna or DIzanami and the flex spot could be Athena, Rei, Verche, or Muse. Your best roll is obviously LKali, but Apollo and Indra are also very good.

          Her ideal team should be able to take you pretty far. The nice thing is that her team has overlap with Awoken Ra — mainly the Kalis, I guess — if you ever feel you need the extra firepower.

          I’d keep with Verdandi for farming purposes, though.


        • That’s what I would do if I had the patience. However, considering LKali is your best roll I wouldn’t blame you if you rolled before then.


      • Hey Setsu, me again sorry haha

        my padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/rlprodigy/monsters/#31,0,31,8191,268435455,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,0

        I know you advised AGAINST going into a devil team cause I lack a pandora… but is it still worth pursuing the Robeelz team just to farm King of the Gods? Currently, I can do it pretty comfortably with my Lmeta /A. Venus friend, but I figured if I were to use Robeelz, farming might be even easier for Kotg and potentially the coin dungeons for light monsters…

        Currently I use my Verdandi/Urd combo team for RGB coin dungeons/nodupes, and Lmeta/A Venus for Kotg… is it worth pursuing Robeelz to make farming life easier? I finished the Yamato Challenge and have the necessary evo mats for Beelz, and should have tamas for the team, just wondering if its worth considering.

        I’m asking this cause I don’t have a strong enhancer for my Verd team, mini GZL with Liu Bei wiht my full Verd team only does about 2-3 million damage.


        • If you already have a team that can do it comfortably, I don’t really see the point? The alt. coin dungeons, at least the old ones, are easier than KoG so I don’t think you need to make another team for it either.

          It seems like you really want to pursue this for whatever reason. If you want you can invest the tamas and exp and see how you like the team, but I wouldn’t invest any +eggs or skill ups until you know for sure.


      • Sorry perhaps comfortable was a bad word. I can clear Kog about 80% of the time using my Lmeta,Valk, echidna, DQ, Shynee, with friend Venus… I need to be able to get a good board and pull off 2 rows to kill Zeus. I sometimes die when I get a bad board or if I get hit by the 2nd dark dragon.

        I just thought having a brain dead dark team to farm this dungeon would be better, but I should probably stick with your original advice haha 🙂 thanks Setsu! Sorry to bother!


        • In that case, it would likely be worth it since you can also farm +eggs during 3x. I’d just slowly get a feeling for the team and whether you think it would help you clear more consistently without investing more than exp and tamas.


  3. I am curious,

    As a non IAP player with Kirin as my lead, is either day particularly useful? I have literally only rolled twice, so my box is pretty much just ogres and Evo mats at the moment.


    • I don’t how long you’ve been playing, but judging from your box description I’m going to assume it hasn’t been very long. As such, if you can wait the 3-4 months for the PCGF I’d highly suggest you do so. Especially since one of Sakuya’s strengths is making do with farmable subs, you can still make good progression without rolling more gods.

      That being said, day 1 is good value overall, but really only Indra and maybe Sun Quan are good on Sakuya. I think you can pass on day 2 as you already have a leder. I’d prefer waiting for the PCGF, seeing what you get and going from there rather than targeting specific gods, but the choice is yours.


  4. I’m currently using a pretty bad Gadius team and was hoping to get some nice subs for him at the last GF. I pulled Uriel which is great but couldn’t get Yamato. I pulled Pandora instead so I can’t complain as I’m slowly building a team around her as well now. I don’t think any of the featured pantheons have subs that are useful for either of these cards but there will be a gala of flame going on at the same time containing useful subs for Gadius.

    Being non-IAP I’m guessing it’s not worth rolling for the gala alone and I’m better off saving my stones?

    Thanks for any advice, I’m still fairly new to this game and enjoy reading your blog.


    • Yeah, there’s nothing very good for you in this godfest and rolling for what’s in a gala is not a good idea. I generally see galas as a nice bonus during godfests if it contains monsters I want, but I don’t let it affect my decision to roll. For Gadius, your best bet is probably waiting until the next Heroes godfest.


  5. Oh man I always want to roll so much it always seems so nice! Dx I should have about 30 stones total for all the things coming up and I was thinking of rolling 4 on day 1, 1 on day 2 and 1 for the summer one… Do you think this is a good idea or not? I mean I know its probably not the best use of stones to use on the summer one but 1 roll for fun is nice. 🙂 I am also non-IAP if that changes things…


    • I don’t know what your box is like, but if you’re not risking dupes then either of these days is a pretty good choice to roll on as the average quality is very high. While I always try to give “optimal” advice, PAD is great because many types of people can enjoy it in many different ways. Yolo rolling is fun! So I can’t blame anyone for trying their luck in the Summer REM. If you’re itching to do it and are aware of what you’re getting into, you should. Good luck!


  6. Hey again setsu! Much like the other commenter, I was also looking for advice during the last godfest; padherder here:


    Pretty similar situation to last time — I typically run a Pandora team, which has been good enough to clear many of the hard descends, and am working on a Beelze team to take me to the next level. I’m still not good enough with either Hathor or Ra, but I’ve been practicing with Ra in no-RCV dungeons and feel good enough to be using him there. I’m also able to uevo A.Lakshmi, but have been holding off since I don’t have any of the top-tier subs for her. Long-term I’m looking to be able to clear more content; challenges 8 and up are still too tough for me, as are some of the harder descends (Sonia Gran, Zeus Mercury, etc.).

    As 100% non-IAP, I was originally resolved to wait until PCGF to roll, but given your comments I’m considering rolling in this one. I’m pretty sure I want to avoid day 2, since I have Hathor, Ra, and Anubis already and none of them work well as dupes, but day 1 looks very good for my box:

    – Shiva would be the best possible roll, as using him to lead RValk / Chiyome / Homura / Dino Rider, while not ideal, seems at least competitive with my other teams.

    – Vritra and Lu Bu are slot-in replacements for King Baddie on my Beelze team (I know you don’t like Lu Bu for the very hardest stuff, but he seems reasonable to use until I get there)

    – All of the other heroes and Parvati look like great rolls that will sit around in my box unused until I get some more pieces together (much like Lakshmi), unless you see something that I’m missing.

    – As a dupe, Shmi is really bad for me, and Indra looks terrible in general.

    – I also have 0 gfes, and an LKali, DKali, or Skuld would all find immediate homes. They’re available every godfest, of course, but rolling now means a potential huge upgrade immediately instead of in three months.

    What do you think? I’m at 65 stones and could probably scrape together another 5 before the gf starts. Roll now and hope to avoid Shmi/Indra? Wait until pcgf and hope to avoid Hathor/Ra/Anubis dupes? Wait and hope Gungho does a 3k/Chinese gf at some point?

    Also, I had a more general question. It seems like in general your advice is to roll for general high quality without regard to specific needs, especially for non-IAP, until your box quality is good enough, then target specific needs. Does that sound about right? If so, is there a guideline to know when the overall quality is good enough (i.e. “you can do X and Y descends, but can’t do Z yet, start rolling for the missing piece”) or is it specific to the individual box and godfest (i.e. “your box is good enough to roll for something specific this time because even if you don’t get it the other gods are still pretty good”)?

    As usual, thanks a ton for your thoughts! It’s really helpful for trying to optimize my limited resources.


    • Yup, I definitely remember you! Thanks for being so thorough, it makes it a lot easier for me to give pertinent advice. I pretty much agree with everything you said… except on Indra.

      Indra is actually one of the better combo subs in the game. He’s more of a utility sub than a regular, but as the dungeons get harder, the need to survive big hits — preemptives in particular — or stalling through things like absorb shields becomes more important. Indra helps you survive those hits while also providing relevant awakenings. He might be a bit slow, but he’s one of the best options light has. Hathor may not need him all the time since she has an HP multiplier, but Ra can definitely put him to use.

      I think you should go for it and roll. Like you said, the only bad roll is Lakshmi. Outside that, the quality of every other gold egg is high enough to rival a PCGF and there are enough rolls that would immediately help you that it’s worth taking a shot now.

      As for your last question, there isn’t a hard and fast rule you can use to make the transition from rolling for good value vs. targeting a specific monster while ignoring value. It’s more of a judgment call. It’s very hard for me to explain well, but I guess it comes down having enough quality options to fall back on. No matter what team you run, it’s going to have some weakness and you’re eventually doing to hit a wall with it. The difference is if you rolled for monster quality and diversified your box early on, you’ll probably have a contingency plan or two to fall back on to cover your main team’s weakness. If you put all your eggs in one basket, there’s a high chance that you won’t have such options. This is particularly important for non-IAP since you can’t just bust out the credit card to build a new team when you feel like it. I also think the player’s own goals play a big role in the decision as it’s easier to advise someone patient to roll for value.


      • Thanks for the reply! Thoughtful and exceedingly useful as always.

        I hadn’t considered Indra as a useful combo sub, as my long-term plan was to farm and sup a pair of Izanamis — the damage reduction obviously isn’t nearly as good, but the faster CD means it can be constantly active, plus triggering Ra’s LS every 3 turns seems like fun too. Does seem like it’ll be an awful long time to get all those sups though, so if I do roll an Indra it’s good to know there’s some utility to be had there.

        I guess I’ll be rolling in a few hours! Here’s hoping for a Shiva, Kali, or Skuld.


      • Pretty happy with how that turned out! None of my top choices (Kali, DKali, Urd, Skuld, Shiva), but I did land Okuni, Krishna, Belial, Liu Bei, Sun Quan, DQXQ, Set, and a dupe Lakshmi, which seems pretty great for improving overall box quality, and gives me two immediate projects in Krishna and LB to work on.

        Thanks again for the advice! If you’ve got more time and have thoughts on where my new guys could fit in (I know what to do with Krishna and LB, but not so much with the others), I’d love to hear them.


        • Those are some nice rolls, congrats!

          I’m actually a fan of Okuninushi. He’s now outclassed by the awoken Indians and Egyptians, but he’s due for his own awoken uevo eventually. Considering you already have Pandora and Haku, Okuni could be a great leader for you in the future. This is just massive speculation, but it’s something you might want to keep in mind.


  7. Hey Setsu,

    I posted on the previous godfest and you recommended I hold off until Egypt 1/2. Lo and behold that is coming up. I’m non-IAP and have about 100 stones saved so I can get a bunch of quality rolls in. Should I spend them all day 2, spend some split on day 1 and 2, or wait for PCGF?

    -I have SQ, 2x LB and Lu Bu on Day 1.
    -Only dupes are Hathor and Anubis on Day 2.

    Padherder here:

    Since I last posted, I’ve focused on my Beelze team – it has about 250 +s now and I’ve been able to bumble my way through ZY and Sphinx. I beat my first Challenge 6 a couple days ago with my Kali team. I’m looking to take on later challenge rounds and the tougher descends.

    Thanks so much!


    • While day 1 is nice, I’d try to avoid rolling there to avoid 3K dupes. The awoken Indians are nice, but I don’t think they’re worth the risk of dupes. I think it’s fine to roll in day 2, but I wouldn’t use all your stones. Horus, Bastet, Osiris, Isis and Ra are all good rolls, but they will take a lot of effort to get going (read: Pys) and won’t help you immediately, at least not anything better than Kali or Hathor. I think it’s fine to do a few rolls this godfest, but I’d try to save as much as you can for the PCGF or a better set of pantheons. I’m thinking a good Heroes godfest would be a good opportunity for you to roll before the PCGF since you have none and they’re great on a myriad of teams. That would also be a good chance to get some of the GFEs that are good for you.


  8. Hey setsu! Firstly before my question just want to thank and applaud you for this wonderful blog! As a nonIAP some of the tips are lost on me but overall I always enjoy reading and learning from your posts 🙂 Now on to my question concerning this fest.

    I have always dreamed of owning Isis or Bastet or Horus but have never ever owned any of the Egyptian 1s. With their Awoken forms I desire them even more! However day 1 has 3K and Indian 1 and the former I could use every single one of them as subs for something or other. And the Awoken of Indian 1 have become solid leaders themselves. However aside from a long shot at Parvati I doubt I have teams for them.

    My padherder doesn’t have updated levels or awakenings but the units are all there. Which day would be best for me? I rolled Urd a month ago and I’m really tired of rolling leaders I have no subs for or subs that really really work with specific leader I don’t have!

    If it helps my current team I use is Lmeta / God Valk / Da Qiao / Echidna / Shynee / Lmeta or AVenus friend. I have been using some sort of Lmeta team for over a year now. Recently with the new Durga uevo I have been testing out various Durga builds but I need some time to get used to the different play style. I also sometimes use Athena but without Izanagi it can only do so much. It is mostly used for coin dungeons.

    Thanks in advance,



    • It doesn’t look like the link to your padherder made it into your comment. I can give a lot better advice if I have it, so please post it 🙂


      • *BRAIN FART*
        SO SORRY. I was typing on my phone and OOPS forgot to paste in the link! I was hungry and dinner was ready, looks like the food distracted me again!

        Here is my padHerder, thanks for the timely response!


        And right after posting this I am going to update everything so that way everything all the way down to +eggs is up to date!

        Also unrelated…will you be doing some review/opinions/thoughts on Awoken Orochi, and uevo chibi god valk vs. regular God Valk? Would like to know what you think. I’m personally disappointed by AOrochi–ABastet only needs 7 combos for the same multiplier, and I’m completely lost as to which version of valk I should use seeing as I have both.

        Again thank you 🙂


        • I had no intention of making an analysis post for either Mini Valk or Orochi, but I can give some quick opinions here.

          Awoken uevos are pushed for either lead or sub use. For those designated as subs, they are generally given leader skills that are geared for niche use. Orochi falls under this category, so I think it’s a mistake to compare his leader skill to something like Bastet who was pushed to be a leader. The resolve clause is where much of the potential lays anyways, the combo clause is just an added bonus.

          As for Mini Valk vs. the original, I think they have very obvious distinctions. While Mini Valk will be the superior version in most cases, the original’s orb enhances shouldn’t be overlooked, especially for teams like Sakuya that can stack OEs. If you’re asking in relation to your own teams, I think Mini Valk is the obvious choice for both LMeta and Athena as neither team really uses OEs.


    • I have a hard time recommending that you roll in day 1 since, like you said, the Indian 1 pantheon won’t help you immediately. The Three Kingdoms makes it tempting though, but if you have the patience I’d recommend waiting for a better lineup or the PCGF as most of the pantheon will likely make it in again.

      Day 2 actually looks a lot better for you, especially since you’ve wanted some of the Egyptian gods for a long time. Bastet looks particularly good for you since you could run something like Bastet / Perseus / Kushi / Meimei / Green Dragon Swordsman / Bastet. Even without something like Liu Bei, that team should be able to get you through a lot of content. The Egyptian 2s are also decent leads, although outside Hathor and Osiris they likely aren’t better than your LMeta team. You could try to maximize your value by waiting for something better to be paired with Egypt 1, but that really depends on how much patience you have. Since you have a solid LMeta team I think it’s okay to try for one of those Egyptian 1s you’ve always wanted, but I wouldn’t necessarily blow all your stones in the attempt.

      You noted that you use Athena sometimes, but I question how good she is for you. Is there anything you prefer using her for that LMeta also couldn’t do? I’m just eyeing those +eggs…


      • Honestly when I first got Athena, I thought I would be able to use her for a lot of things, especially since I pulled Meimei shortly after. However without Izanagi (or Kanna, who people are toting as Izanagi v2.0 or something) it can sometimes be difficult to burst down the final boss without a substantial amount of skyfall luck. And so she has been relegated to mostly farming coin dungeons. I originally thought she’d be really useful to me which is why I immediately prioritized plussing her RCV. But there’s a reason she has little investment in anything else. The RCV is noticeable between 0 and 297, I do appreciate it and do not regret it, but without some of her other subs I don’t think I’ll be using her for a little bit longer, so I leave her as she is for now.

        My Metatron *can* clear a lot of content, she even managed to stall out the 99 turn skill bind on Isis in Medjedra mythical after I accidentally walked in with the wrong team *FACEPALM* but higher than Challenge 5 or so she kinda falls off and I *REALLY* need the pys. Coin dungeon farming for pys is just awful, and so I look to Challenge Dungeons/Descends as my main source. But a lot of new mythical material I just can’t seem to clear with her. Maybe it’s because I lack Awoken Venus? Or maybe I am not good enough at comboing?

        I am actually currently doing a little self-challenge where I hoard Magic Stones by never opening my mail in my inbox. As a result, all I have right now are 7 stones (I stoned once for space) and I’d like to roll just once. My chance of getting what I want is exceedingly low with one roll but I’ve already allowed myself to use stones I get from completing dungeons on whatever I want, preferably godfest gambling.

        And I do hope you understand but when your best friend who plays PAD rolls a Verdandi, then rolls a Liu Bei, then rolls a Horus, then rolls an LKali, then rolls two Shiva plus ROdin, Kagutsuchi, and Urd…(and U&Y and Sun Quan and Yomi…………..) well you kinda get the picture. I want a good box too T.T And he’s non-IAP which is just ehhhhhhhhhhhh where’d my luck go >_>

        Thank you for your advice! I think I will roll on Day 2 now instead of Day 1.


    • “Also unrelated…will you be doing some review/opinions/thoughts on Awoken Orochi, and uevo chibi god valk vs. regular God Valk? Would like to know what you think. I’m personally disappointed by AOrochi–ABastet only needs 7 combos for the same multiplier, and I’m completely lost as to which version of valk I should use seeing as I have both”

      My own little quickie analysis if you don’t mind.

      There’s a pretty good discussion going on over here about the valks, I really don’t have an opinion as I don’t ever use valk period, so I’ll leave you with this: http://puzzleanddragonsforum.com/threads/god-valk-vs-uvo-chibi-valk-comparison.79112/

      As for Orochi, he hits pretty close to home for me, so I’ll share my thoughts here. His LS is garbage. 4x for 8 and perseverance is just crap. Bastet has 4x for 7, BUT that becomes 6x for 7 with an active. Orochi has no saving grace. Expect this number to change in the near future, but if it doesn’t he’s not really a viable leader 90% of the time.

      His AS is a little disappointing. 5 turns less CD for 1 turn less delay. It’s mediocre. Usable, but mediocre. A straight buff, but not quite enough to be good. Some people are hoping for a buff, I wouldn’t hold my breath though.

      His stats are interesting. High HP, which is fantastic. But at a flat 1000 ATK, he’s just AWFUL. This is countered with a quadruple TPA, which sounds good, but is outclassed severely by every triple TPA and most doubles until you pluss him. He has pretty great atk when fully plussed and hitting 4 orbs, otherwise it’s just disappointing. I’m just asking for one additional row, then everything will be OK. (I main Lakshmi, she likes rows and tolerates TPAs. One more row and he’s worth running sometimes. Otherwise, probably never.)

      All in all, He’s a straight up improvement in every way… just not QUITE as improved as everyone hoped. Expect changes to be made in the near future.


  9. Hey Setsu,
    I’m new here and I was wondering if I should role on this Godfest. I was thinking of rolling on day 1 since it has strong subs and I already have high tier leaders. I have 33 stones right now although I’ll be getting 10 more for day 100 on day 2 but I don’t think it’s worth rolling since I already have leaders. I’m a pretty patient person and non-IAP so I don’t mind waiting for better Godfests like player’s choice but I like having monsters to upgrade.
    Also, I wanted to know if you would look at my team. My rank is 118 and my team is Feline of Destiny, Baster (Leader, max lvl): Hino Kagutschi (max lvl), Idunn&Idunna, Twin Goddesses (lvl 92), Mystical Forest Pixie, Alraune (lvl 77), Marine Rider Robin (lvl 34). I just beat up to Ocean of Heaven and all the technical dungeons up to the no leader skills dungeon. I attempted Hera but lost on the final match. Also, I was wondering if I stood a shot on the challenge dungeon lvl 5 for the snow globe dragon. I can usually combo 4 or 5 pretty consistently.
    My padherder:

    Thanks in advance!


    • I think rolling day 1 is a good fit as there are very few bad rolls for you. A PCGF might be slightly better value for you, but that’s a few months away and if you want something to work on, rolling now is better than later. I’d agree that you should skip day 2.

      Since you’re using Bastet as your main lead you should try to make your team as much of a single element as possible. I think a good team for you would be Bastet / Verdandi / Alraune / Marine Rider / flex. Where the flex spot would eventually be a 5-turn orb changer like Cu Chulainn. Verdandi is also a legit leader.

      I’m going to be upfront with you and admit I’m so out of touch with the early game that I can’t really give good advice on how to progress. If you can’t beat the dungeon with a legit team and just want to progress past it, there’s always the option of pairing one of your healer girls with a friend’s GOdin and cheesing your way to victory. iirc, that’s how I got past most of those later normal dungeons. As for the Challenge Dungeons, the real issue is if you can heal enough. You do have the Lilith to help you with Pys, but can you do enough damage on the boss? I’m not sure. Sorry I couldn’t be more help here.


      • Thanks for the reply! It was quick and pretty useful. With 7 rolls I got: Mochizuki Chiyome, Chrono Turtle, Guan Yu, Grimrock, Dragon Rider, Zweihander, Strawberry Dragon which is okay considering most were gold eggs and Guan Yu seems good for the wood team. I was also thinking about a healer team around: Bastet, Idunna&idunna, King Shynee, and healer girls as a build also. Either way, thanks for your help. Making a wood team seems like an awesome idea.


        • Not gonna lie, those were pretty bad rolls. GGY has gotten a lot better after a few rounds of upgrades, though. Chiyome and Dragon Rider could also be nice pieces for future teams.

          I think the healer team is a good option to have and swapping between that and the wood team gives you some nice flexibility.


  10. Hey setsu, just want to start by saying you do a great job on your blog here.

    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/Dulokz/monsters/#31,0,31,2047,268435455,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,0

    Last godfest I was able to get a few of my big wants out of the way (Yamato, Rodin YAY) so now I’m 1 flampy short of a Goemon SVL team so that completes one of my big goals.

    A bit about my current teams/Account: Mostly using A. Ra/Lkali for descends and LuBronia/Norns for farming. That’s pretty much my account in a nutshell lol. Starting to use A. Bastet some also. I just hit rank 300 today, can farm KotG, Alt. Coins, weekday mythicals etc etc. Now that I’m comfortable with A. Ra/Lkali I feel like I can take on most descends. I got a lot of practice matching farming jewels for the Meimei system =p (you’re my hero lol). So here’s how the godfest breaks down to me so far:

    Wants Day 1: Vritra, Cao Cao, DQXQ
    Wants Day 2: Osiris, Horus, Ra (wouldn’t mind a 3rd one lol)

    While neither day is particularly great for me, I’m not sure I’ll find another godfest with 2 or 3 “wants” of mine on a given day. Also as far as Vritra goes, now that I have a mostly operational goemon SVL team I’m not sure how much I want/need it.

    My big wants at this point are all GFE: Dkali, Zuoh, A 2nd Rodin, DMeta. Any advice would be appreciated!

    Oh! I also had a question about box space…atm I have 500 total slots and try and stay at around 100 open spaces for ease of farming…when I am able to significantly speed up my SVL farming (A la completing my Uvo Goemon team) do you think I should expand box space? I saw that you can get up to 80 runs/hr with a team like that so thats like…400 drops? Whew, stopping to sell probably slows you down a bit I would imagine. Anyway, thanks in advance for any advice!


    • It sounds like you’re on the right track. Since you have a great Ra team and some great farming teams, now’s the time to target the specifics you need to get to the next level. I was in a similar spot once where I mainly just needed GFEs so I prioritized rolling in any godfest that had a few pantheon gods I wanted just to maximize my chance of getting something I didn’t already have.

      First off, I’d avoid day 2 like the plague since ROdin is at 1x. The extra Ra would be nice for farming, but I’d highly recommend maximizing your chances for the 2nd ROdin. The 2nd ROdin is the best ROdin, after all.

      As for day 1, I’d say go for it. Cao Cao is the only elite sub you don’t have besides Pandora and a Vritra or a DQXQ would be a nice bonus.

      To expand on Vritra, I can tell you from firsthand experience that there isn’t much time saved between being pure push button for Star Vault vs. just using Goemon. There may come a point where you want to save those few seconds, but I wouldn’t make it a high priority. On the other hand, coin Star Vault is coming so if you intended to someday farm that hard, well, that’s another story.

      Also, yeah I try to have at least 400 slots open for Star Vault. I don’t know what your budget is like, but if you’re going to farm it in earnest I’d highly recommend buying the space.


  11. Whoa, I am seriously impressed with the volume of comments here. Word must be getting out as to what a terrific resource this site is.

    My question (which also could have been posted on your tier list post): Why is Shiva a half-step behind Bastet? You refer in the other post to an ongoing debate about this, but somehow I’ve overlooked that debate. You’ve written precious little about Shiva that I’ve seen, so I’m genuinely curious about your analysis of him. (I have just awokened Shiva and my little brother is working on Bastet, so this is an important question for me.)

    Anyway, I hope the lengthy series of comments here represents a surge in traffic, so you can stick some Google ads on here and use our interest in your progress to subsidize more stones.

    Thanks again for enjoyable reading.


    • I actually don’t think there’s any appreciable difference between the two. The best guess I can offer is that Game8’s list appreciates raw damage more than tankiness and that Bastet has a slightly larger sub pool. Outside that, all there really is is a slew of minute differences that can’t really be quantified or compared 1:1. What it really boils down to is availability then preference as both teams will get you where you want to go.

      I try to avoid posting about things that I haven’t done the proper research for, thus I don’t talk about Shiva much. I don’t think it’s worth my effort to write it or your effort to read it if I don’t do at least that much.

      In the past I’ve thought about trying to monetize, mostly in passing, but I don’t think it will ever come to that. While traffic is higher than I ever would’ve imagined, the work required to grow the site further and then maintain it is too large of a commitment for me. Who knows what the future holds, though.


      • Depending on your traffic, you could easily just place some Google ads spaces next to the content you’re already creating, and collect a check from them each month. There’s a little more to it than that, but I’d be glad to tell you more about it if you’re interested. (It’s my job, between PAD runs anyway.) I think you have my email.

        So, I pulled Set (on the first day, randomly). Right now my Shiva subs are Yamato, Chiyome, Echidna and Ronia, with Dino Rider on the bench. Does Set improve this situation?


        • Even if I wanted to run ads, which I don’t, WordPress.com doesn’t allow you to run third party ads. I’m quite happy with the free WordPress and have no intention to move, but I’m also not going to pay for the service so I can run ads.

          I don’t think Set is better than any of your other options.


        • I do want to add, though, that if I want to take the site to the next level I’ll consider running ads and I’ll remember your offer of help, should I need it. Thank you!


    • “My question (which also could have been posted on your tier list post): Why is Shiva a half-step behind Bastet? You refer in the other post to an ongoing debate about this, but somehow I’ve overlooked that debate. You’ve written precious little about Shiva that I’ve seen, so I’m genuinely curious about your analysis of him. (I have just awokened Shiva and my little brother is working on Bastet, so this is an important question for me.)”

      In a word, subs. Bastet just has better, and more subs than shiva does, including more defensive subs like Kushi and Susano, and Ceres for healing/bind clear.

      The HAS been an ongoing debate on all corners of the internet. Long story short, the general consensus is that shiva is tankier, while Bastet is very glass cannon, unless you trade your damage subs for defensive ones. Feel free to google around for a more detailed side by side.

      As far as Shiva goes, he was just removed from S tier in JP, but DO NOT PANIC. He is still an incredible leader capable of clearing everything, it’s just tha Shiva Dragon does it better… 😛 I kid I kid. Butin all honesty, Shiva is just one good sub from being S tier again. He’s likely the strongest A+ leader, and IMO might still deserve to be S tier.


  12. Hi setsu, i’m looking for advice wether i should roll in this GF to imrove my box: https://www.padherder.com/user/dhbq/monsters/#31,0,31,2047,268435455,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,0
    – For day one i could pretty much use anyone: liubei for bastet, lubu for ronia, sun quan and DQXQ for lkali and any Indian gods are good too since i only have shiva. My only concern is that the GF coincide with the flame gala so i’m afraid that i will roll a dupe shiva or cao cao, the only two gods i have in the first day.
    – I also consider rolling on the second day because i have none of them except for bastet, but is the Egyptian gods useful for me at my rank without their awoken form, since for now i’m running a ronia team that can only beat some early descend on legend so it will take a while for me to acquire their awoken material.
    – Also, can you advice me what to work on next to tackle harder content? I’m non-iap
    Finally i want to thank you so much for creating such a wonderful and informational blog, it have helped me a lot with the game.


    • Day 1 looks pretty good for you. A Shiva dupe would be unfortunate, but there are worse things than a dupe Cao Cao. Also from what I gather, galas don’t significantly increase the rate of on-element godfest gods being rolled, if at all, so I wouldn’t let that discourage you from rolling.

      I would avoid day 2. Like you said, they won’t really help you until they’re awoken and you already have Shiva and Bastet as possible endgame leads anyways. Skill ups are also a big issue with awokens.

      I think RSonia is fine for where you are in the game for now, but I’d recommend developing your red teams for moving into the endgame. Awoken Shiva / Cao Cao / Leilan / Urd / flex sounds like the beginnings of a great endgame team. Then you could use a similar team except with Urd as lead for farming.


  13. Man, my luck really stinks (or my game’s broken?). I spent double my IAP budget because there are so many monsters from today that help me and came away with only one roll from the godfest (thankfully, the Liu Bei I coveted), an Uriel and a Cao Cao from the flame gala, a random Kirin, and a bunch of silver and star crap. I’m not so sure I’m IAPing again…this is starting to feel a bit like Las Vegas.


  14. Hey setsu, I just discovered your blog yesterday and this is some great and informative stuff! I was looking for some advice on whether to roll Today (godfest1), tomorrow (godfest2) or during the summer rem(Know I prob shouldn’t roll here).


    First godfest I could use sun quan, liu bei and cao cao. But I might dupe with DQXQ, shiva and lu bu. I have no gods from the 2nd godfest but not sure I have any teams for them.

    Currently running beelze+ronia but have a okay lkali, skuld, wukong and verd team.

    Thanks again!


    • It looks like you have the problem of having a lot of nice pieces, but they lack cohesiveness. Like you said, day 1 could be terrible because of the dupe risk. You have a decent selection of leaders in addition to Shiva, so I’d skip day 2 as well. To be honest, I’d say you should wait for a better godfest line up or the PCGF. I think the Heroes would be a good option even with the risk of a dupe Wukong. Yamato for Shiva, Andromeda for Skuld, Perseus for Verdandi, and Pandora for your devil teams are all good to great options.

      Have you thought about making a uuevo Sakuya team? I think Sakuya / LKali / LMeta / LValk / flex where flex could be something like Verche or Echidna. She may not be considered an elite lead anymore, but she’s still quite capable. Not saying you should necessarily pursue it, but you have a pretty good team for it if you wanted it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4WxL9bEVEo


      • I have thought about it but just figured if I ever pulled a dkali or another lkali my team would switch to an lkali team(unless awoken sakuya comes out at one point) and make the investment pointless. I’ll take your advice and wait for a future godfest though. Which godfests do you think would make good rolls?


        • Well that’s the thing, you just invest in the LKali then transition to another team if another team presents itself.

          I think something with the Heroes would be a good start.


  15. Hey Setsu,

    I got another team building question for you. I rolled Cao Cao, Urd, and Nim this godfest so I’m wondering how that fits into my current team: Urd/Shiva/RValk/MiniChiyome/Kiriko. I havent been able to evolve shiva yet but I’m assuming these new rolls would help with that team as well.

    Also I rolled a Typhon and was thinking of incorporating my pandora team as subs for his team. Something like Typhon/Pandora/Haku/Hanzo/Kurome. I also rolled Lu Bu and A. Parvarti which I’ve seen some ppl use her on a Typhon team.

    What are your thoughts?


    • For your Urd team, you definitely want to fit in R/G Cao Cao as he’s one of the best subs in the game, probably over Shiva. I don’t think a dupe Urd is necessary, but she does qualify for the full leader bonus so it’s up to you. I also think the same for Nim, especially since she’s difficult to skill up, but you may need her for burst if you ever take your Urd team into descendeds (but I think at that point it’s better to just use Shiva as your lead).

      For Shiva, the team is basically the same. Which is what makes fire and wood so appealing since their respective Norn team has a lot of overlap with Shiva/Bastet.

      For Typhon, that team sounds fine, but it’s definitely inferior to your fire teams. The team really won’t come into its own until Akechi Mitsuhide is released. I’d play around with the team to see if you like the style and if you do, try to get Akechi when he’s released and/or a few more Pandoras. In the mean time, I wouldn’t invest too heavily in it.


      • Cool thanks Setsu for the response!

        Ya if I just replace Cao Cao for Shiva I can save lots of resources since I’ve already max leveled/skilled mini chiyome and kiriko. Just thought maybe Urd and Nim might bring more max damage in the long term.

        Btw I love you your blog post! Keep up the awesome work 😀


        • I think the real issue with adding Nim and another Urd into the equation is the stamina you’d have to invest into skilling them up. If that’s not a problem, then they become much more attractive options.


  16. Welp, I rolled! And I got an Undine! *sigh* When was the last time I got something useful again…? I can’t even remember which shows how hilariously bad my luck is. Gonna wait for REM renewal to hit NA for now. I dream of BMeta but that’s not happening >_>


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