Thoughts on Awoken Susano


I actually don’t think there’s all that much to say about him since he’s pretty straightforward. I was quite excited for him though, so here’s my initial impression:

  • Elements: wood/fire – Obvious Verdandi applications. In addition to giving the team a huge HP boost, Susano’s damage shield helps combat Verdandi’s RCV problems for a few turns.
  • Types: physical/dragon – Physical type is particularly important for wood as it has the worst selection of quality high-HP monsters in the game; now it has two with Meimei. Dragon type is somewhat archaic for wood, but that allows him to fit on teams like GSonia and GGY. The lack of attacker type is unfortunate as he can’t sub on Summer GSonia and he’ll miss out on GZL’s damage enhance.
  • Awakenings – While I’m not a fan of bind immunity since it takes two slots, the rest of Susano’s awakenings are quite good. I wasn’t necessarily expecting a second TPA; it’s both a blessing and a curse since his ATK is fairly low. The additional skill boost is key — especially for wood teams — and more fingers are always nice. The only real weakness is a lack of a skill bind resist.
  • Active skill – While I was originally hoping for something closer to Baggi or Phoenix Rider for the uptime, this updated skill will have plenty of situations where it’s better; haste is just that good. There are some situations where the original’s longer duration will be missed, but I think the benefits more than make up for it.
  • Leader skill – Don’t sleep on this leader skill. The other Susanos resist 20-25% and while his awoken form may not resist that much, even 10-15% would be pretty good. He can also make interesting pairings with other leads.
  • Other thoughts:
    • Susano really didn’t need the buff, but need obviously doesn’t play a factor in deciding what receives buffs next. The awoken Chinese and lack of awoken Norse are prime examples of this.
    • Going infinite with the damage shield was also a possibility with the old Susano, but a) the extra skill boost and lower cooldown means it can be ready turn one, b) the improved leader skill means he could possibly lead instead of taking up three of your four sub slots and c) the haste means you can charge actives for your burst turns that much quicker.
    • I have three Susanos. They’re all max skilled, but it will be a no-brainer to wake at least two of them up and I could possibly do all three. I guess it’s time to start farming Woodpys again. Sigh.
    • Japanese 1 is now worth rolling in just on the merits Kagutsuchi and Susano and Orochi is incoming soon. I’m actually pretty excited for the eventual Awoken Yomi and Amaterasu.

8 thoughts on “Thoughts on Awoken Susano

  1. “Don’t sleep on this leader skill. The other Susanos resist 20-25% and while his awoken form may not resist that much, even 10-15% would be pretty good. He can also make interesting pairings with other leads. ”

    Lol, all the forum people are hyping themselves up for a 30% reduction. Just wanted to point out that the last time everyone thought a damage reduction was going to be 30% they were VERY disappointed… (Awoken Isis *cough cough*)


  2. I have mixed feelings about Susano. Sad to see that he isn’t Physical/Attacker as that would have been the best typing for him in my opinion. The original had too long of a cooldown although would’ve like to have seen it drop a little more on the cooldown I guess that might be asking too much. The Dragon typing just doesn’t make sense to me. Ah well.


  3. No it doesn’t. if it came off rude, then I apologize as that was not my intention. I was just wondering if you specified dragon specifically with GGY for a reason. Also that since he already qualified with Physical, him getting Dragon as well was a further disappointment. Sorry if I gave offense.


    • No offense taken. I see your reasoning and can see how you arrived there given the way I wrote it. I guess I’m not disappointed as I assumed from his evo mats that he wasn’t going to get it. I think the rest of the package more than makes up for any perceived shortcomings, though.


  4. I’m sure I’ll end up using him all the same. Him having Attacker, or Balance, would’ve been perfect though for most green teams. But I will get over it I’m sure and the awoken version will definitely have more utility. Curious to see what the actual percentage of damage mitigation will be, as I agree 30% is very hopeful.


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