Analyzing Zeus & Hera

1923 - Loving Heavenly Deities, Zeus & HeraZeus & Hera aren’t incredibly interesting. Almost all of their value resides in their 45% gravity, making them terribly one-dimensional with a very narrow selection of proper applications. Perhaps this negative sentiment is influenced by the general stigma towards tank teams — in particular teams that prefer to rely on gravities and nukes rather than conventional combo-based damage — but the playstyle is completely legit and Zera is an essential core to such teams. Outside of this obvious application, Zera can fill a few niche roles, but in general there are other, better options.

Any Potential as a Leader?

1422 - Guardian of the Sacred City, Athena
I don’t see Zera taking the endgame by storm, but they could be a reasonable farming lead. The 12.25x when over 80% HP is quite reliable for most lower-end dungeons and the extra three seconds movement time means you get can get a little lazy when comboing. Of course, there’s the problem of finding other Zeras to pair with, but that is merely a symptom of the real problems: having a team that can clear the dungeon and the exorbitant cost of the uevo. Something like Athena has a lower barrier to entry, is just as effective, if not more, and is much easier to find friends for.

Another option is to combine Zera with another lead to take advantage of the time extend built into their leader skill. In the long past this may have been an appealing option, but with so many of today’s elite subs coming with time extend awakenings, that value is diminished. There are also some janky teams that can clear some difficult content, but in the end, Zera is an easy pass as a lead.

Three Skill Boost Utility

2129 - 無間の破戒神, Grand Tengu
Three skill boosts used to be the upper limit for skill boosts, then uevo Tengu was released with four. If it’s just to hit a skill boost threshold for a speedfarming team or whatever, Zera isn’t worth the investment anymore.

Everyone’s Favorite Leader: Lucifer

2014 - Student Council President, Lucifer1216 - Rebel Seraph Lucifer
Zera seems like it was made specifically to revitalize Lucifer teams, both the original and Academy versions. If you have a gravity-based Luci team then your core will likely be two, maybe three Zeras. While their gravity is three turns longer than Zeus and eight turns longer than Hera, Luci shouldn’t have too much trouble stalling out that much longer. Zera also provides respectable RCV for a devil and the auto heals don’t hurt either.

But… Those Skill Ups

Zera requires 15 skill ups, which only gets more daunting if you’re planning on maxing multiples. Even on 2.5x, you’re looking at 60 feeds per. If you’re really looking to field a couple Zeras for your Luci team, I hope you’re prepared to burn a few stones.

Ultimate Arena Clearing

2078 - Blazing Goddess of Power, Kali1747 - Sparkling Goddess of Secrets, Kali
The Kaliseum is the most difficult dungeon released to date. The key gimmick comes at the boss floor where players face off against one of the Kalis. If you don’t burst for over 20 million damage on the first turn you’ll be punished by 121k nuke. Only a few select teams can output that kind of damage consistently, especially if they don’t have an elemental advantage. This is where Zera comes in with their 45% gravity, helping teams clear an otherwise impossible hurdle.

Even if they can serve a key function in such a rewarding dungeon — in case you didn’t know, a random Py is guaranteed to drop — is it really worth investing in a sub you’re unlikely to use anywhere else? This is definitely something to keep in mind if farming Ultimate Arena is one of your goals, but I’d imagine if you’re at that point in the game you probably have other good options as well.

The Verdict

Zera packs a lot of raw power, but their usage is quite narrow. They aren’t particularly good leads, nor do they fit well on a wide variety of teams. For those still tackling descendeds with gravity-based tank teams Zera is a boon, but getting them into optimal condition is quite pricey. Even though they have good stats and awakenings, particularly for a descended drop, if you can actually clear their dungeon you likely have better options on hand. Most players should stay away.