Coin Star Vault 8/16/15

IMG_8129It’s been a while since my last 5/5…

Ruins of the Star Vault – Starry View Lane – Coin Dungeon
Date Runs Stamina Stones +Eggs Drop / Run Stam / +Egg
8/16/2015 85 2550 7 127 1.49 20.08
8/16/2015 85 2550 8 117 1.38 21.79
8/16/2015 87 2610 8 123 1.41 21.22
Subtotal 257 7710 23 367 1.42 21.01
All SV Total 1162 34860 122 1684 1.45 20.70

I had about 100m coins so I decided to purchase Star Vault three times. I hardly ever get a better than expected rate. I guess that doesn’t really matter anymore since 10x will guarantee a certain amount of +egg drops for certain descendeds. As for future +egg farming plans, I’ll still hit up the guerrilla Star Vaults that don’t intefere with my work schedule, but I’ll probably just wait for 10x instead of farming 3x or coin Star Vault hardcore.

I now have nine floating +297s. I’m likely going to make an Infinirog team next, so my +eggs will probably be distributed to: Susano, Infinirog, Awoken Haku, Andromeda #2, Awoken Karin, and, gods willing, Summer Urd, Summer Pandora, Kaede, and Satsuki. Another possibility is to make a Haku System, but after finishing Meimei I don’t have the motivation. Maybe that will be a long-term project.


5 thoughts on “Coin Star Vault 8/16/15

  1. So I mostly completed my SVL team (when that flampy from stream rewards comes in the mail it will be completed), I was able to get in 69 runs (for 95 +eggs) with a Goemon team that was missing 1 skill up so not too shabby for my first time running an actually efficient SVL team. Today I completed my 3rd 297, Dkali (to go along with Awoken Ra hypermax and LKali hypermax). I’ve been thinking about trying to get my whole Awoken Ra team 297’d (1 more Lkali and then Awoken Isis when she gets here), but I’ve also been playing around some with the idea of Awoken Bastet and my 4 Awoken Meimeis.

    Anyway, I was wondering what your advice would be regarding what to do with my pluses from now on, if my idea of hypermaxing the whole A. Ra team is a good idea, etc. I know the time frame for 10x descends coming to NA is probably hard to guess so I’m going to take advantage of 3x normals the best I can in the mean time. Anyway, thanks in advance for any advice!


    All of my teams that I run are up to date in the team section on PADherder.


    • I would definitely prioritize +egging your Ra team. The team should be great for a long time and is definitely worth the investment. I’d probably prioritize your 2nd LKali then Isis. Past that, you could look into Zera or praying to the gods for Kanna for Ultimate Arena “farming”.

      After that, what you +egg is up to your preference. You can either start working on a side project — like your Bastet/Meimei team — or you can try to prepare for the future. I’m personally prepping for Infinirog, but that’s fairly short term. Maybe something like Shiva Dragon would be an example of a longer term goal. This is the one advantage the content delay has, so we may as well make use of it.

      Yeah, you’ll probably be stuck doing 3x and Star Vault for a while. I’d like to say 10x will come here in 2-3 months, but considering how long it took to get 3x and coin Star Vault I’m not that optimistic.


      • Thanks for the fast reply! I hadn’t thought about Ultimate Arena as a goal but it does seem like a good one lol. I’ll start checking out which teams are being favored for that and go from there.


  2. Setsu, I just used the wood jewel gift to ult-evo my Beelzebub. Granted, it doesn’t have any awakenings, but I’m pretty excited. I don’t have a push-button SVL team yet (need Sphinx to come back for my second Awoken Ra) but where should I be focusing my +eggs in the meantime? I feel like I have numerous endgame leads that I should hypermax before worrying about feeding enough plus eggs to Vritra.


    • In my opinion, your two best endgame leads are Bastet and Ra. I think Ra is a bit more future-proof because of his higher multiplier, but I think you have a better set of Bastet subs (which also sub on a Verdandi team, which is nice). I don’t think you can go wrong either way and it should just come down to preference. Although my strong wood bias would recommend Bastet 🙂


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