PAD Island REM Rolls – Pandora or Bust

This is a long, boring video. Hopefully my pain persuades those on the fence to reconsider their goals for this REM. There’s a results summary after the break if you just want to cut to the chase.

PAD Island REM Results 8/7/15 – 114 Rolls
Monster # % Rarity # % Gold / Silver # %
2290 - Snow-White Beauty, Valkyrie Claire 0 0.00% ☆☆☆☆
0  0.00%  Gold Egg 29 25.44%
2287 - Paradise Jade Dragon Caller, Sonia 1 0.88%

3 2.63%
2292 - 2292 - Bleak Night Daughter, Pandora 1 0.88%
1518 - Keeper of Paradise, Metatron 1 0.88%
2288 - Resting Norn, Urd 2 1.75%

6 5.26%
2291 - Summery Tourist, Chester 0 0.00%
2316 - arbiter of judgement, metatron 0 0.00%
1792 - keeper of the sacred texts, metatron 1 0.88%
1793 - extant red dragon caller, sonia 3 2.63%
2315 - divine queen hera 1 0.88%

20 17.54%
2314 - awoken dancing queen hera-ur 4 3.51%
1784 - moonbeam fang witch, lilith 3 2.63%
1785 - warrior rose, graceful valkyrie 2 1.75%
1791 - war deity of the night, tsukuyomi 4 3.51%
1794 - rebel seraph lucifer 6 5.26%
2286 - Incognito Queen, Awilda 10 8.77%

85 74.56%  Silver Egg 85 74.56%
1786 - incarnation of suzaku, leilan 16 14.04%
1787 - incarnation of seiryuu, karin 12 10.53%
1788 - incarnation of genbu, meimei 14 12.28%
1789 - incarnation of kirin, sakuya 17 14.91%
1790 - incarnation of byakko, haku 16 14.04%

Well, that was brutal, but the rates weren’t all that far off from what was expected judging from the data out of JP. At least I got my Pandora.

Am I salty about not rolling Claire? I’d be lying if I said no, but it’s hard to explain the feeling. It’s more about the disappointment of simply not rolling her than actually not being able to use her. I do think we’ll eventually be able to buy her from the MP Shop (and I don’t mean next summer). However, even if we’re given the chance I’m not sure I’ll bite.

All my iTunes credits were about 20% off, but it still hurts being down about $325. I’m relieved that it wasn’t worse. I’m actually not sure how much I would’ve spent to get Pandora before I gave up and I’m glad I didn’t have find out. I was going to limit myself to $500, but who knows if I could’ve followed through.

This was a learning experience, though. No, I’ll still pour money into the game like an idiot, but I’ll hopefully be a bit smarter and selective when picking targets to roll for in the future and setting smaller and stricter budgets for them.

With that in mind, I’m hoping to resist rolling in most of the upcoming collabs, assuming we are actually getting them. After all, Christmas is only about four months away and I have to start saving for Verdandi, Norn of the Presents or whatever other bait they decide to jam into that godforsaken REM.

Oh, one last thing to bitch about. Considering this and the Academy REM, the whole gold vs. silver egg thing is just about meaningless. I mean, I can’t even get excited when I see a gold egg since I know it’s probably going to be crap. They really need to make a new egg type, at least for the 7- and 8-stars, so I can actually be excited when I see an egg pop out of the machine.

22 thoughts on “PAD Island REM Rolls – Pandora or Bust

  1. Haha, I have to agree. I’m so traumatized over seeing a gold egg now I almost never want to roll again. Which is probably a good thing!


  2. Of course, after posting that I go and roll Pandora, Finally.. So any thoughts on a Shiva dragon team now? or no interest in it? Ugly looking turd he may be, but somehow it’s now catapulted to the top of the game8 rankings all of a sudden – what’s the deal with that anyway ?

    As always, I greatly enjoy your posts and your blog!


    • Congrats man. I hope it feels good because when I rolled mine all I felt was relief haha

      Yeah, Shiva Dragon seems to be the next big thing. I think the ideal team is 4 Ares. With that team you can chain double orb changes for several turns in a row thanks to Shiva Dragon’s haste and do craptons of damage with 16 rows and 25x all while being skill bind immune and reasonably tanky. While the whale in me wants to make the team, I may pass on it since fire isn’t really my thing.


  3. L/B Kirin…might be foreshadowing her new ult/awoken?? hah

    the 10 Awilda can be interesting on your Lakshmi team? all those enhances and resistance! And maybe you can use you the gronia on your Wood team? haaha…

    Congrats on the Panda, I’m trying to hold back on rolling…maybe just roll ONCE… but we’ll see.


    • I’m definitely going to max skill an Awilda and if her water resists become relevant I’ll likely hypermax her. I don’t think I’ll ever be bored enough to max skill 4-5 of her, though.

      I’ll probably make a Summer GSonia theorycrafting post later this week. I may as well try and make a team for her now that I have her.

      I think it’s fine to roll if you can set a strict limit and follow through with it. Maybe wait until the last day. And I should practice what I preach.


  4. Oh my god, if they made Santa Verdandi….goodbye wallet, it was nice knowing you @_@

    I’m trying my best to resist the Summer REM, since I was burned pretty badly by Academy (four Chesters…the pain….), but I might cave and at least do a yolo roll or three. I’m just worried that I wouldn’t be able to resist doing more past that…

    The gold egg rates are already so low in these REMs that it’s pretty disappointing that they further stock them with troll golds. Would it be so bad to just do a whole “theme” pantheon, instead of making the theme cards impossible to get?

    In any case, congratulations on rolling your Pandora! (And Urd, and BMeta, and Gronia!)


    • If you think you’ll have trouble resisting rolling more than you budgeted, you can wait until the last minute to do your pulls. That way you only have to hold out for a few minutes. Or you could just not do them at all 🙂

      Yeah, the troll golds really bother me. I’m not sure of the best way to address it, but anything would be better than it is now.


      • Waiting until the last minute kind-of worked for me with the Academy REM – I already spent way more than I intended on it, and then thought I’d do a few more last minute rolls, but then I ended up getting distracted and totally forgot. In the end, it worked out for the best, I think! (Aside from only rolling nonsense, at least…)


  5. Agreed, setting limits is important. I actually went a pack over my limit which I’m not too proud of… And the relief is real. Pretty much how I felt as well just happy to be done with it.

    I think I will avoid rolling on Collabs, and just roll during really good God fest match ups or PCGF. The Collabs… seem to be a trap. I guess it’s one thing with Eva/Batman where you’re only rolling that ‘set’ of cards. These Summer/Christmas/Academy style ones are just vicious though.

    I was able to avoid the Academy because I had zero interest in Lucifer, and I got School Isis on my second or third roll, I did overlook Athena but as much as I kind of wish I went for her – I am also glad I didn’t haha..

    What team would you hypermax Awilda for ? And I’m curious to see your thoughts on a Summer GSonia team, since I got her as well. Kind of thought something like SGSonia/Liu Bei/Liu Bei/GL Susano/GZL/SGSonia which would work for those pesky all attribute limitations but I’m sure there are better practical options.

    Any idea if a team of Summurd/Merlin/Rozuel/Nim/Valen/Urd would Qualify for Water/Fire Leader skill bonuses with sub attributes ? PDX and Padherder simulators don’t seem fully up to date and I get mixed results from them. Probably a silly idea all in all though.


    • I would hypermax Awilda for Lakshmi for the damage shield. Offensively, she’d be a better fit for Sarasvati. It would take a lot for that to happen, like there being a water version of the Divine Queen Hera preemptive or Challenge Dungeons changing to majority water.

      I’m actually not that optimistic about Summer GSonia teams, but I want to run the actual numbers to find out. I think the team you proposed is a logical starting point.

      I haven’t looked into Summer Urd as a leader much since I saw the pathetic list of B/R subs. It just seems like running R/B Urd is better.


  6. Thnx for the realistic heads-up and drop rates. As i am NOn-IAP, I limited myself to one yolo-roll. Rolled gold egg and…. Chibi-Valk. 🙂
    As I have a Hathor, I think I can be pretty happy with this result. Correct? Also rolled a DKali during last PCGF. So patiently building up this team towards end-game seems look a decenct goal. No other light subs worth mentioning. Except maybe light Wee Jas. What do you think? Do I still invest in regular Valk, now I have the Chibi? Thanks for your time! Grts Deft.


    • Yeah Mini Valk is one of the best rolls in this REM.

      Wee Jas is quite reasonable to use. He lacks stats, but he helps deal with binds, has a delay and brings much needed time extends.

      As far as Mini Valk vs. the original, it really comes down to whether you’re stacking light OE or TPA. Mini Valk will be better in most situations, but if there’s any doubt I’d suggest running the damage calculators as OE does a surprising amount of damage now. That’s all under the assumption that you have the stamina to spare, of course. If not, then just invest in the Mini and call it a day.


  7. I swore I was only going to roll twice. Got a couple of gold chibi and felt the rush set in. Rolled 4 more times and I got a Claire. I then broke down and rolled two packs and got a Gronia and another Claire while I was gunning for Pandora. I wish I hadn’t rolled that second pack since I didn’t get anything in it. But i did use the chibis to max skill Leilan and get some more skills on other chinese gods. So I have that going for me.


      • Thanks! Although I would definitely trade out a Claire for an Urd and Pandora. But only to satiate the collector in me. However, now i don’t have to decide whether or not I want her tanned or not.


  8. Was sick and broke down and bought an 85-pack this morning, ended up with double Ronia, double Awilda, and Chester (every time…). Should have stopped at the first Ronia, or first Awilda… I’m very much tempted to keep going now that I’ve cracked, but I’ll have to try stay strong =/


  9. I’m actually kind of jealous of your pulls. I rolled 88 times and only came away with one 7-star (Pandora), and that was near the end. The only other good stuff I came away with were 3 ronias (to go with my 4 regular Ronias) and 2 lvalks. Really wanted an Urd, but got stuck with 2 Chesters instead. Seriously, what the hell Gungho. Why is freaking Chester a 6-star?

    This was my first time really whaling and the first Collab REM I’ve rolled in since way back when the first Batman REM came around (I think only 3-4 rolls then) and I can’t say I feel good about it. Here’s hoping MP shop gets here soon so I can at least make myself feel better with a Claire.


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