Weekly Roundup 28


The Past Week:

  • Last week’s roundup
  • Updated PADherder
  • 4 ranks
  • Today’s my PAD anniversary. Yay.
  • The stream said we’ll be getting repeat Challenge Dungeons during event downtime. I’m really looking forward to this. I’d love to get the newer Challenge Dungeons for the… challenge… but the steady influx of Pys is much more important.

Next Week and Beyond:

  • After a pretty crazy week on NA, it looks like things will calm down a bit. Maybe the most we’ll get are some new uevos, but we may have to wait until the next event. Although I feel that putting the Pirate Dragons in this coin rotation is a sign Awoken Isis will come sooner rather than later.
  • Speaking of Pirate Dragons, I need to pick up a set to prepare for Infinirog.
  • As for JP, I’m still anxiously waiting for Artemis. I’m also wondering if the release of Jord means we’ll be getting the much needed awoken Norse.
  • I’m also wondering if NA is going to get the Eva collab and, if so, will we get it immediately after PAD Island finishes?

4 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 28

  1. If awoken Isis is supposedly coming soon, then UUevo Kirin should be coming up at the same time right?

    If she does come out, would you mind doing like an analysis of her and Isis/whoever else is released, like you do for some other cards?


  2. Grats on your PAD anniversary, Setsu

    Hope we get the Awoken Norse soon. Do you have any expectations on typing for Artemis? Wondering if they will go row heavy or give her similar treatment to Apollo and Persephone.

    Do you have interest in the new Eva ults ? I never looked at the Eva collab much, the only card that stuck out to me was Misato so I didn’t bother rolling on it. But I didn’t IAP much when it came around either.

    Is it going to be 3x normal every weekend from now on ? I didn’t know that was going to be the case. If so that’s quite the boon indeed.


    • – I’m not setting any expectations for Artemis to avoid disappointment. If I had to bet I’d say she’d be like Ares and Hermes with triple rows. I’m just hoping the art is nice.

      – It’s hard to gauge interest in the Eva ults. They’re similar to HxH in that they’re so horribly outdated that they’ll probably get huge revamps. We’ll just have to wait and see, but I’m not expecting to covet them.

      – I’d assume that 3x will come every other event like it does on JP. This event was likely an exception due to the 1000 days two part celebration.


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