Get Your Pirate Zaerog for Infinirog


Infinirog is still a little ways off so there will likely be another opportunity to get the pirates for him, but I’m going to play it safe and get them now. I actually regret not getting the War Dragons for Samurog earlier, so I’m a bit behind in my preparations.


3 thoughts on “Get Your Pirate Zaerog for Infinirog

  1. What would be your ideal infinirog team?

    Btw thanks for a great blog i reaĺly enjoyed your analysis and opinions.

    Added you on my pad friendlist, cant wait till you complete your lakshmi as well

    My lakshmi team is now done, with hypermax and max skilled lakshmi, summer urd , blonia, andromeda, gabriel. I havent had the luck to roll zuoh and meimeis for the system like yours T-T


    • I’m not exactly sure what the ideal Infinirog team is, but I know that Satsuki and Haku would always make the team. The other two slots would be composed of some selection of DIza, Pandora, another Haku, or some random dragon subs like the swordsman for bind clears.

      Yeah, I noticed you added me; it was hard not to considering your insanely high rank 🙂 I’ll finish my Lakshmi team soon…


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