Hypermax Summer Urd


Monster Tries Success Rate
Urd 17 5 29.41%

I decided to get it over with and farmed the dragon fruits late last night. My Red rate started off extremely poor, but I eventually ran into a few good strings of 2/3 and 3/4. The final distribution was 13 Red, 14 Blue and 13 Green. I guess it all evens out in the end. I’m just glad 2.5x decided to cooperate since I’ve been having incredibly poor skill up luck this event.

My Lakshmi team is fairly close to completion. I still have to commit the +eggs to the second Andromeda and figure out what to do for the remaining sub slots. I plan on using Urd almost all the time, but I can see where I’d want Karin, Amberjack or Hermes too. My Infinirog team is a bit higher on my priority list right now so it may take a while for the +eggs to trickle down to the rest of my water subs. I feel bad for always neglecting my Lakshmi team, but I’ll eventually get there.


4 thoughts on “Hypermax Summer Urd

  1. How is Lakshmi endgame? Like challenge 10 descends and such. I know its really good in JP cause of baggi but is it worth making a team in NA for endgame content. P.S. really like your blog content and thanks for all the input you’ve made on your site 🙂


    • Baggi is an easy mode crutch that NA players that don’t know any better like to point to to downplay Lakshmi’s viability. There are plenty of ways for a Lakshmi team to deal with the hurdles of Lv10. The hardest of which — a first floor Divine Queen Hera preemptive — Baggi doesn’t even address. Without Baggi she’s maybe not quite as easy mode as an ideal Ra, Bastet or Shiva team, but she’s not far behind either. You can find some good examples of Lakshmi clears here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmfjLBBD0t2XUKmBVtieVDw

      Whether you should pursue it yourself, that really depends on what other options you have and playstyle you prefer.


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