Hypermax Summer GSonia


Monster Tries Success Rate
GSonia 20 5 25.00%

I’ve been feeling a bit ill this weekend, but something like that won’t stop me from farming. I’d like to thank the various people that shared that Int on 2x is the best place to farm for GSonia skill ups; I never would’ve believed in a 100% drop rate for that floor on that difficulty otherwise. It really helped save a lot of time and stamina.

I’ve been working on a post covering GSonia as a leader, but it isn’t going very well. I’m having a hard time preventing myself from rambling too much. I think I’ve finally found a direction I’m satisfied with I’m hoping to finish it up within the next couple of days.


8 thoughts on “Hypermax Summer GSonia

  1. Lol, had I known int would do on 2x I would’ve saved stones. I have 5 summer gsonia in my box.. dont really know if the system can work. I just skilled em up to the max today and see if I can make a decent team, low atk multiplier and orb change with no heal is quite bad. At least zuoh is 36x

    I look forward for your post on this girl.


    • I wouldn’t expect too much, but I’m hoping to post it today. My findings probably aren’t too much different from what you’ve already found.


  2. Ahhhh! I wish I knew this earlier… spent all that time farming it on Master… 35 feeds and only three skill ups for my Summer Sonia. 2x will roll around again though so I’ll make use of it then.

    I still need to max skill Osiris, was waiting for the 2x drop, could you advise me what the best difficulty would be for that ?

    Hope you are feeling better. Appreciate the post!


    • Sorry, I don’t know the best difficulty to farm cats. The drops are rather uncommon so I’ve been doing the hardest difficulty in hopes of increasing the drop rate as much as possible, but I don’t know what is most stamina efficient.


  3. Yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing too. Guess I’ll just have to hope for good luck. Thanks for taking the time to reply.


    • I ran the dungeon about 15 times, got 1 DeviNyan and said fuck it. Makes we wish I skilled up my other Osirises when it was available through the evo mat rotation. I’ll just pin my hopes on him getting a nice uevo and hopefully getting voted for a survey dungeon, assuming JP will resume doing those once they finish going through all the survey carnivals.


  4. Think she is decent on an A.Bastet team? My friend is telling me that A.Bastet+3x A.Meimei+Pirate Gronia would make a killer A.Bastet team.


    • Just about anything is good on a Bastet team. Since her strength is in her flexibility it’s hard to say one team is better than another.


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