3x Normal +Egg Drops 8/22-8/23

Ocean of Heaven – Sea-God of Heaven (Floor 5) (1.5x Drop/3x +Eggs)
Date Runs Stamina Stones +Eggs Drop / Run Stam / +Egg
7/25/2015 9 135 0 8 0.89 16.88
7/26/2015 87 1305 4 103 1.18 12.67
8/1/2015 368 5520 16 418 1.14 13.21
8/2/2015 196 2940 8 198 1.01 14.85
8/15/2015 199 2985 8 223 1.12 13.21
8/16/2015 71 1065 3 80 1.13 13.39
8/22/2015 201 3015 8 220 1.09 13.70
8/23/2015 180 2700 7 189 1.05 14.29
Total 1311 19665 54 1439 1.10 13.67

It looks like 1.2 +eggs per run was pretty optimistic. It’s possible that I’m just having horrible luck, but that seems increasingly unlikely as my run count is now over 1000. I’m guessing 1.1 per run is closer to the expected number.

Farming 3x feels futile in light of JP getting 10x descendeds, but we have to make do with what we get. It’s also unclear if JP was permanently nerfed to 5x or if it’s just because spirit jewel invades are also active. If it’s a permanent nerf I’m hoping NA gets that initial 10x period, but considering how reluctant GungHo is in giving us +egg bonuses I’m not holding my breath.


10 thoughts on “3x Normal +Egg Drops 8/22-8/23

      • I looked at your Kagutsuchi team (very cool), but unfortunately I don’t have the main components (no Kagutsuchi). I’ll look through my box and see if I have anything that resembles it.


      • If you run double Awoken Hinokagutsuchi leads, with something like (what I use) Goemon, Rodin, Awoken Ra, Awoken Ra, you can shoot/lazer the masks/dragons/neptune and a match kills every trash floor (color being irrelevant is nice when you are doing hundreds of runs), Goemon active + match kills the carbuncles.


    • Kagu / Ra / Goemon / Vritra / Ra / Kagu

      1-6: Match to kill with Kagu. Use the first Ra on the first mask or metal dragon you encounter.
      7: Use the first Ra here if you haven’t already, otherwise Kagu.
      8: Goemon nuke
      9: Vritra nuke
      10: Ra #2

      I use Goemon over Lu Bu because his nuke kills masks and metal dragons. I don’t use the Goemon board to clear anything because it risks getting killed by a mask or metal dragon on the crack back. If you encounter more than one mask or dragon on floors 1-7 you can just ping it or use a Kagu active and a couple fire TPAs to clear it.


      • Thanks! Is it important that everything is max skilled or plussed? I can make this team, except I’m missing a dupe Ra. Could a Rodin replace him?


        • I don’t think anything needs +eggs, but maybe Vritra does? Probably not, but I’m not sure. For skills ups, it really depends on your team comp and how many skill boosts it has. It’s not too much of a stamina cost to find out, so I suggest experimenting in-game with what works best for you.


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