Ultimate Hera Rush – Awoken Lakshmi

I wanted to remind myself that I could clear dungeons without the Meimei System. Oh, yeah, I also wanted to make sure all those water hypermaxes were put to some sort of use.

I’m extremely close to hypermaxing Awilda. So good.


One thought on “Ultimate Hera Rush – Awoken Lakshmi

  1. I’m just now realizing how strong Awoken Lakshmi’s new multiplier is. I was thinking it would be 6.25 multiplied by 2, but it is 6.25 multiplied by 4 (duh)… I will have to ult mine and play around with it. Unfortunately my Karin/Hermes won’t be amazing subs. I’m a little more interested in new Awoken Isis though. Not *quite* as strong, but unbindable and easier to activate.


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