Quick Thoughts on the JP Stream 8/26/15

  • Artemis – I think this is pretty much what everyone expected. I’m disappointed in the art. It seems like her balanced art would be better for attacker and vice versa. I knew her getting attacker type was a strong possibility while writing my GSonia post, but I have very little motivation to update the post. The desire for Ishida Mitsunari has increased significantly.
  • Yomi – This is the most exciting reveal for me. Now I don’t feel nearly as bad not having Kite on NA. I was already going to make an Infinirog team so the sub overlap will be nice. I really looking forward to stacking OEs. Yomi may not need it having so many time extends, but Dill Sirius is an interesting option for easily activating the five connected orbs. Janky? Yeah, but I’ve desperately been trying to find a use for the wizard brothers for a long time.
  • Amaterasu – Meh. While the sub pool for healers is better than attackers, she still suffers from the same basic flaws as a leader. I wonder if the 10x heal will have any cheesing implications. I’m not really sure where she fits as a sub either since there are already so many good bind clearers.
  • Uevo Survey Results – It’s pretty amazing how accurate that one Japanese poll always is in predicting these things. I don’t have particularly high hopes for any of them, but that’s just me being jaded from past disappointments.
    • Sakuya – This is supposedly an awoken uevo which would be good because the fans won’t be able to vote for her when they inevitably fuck up again. Seriously, though, I have a hard time believing they’ll fail so hard again.
    • Verdandi – I’m expecting a uevo along the lines of RSonia and LKali. In other words, nice, but disappointing. I’m just hoping for good art.
    • Noah – Hopefully she’ll get as big an improvement as Goemon; not necessarily so that she’ll be the blue Goemon, but so that she’ll be as useful in one way or another.
  • Ra Dragon – I loathe these MP shop dragons.
  • Marionette Series – It’s hard to get excited about tank leads especially when they’re centered around a new type without much support. This new type of enemy element-changing active skill is extremely intriguing, though, as it’s another way to significantly boost on-board damage through actives (the others being orb change, orb enhance, type/element damage enhance).

8 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts on the JP Stream 8/26/15

  1. Is it me, or are the dragons just uglier and uglier with each variation? There’s just no effort in them at all. That and they’re churning them out too quickly. Artemis art is terrible for her being attacker, I agree.

    By voting for an ultimate aren’t they basically guaranteeing that the ultimate will be bad, or lazily designed ? I don’t care about Sakuya, but it’s disappointing to see Verdandi voted for. The Norns would’ve definitely gotten ults naturally soon because of their popularity, so voting for it was unnecessary and I’m guessing detrimental. I’m a bit confused about the whole voting for an ult situation, does it ever turn out well?


    • I think there’s been 4 previous uevo surveys so far, and I think the past winners were: LMeta, Sakuya, AA Luci / RSonia, DMeta, Satan / LKali, Lu Bu, Goemon / ROdin, Sakuya, Dark Izanami. Most were decent, but the only one that I think exceeded expectations was Goemon and maybe, maybe DMeta. The rest were fairly nominal, uninspired upgrades.

      I don’t think it was a given that the Norns or any GFE will eventually get a uevo. I think the only ones that have gotten one outside of a survey are GOdin, BOdin and DKali. Considering how long GSonia and BSonia have gone without one, who knows how long it would take for the Norns. Their criteria for handing them out seem to be whatever they feel like at the time.

      I actually think the pantheon gods that get voted are worse off since it interrupts the natural progression to an awoken uevo (see: Sakuya). Like if 3K is next in line to be awoken, Lu Bu winning the survey and not having a split uevo could interrupt that flow.


  2. Yeah, I guess it depends. I thought since all the Norns are more popular both as leads and subs, it would be a large factor in their favor. It does seem somewhat random the order they do decide to give ults.

    I agree, it didn’t even occur to me to consider the difference between pantheon and GFE. Sakuya is a big disappointment, Lubu only getting one ult likewise. But the GFE’s came out better overall. RSonia isn’t that impressive but I’m sure Awoken RSonia will get a vote at some point. Or more likely RSonia Dragon…ugh.


  3. One thing concerns me is that NA players still don’t get the equivalent monsters of Gon and Vegito, which means farming 5×4 dungeons quickly may not be possible.


  4. I have a (probably stupid) question regarding all the talk about an OE team for Awoken Yomi.

    A lot of people on the PF forums have been talking about stacking 15 orb enhance awakenings on a team. I don’t really see the point of this unless the optimal subs just so happen to have those awakenings in addition to everything else. You only need 5 OE awakenings to make sure every single orb that drops is sparkly. Or do they suddenly stack if you have multiples of 5 or something for like super-sparkly orbs?

    Am I missing something here?

    Thanks in advance:)


    • You get an additional 5% more damage per OE awakening for any match that has at least one enhanced orb.

      So let’s say you have a 3-orb combo with 3 enhanced orbs, you’ll get a base 1.18x bonus since enhanced orbs give a base 6% bonus. On top of that you’ll get a 5% bonus from your OEs. So let’s say you have 15 OEs, you’d get a 1.75x additional bonus from your awakenings. Those two bonuses then multiply, giving you an overall 2.065x damage for that particular match only.


      • I knew about how an enhanced orb boosts the match, but wow, I didn’t know that more orb enhances gave additional bonuses. Really puts OEs on par with rows and prongs, almost, given their accessibility. That is so awesome! I didn’t know that the second part of OE awakenings existed, now I have no qualms with all the OE that exist on my WIP Urd team XD Thank you so much for the answer.


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