Rating the Godfest: 8/31-9/1

2073 - Awoken Leilan2074 - Awoken Karin2075 - Awoken Meimei2077 - Green Gleaming Star Kirin, Sakuya2076 - Awoken Haku1296 - Iwato's Dancing Goddess, Amenouzume1297 - Divine Wardens, Umisachi&Yamasachi1298 - Devoted Miko Goddess, Kushinadahime1299 - Radiant God of Creation, Izanagi1300 - Roaming National Founder, Okuninushi
2079 - Divine General of the Sun, Krishna2080 - Wise and Moral Goddess, Sarasvati2081 - Divine Creator of Order, Vishnu2082 - Scholarly God of Fortune, Ganesha2083 - Magic Hand Slayer Goddess, Durga1827 - Red-Winged Star Angel, Rozuel1829 - Blue-Winged Star Angel, Famiel1831 - Green-Winged Star Angel, Ruel1833 - Holy-Winged Star Angel, Ariel1835 - Dark-Winged Star Angel, Lumiel
New: 2142 - Dusk Scarlet Dragon Caller, Tsubaki2144 - Dawn Calm Indigo Dragon Caller, Sumire2146 - Fall Wind Jasper Dragon Caller, Kaede2148 - Dawn Sky Sun Dragon Caller, Kanna2150 - Ominous Moon Dragon Caller, Satsuki

Grading scale. The individual grade is a composite grade of all monsters in it relative to all other pantheons. The combined grade is a composite of all monsters in both pantheons relative to all other combinations of pantheons. Combined grades are not an average of the individual grades, but based on the normal distribution of all possible two-pantheon combinations.
Godfest: Chinese & Japanese 2 8/31, Indian 2 & Angels 9/1
Day 1 Day 2
Chinese Japanese 2 Indian 2 Angels
Individual B+ B B B-
Combined B+ B
Individual A- B- B- B-
Combined B+ C
Individual A- B- B- B-
Combined B+ C+

We’re finally getting the Eastern Dragon Caller girls. They’re all decent to good leaders, but I think Kaede, Kanna and Satsuki stand out as they’re also great subs. The question then becomes: are either of the godfest days good enough to warrant also trying for the new Dragon Callers?

Day 1 is merely good. Obviously, the Chinese are great; Haku’s stock in particular has skyrocketed the past couple of months and Sakuya is going to get an awoken uevo. However, the Japanese 2 are mediocre, the only upside being that they should get their split uevos soon if Okuninushi is any indicator. Sadly, both the Kalis and Norns are excluded from this day, but despite that there’s still decent value if you’re looking to land the new GFEs.

Day 2 is quite miserable. The Indian 2 pantheon is fine, but the Angels are horrendous. If you’re targeting any of the Indian 2s, I’d strongly suggest waiting for another godfest. If you want the new GFE’s definitely roll day 1; at least the Chinese are great as dupes.

Grading scale. Ratings are weighed in favor of endgame viability. Ratings try to take the latest JP updates into consideration. The overall grade is not an average and is based on the normal distribution of the combined lead and sub ratings.
Day 1, 8/31
Name Lead Sub Overall
2073 - Awoken LeilanLeilan B+ A A-
2074 - Awoken KarinKarin B+ A A-
2075 - Awoken MeimeiMeimei B+ A A
2077 - Green Gleaming Star Kirin, SakuyaSakuya B+ C- B-
2076 - Awoken HakuHaku B+ A+ A
Japanese 2
1296 - Iwato's Dancing Goddess, AmenouzumeAme no Uzume B D C-
1297 - Divine Wardens, Umisachi&YamasachiUmisachi & Yamasachi B B B
1298 - Devoted Miko Goddess, KushinadahimeKushinadahime C+ B B-
1299 - Radiant God of Creation, IzanagiIzanagi C- B- C
1300 - Roaming National Founder, OkuninushiOkuninushi B+ C B-

The Chinese are still one of the premier pantheons in the game. Sakuya is a fine leader in her current form. The rest are strong, but niche as they need their resists to match up well to the dungeon. Don’t let their A- sub grade fool you, they’d rate much higher if Sakuya wasn’t weighing them down, although that will hopefully change when she gets her awoken form. What makes them particularly strong is that they are great as dupes.

The Japanese 2 are one of those old, mixed bag pantheons and are still victims of the Juggler-initiated power creep. Kushinadahime and Izanagi got much worse with the release of Awoken Susano and Kanna, respectively, and the others are mediocre leaders at best. Awoken uevos would do a lot to make them relevant again, but sadly all except Okuni still need split uevos so that probably won’t happen for quite a while.

I don’t think it’s a huge surprise that we aren’t getting quality pantheon pairings like we have the past few godfests. They do have to take advantage of the release of the new GFEs, after all. However, if you must roll for them then Day 1’s Chinese make for a nice consolation prize.

Grading scale. Ratings are weighed in favor of endgame viability. Ratings try to take the latest JP updates into consideration. The overall grade is not an average and is based on the normal distribution of the combined lead and sub ratings.
Day 2, 9/1
Name Lead Sub Overall
Indian 2
2079 - Divine General of the Sun, KrishnaKrishna B+ C- B-
2080 - Wise and Moral Goddess, SarasvatiSarasvati A D B-
2081 - Divine Creator of Order, VishnuVishnu B+ A- A-
2082 - Scholarly God of Fortune, GaneshaGanesha D C D
2083 - Magic Hand Slayer Goddess, DurgaDurga B+ B- B
1827 - Red-Winged Star Angel, RozuelRozuel C+ C- D
1829 - Blue-Winged Star Angel, FamielFamiel B B- B-
1831 - Green-Winged Star Angel, RuelRuel B- C+ C+
1833 - Holy-Winged Star Angel, ArielAriel B- B- B-
1835 - Dark-Winged Star Angel, LumielLumiel B B- B-

I still don’t like the Indian 2s very much. Krishna, Sarasvati and Vishnu are all much better with their uevos and active skill upgrades, but I still don’t find them to be all that exciting. I’m really looking forward to their split uevos, though, but that probably won’t happen for quite a while. I wouldn’t go out of my way to get any of them.

Then Angels are one of the worst pantheons in the game and are in desperate need of uevos and skill up fodder. The entire pantheon doesn’t have a single quality monster and the lack of uevos can’t be used as an excuse; Egypt 2 and Sengoku are quite good. Their active and leader skills are fine, but what really kills them is that two of their four awakenings are worthless (bind resists). Here’s hoping they get buffs soon, but I have a sinking feeling that GungHo won’t do it anytime soon. They need to keep a few bad pantheons around to offset things all the sweet upgrades they’re making to the game.

In short, don’t roll day 2. If you really need something in particular — like maybe Vishnu — I’d strongly suggest waiting for a better godfest. If you want the new GFE’s, roll day 1 unless you’re also looking for the Kalis and/or Norns.

Ratings Notes

  • I revised the ratings for the Chinese and gave them all a small bump up, including Sakuya. I think I was being too heavily influenced by ratings out of Japan and I decided to go with my own judgment instead. As a result Haku has overtaken DKali as the #1 overall sub, her system team being what put her over the top. Haku’s healer and devil forms just do so much work on so many top-tier teams, it’s hard to argue that she shouldn’t be queen.
  • Haku, LKali and DKali are the only A+ subs. The Chinese pantheon is particularly strong for subs with Haku, Meimei, Karin, and Leilan all landing within the top 15. There are no S rank subs and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Please feel free to leave questions in the comments; I’ve relaxed the comment settings so you should be able to post anonymously, if that’s your thing. I’ll try my best to reply to them ASAP as I know how time sensitive godfest advice can be.


26 thoughts on “Rating the Godfest: 8/31-9/1

  1. Come to think of it, you have grades for all the monsters in the godfest except godfest exclusives. Will that ever be a thing? And here’s to me finally pulling a chinese celestial, cus I have yet to get any (trust me I have tried).


    • That’s a good point. Now that I know NA will be doing GFE rotations like JP (as opposed to just 1x rotations like it used to be) it’d probably be useful to have grades for the GFEs. I’ll look into it for the future, but it probably won’t happen for this godfest.


      • And I pulled a Karin. Finally, I now have a chinese celestial, but what’s your opinion on awoken Karin? I don’t have any good water leads other than Skuld, so I can’t really run a water row team at the moment (and my only water row monstrrs consist of Karin, Amon, Wiz Merlin, and Gabriel). Am I better off keeping her at B/D form until I can get a capable water row leader?


        • I probably wouldn’t invest in her at all until you got a decent water lead. If you must, her awoken form is better — just for the haste — unless you’re in need of her other form’s types. Either way it’s going to be a pain to skill her up.


  2. Setsu, do you happen to know the rate/rarity of Kaede compared to the blue and red exclusive? I’m wondering cause I know Ronia is more frequent than Gonia or Bonia and the same with Verdandi compared to Skuld. I really really want Kaede but this Godfest is mehhh. I just really want MeiMei but the chances of that happening are slim.


    • I don’t know the exact rates, but there’s a correlation between a card’s rarity and its roll rate. Since Kaede is also a 6-star, she will be much rarer.


  3. Skill up fodder would make the angels atleast useable. Every 4 turns with guaranteed TPA is pretty awesome if skilled up for Ariel.

    I’m hoping they get buffed with an Uevo or atleast an active skill fodder/buff..Maybe a haste x 2 or something


    • Yup, skill up fodder would go a long ways toward making them relevant. But that’s really just a symptom of the core problem since if they were good enough people would invest — or at least consider investing — pys in them. I could see investing pys in Osiris (in the case he didn’t have fodder yet) or Sanada Yukimura, but definitely not any of the Angels.

      I think the Angels getting their sub-oriented split uevo and 3 extra relevant awakenings — emphasis on relevant — along with it would make them very good. Maybe not elite, but you wouldn’t be embarrassed to run them in a mid- to late-game team. I think leader-oriented split uevos are a waste of time for them and it’s unfortunate that they’ll have to get both before they are considered for awoken uevos.


      • Green Devi nyan skills up Osiris, from wood cat dungeon, I spent a lot on this God fest, finally got Zuoh and Mei meis in place, the green jewels are and plus eggs are what I need to complete the system. The drop Rate of the green jewels are quite terrible for me, last Zhao Yun descended only got me 3 jewels out of 20 runs, not going to force it since It was a busy day, i will wait for arboreal queen. I finally opted to invest in Zuoh and Mei mei first instead of tsubaki Leilan. Which I think far more realistic to hypermax at the moment. And more friends too.


        • I know about the Osiris skill up fodder, I was alluding to the fact that he’d likely be worth the pys even if he didn’t have it.

          Have you considered farming rushes for jewels? We currently have a 1.5x invade rate for rushes too, so the rate is that much better. You just have to keep track of the invade schedule to make sure you get the color you want.


  4. Ahhhhh the thought of getting Kanna or Izanagi or any Chinese is soooooo tempting….but I must resist T.T I’ll probably only roll once. I’m currently trying to save stones up in my inbox and never open them to help my lack of self control which leaves me with seven stones…the REM renewal is nice but my past rolls have been literally all PADZ which is…painful.


  5. Here’s to more Leilans and Meimeis! (I have 6 Hakus)

    On that note, do you think +297 D/D Hakus are worth preserving in light of DMeta’s HP buff? Feels like dust in the wind when you pit DMeta against her contemporaries, many of whom match her firepower and then some.


    • It’s hard to give accurate advice not knowing more about your situation, but I had to make a somewhat similar decision recently. Maybe my experience will help you out a bit.

      I was all set to convert my +297 D/D Haku into Awoken Haku, but I recently changed my mind for a couple reasons. First, +eggs are much easier to come by with 3x and hopefully more coin Star Vault in the future (and by some miracle NA will get 10x descendeds too). Second, it feels like GungHo is trying to push rows again. If that’s true, D/D Haku will likely be a core member of those teams. I’d at least try to hold on to her until we see what the dark MP Shop dragon will be like.

      As for the DMeta HP thing, I personally wouldn’t save Haku specifically for her. I do think DMeta is fairly strong with her buff so unless you have something immediately better I’d considering holding on. I think things like Infinirog and Awoken Yomi are good reasons to make the switch.


    • I’m considering doing it in the future. It’s really something I should’ve had done before this godfest, but for whatever reason it never crossed my mind to do it. I’ll aim to have something for the new Dragon Callers ready before the next godfest and if things go well I’ll consider making it a regular thing.


  6. Decided to roll the Beach REM at the last minute until I got a gold…immediately got one, so excited…chibi DMeta popped out 😦 Broke down and tried until a second gold, immediately ANOTHER gold, omg! …Chibi Lilith. Tried once during the godfest, immediately gold plus, super excited! …Marine Rider. I give up T_T


    • That sucks.

      I’ve complained about this before, but gold eggs have lost a lot of their meaning and GungHo needs to do something about it. The summer REM’s golds are almost all trolls. The renewed REM now spits out golds like nobody’s business, but it’s basically just the same pantheon+GFE rate diluted with more garbage gold eggs. I used to be excited rolling golds, but not anymore. I think only traditional collabs are the only REMs where golds mean anything anymore.


      • Yeah, I rolled slightly more than a pack, got six gold eggs, and the only “summer” gold that I got was Chester. These special collabs are really cool, since they give new art/awakenings/actives to cards, and the themes are fun, but exactly because of that reason, it would be really nice not to just constantly be trolled by essentially non-special eggs. Traditional collabs (like Batman) still have unexciting rolls, but at least they’re still Batman characters. I don’t have to worry about rolling a Lilith from my Batman REM, why should I have to worry about it with the Summer REM!

        I don’t know which is worse – a troll gold, or a troll silver. At least my hope is crushed immediately when I see the troll silver =/ And, there are no more star eggs, so that’s a win!

        Realistically, the “improved” gold rate is great for new players (since troll golds are still better than nonsense like golems), and results in more “feel good” moments for them. Also, a lot of emphasis is placed on having optimal pantheon subs, but you can still get through tons of content in the game with a good leader and some less-than-stellar subs (like the Riders…). It is definitely frustrating once you’ve gotten to the point that “troll golds” become “troll golds” though, since they really do have basically no redeeming qualities outside of the MP shop (whenever that actually gets here). Some way of breathing life into some of these troll golds might take a bit of the sting away, like a rarity-restricted set of dungeons instead of cost-restricted, so that players are limited only to non-pantheon, non-GFE cards, with a good enough reward that the investment is actually worth the effort (basically the opposite Gaia and co).


        • I agree that not getting on-theme rolls from the special REMs is a huge downer. They really need to take the effort to make all the rolls on-theme (and not reuse chibis from other machines).

          That’s true the improved gold rate is better for newer players. The cyber beasts/dragons and a few other sets are actually pretty useful for troll golds, at least as subs. I don’t think restricted dungeons are the way to go as everyone hates all the ones that already exist. GungHo has either discontinued, relaxed the conditions for or created alternate routes to get the same drops for just about every restricted dungeon.


  7. Yeah, I don’t know if a restricted dungeon is the best route, but some solution beyond straight buffs would be cool.
    I think part of the issue with restricted dungeons is that you need to build teams specifically for them. For example, you can’t use the same team to clear Gaia, Tengu, and Draggie, even though that would be really convenient, since they’re all low-cost, and wood-based if you wanted to build around Fire attribute. Making one low-cost team would be a lot more reasonable than making three, especially if you knew that you’d be able to reuse it again in future dungeons, and it wasn’t just a one-off thing.
    They could create a new set of “technical”-type dungeons that were all no-Pantheon, and if we had 10 dungeons to choose from, with the promise of more (one every month, for example) people would be more invested in their teams, just like people get invested in clearing Descendeds.
    A different solution could use the new ranking system, where you just have a different category for “farmable” or “no-Pantheon” or something, with late-game incentives like Piis or latent tamas, to encourage people to try to rank highly in those categories.


    • I think most people want to use their strongest teams since that’s where they’ve invested most of their time and resources and have thus grown attached to it. Most restricted dungeons prevent that. I also don’t think the average player wants to dedicate resources to leveling, awakening and skilling up otherwise garbage monsters when they could be further advancing their A team instead. I could be wrong, though. I mean, if you execute anything correctly it could be worthwhile. I think people have enough problems with no awakening dungeons, though.


      • Okay, having just died horribly to Zeus in Endless Corridor – No Awakenings, I can confirm that those are in fact the worst dungeons ever =/

        That’s a fair point about not wanting to invest the time into “bad” monsters. I was thinking that you can offset their badness by making them useful in an entire subset of dungeons, so that something like the Rider series becomes really good comparatively, but that only really works in an ideal world where skilling monsters isn’t such a pain in the ass (and plussing, and leveling, and the fact that this all probably costs you money in stones).


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