Weekly Roundup 30


The Past Week:

Next Week and Beyond:

  • The NA schedule is up in the air, much in part due to not knowing if we’ll get certain updates or not:
    • NA uevos. The next batch is ROdin and DIzanami. No problems there. The batch after that is Vishnu and Awoken Karin. There are problems there: Karin needs Zhu Bajie descended for Sha Wujing.
    • NA descendeds. The next in line after Zhou Yu is the highly anticipated Infinirog. However, Infinirog is the first dungeon that works under the legend/rogue system where your monsters level up after each floor. I’d like to think Infinirog would debut the next event, but that’s only if there are no technical limitations.
    • Between Infinirog and Zhu Bajie are Legeronte and Nordis. Legeronte is based off the same strange type of “collab” that Gamble Mage and Chrono Turtle were. Considering how long those were delayed for NA, it’s not readily apparent if we’ll get it on schedule, if at all. Nordis is also a legend dungeon like Infinirog. Could this mean Zhu Bajie could come earlier than expected?
    • Back to uevos. Basically, there’s a very slim change that Zhu Bajie gets accelerated to NA so we can enjoy Awoken Karin and Vishnu on schedule. Otherwise, it’s possible that they’ll give us Vishnu early.
    • In short, there’s really no telling what NA is going to do.
    • MP Shop? I’m not getting my hopes up, but we have been getting system updates at an accelerated rate so there’s reason to be optimistic.
  • Outside the survey winners, I’m not sure where JP is going to go next for uevos as they tied up the two loose ends they had in Japanese 1 awokens and Greek split uevos. The next most eligible would be awoken Norse or Egypt 2 uevos. If GungHo is really set on improving row support and if Jord is any indicator, the Norse will be next.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 30

  1. “MP Shop? I’m not getting my hopes up, but we have been getting system updates at an accelerated rate so there’s reason to be optimistic.”

    Apparently dataminers found that the shop is actually fully programmed into the game, just not activated yet, presumably they’re doing beta testing and whatnot. So assuming no technical issues, I anticipate it within a month or two. Or more. Or less… IDK, it’s on the way.


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