Skilling Up Zeus & Hera and Farming Dark Jewels


Today, I took the opportunity to max skill a Zera as well as chase some Dark Jewels for Awoken Haku skill ups. I don’t really need the Zera, but I did want to compare how farming jewels in Mythicals compared to Rushes.

Zeus & Hera Mythical – Jewel Invades – No Bonuses
Runs Stamina Stones Drops Drop / Run Stam / Drop
99 4950 11 10 0.10 495

Well, that doesn’t inspire much confidence. I didn’t keep strict tabs on the time spent, but God Rush was significantly faster; about two to three times quicker. I only did as many runs as I did to finish skilling up my Zera. Otherwise, I would’ve given up around 50 runs. I also hit a string of about 30 runs without an invade; that’s always fun.

I still have many skill ups to farm for my awoken Chinese. Going forward I’ll likely stick to Rushes when they have invade bonuses, but I’ll also farm for pys once in a while, too. I think the key is to not overdo it with either method to prevent burnout. I’ll likely never farm Mythicals specifically for jewels ever again, but they’ll be a nice bonus when I’m farming for skill ups.