Weekly Roundup 31


The Past Week:

  • Last week’s roundup
  • Updated PADherder
  • 6 ranks
  • This was another pretty nice NA event. Not ideal, but they’re releasing enough updates to keep it interesting. Now they just need to catch up on the descended schedule.

Next Week and Beyond:


  • I guess there’s no need to speculate what uevos to expect next from JP. As I was writing this post Murako revealed the art for uevo Osiris and Uzume.
    • Murako usually doesn’t post on Mondays. Is this an attempt to distract JP users about the Batman Collab? Maybe because it’s going to be a long week of reveals? Or maybe to distract everyone from the continued absence of Awoken Sakuya (although I wouldn’t be surprised if they took extra time to get the art and stats right this time)?
    • Will Osiris and the rest of the Egyptian 2s get leader or sub split ueovs, or maybe by some miracle both? I’d rather Osiris get his sub form, but either should be quite interesting.
    • I guess they’re going to finish of the Japanese 2 split uevos which makes sense since Okuni already got his. I’m not sure how I didn’t notice this last week. As for Uzume herself, they’re really going to have to push her awakenings to make her relevant since her active is so poor. Like change her auto-heals into bind resists then add some mix of rows, TPAs and/or skill boosts. It looks like she might be R/B which could be nice for Urd teams.
  • It’s very likely NA will get uevo DIza and ROdin this week since they’re next in line and don’t require any descended drops. Udon is also likely, but they would need to make his dungeon available too.
  • I’m still not sure about the next descended. They did add Sha Wujing and Zhu Bajie in the last update, but considering Awoken Karin wasn’t in the same update it seems unlikely that they’re next (although their addition makes the speculation that we won’t be getting Legeronte on schedule somewhat more viable). I’m still praying for Infinirog. It’d be a shame if he came out without 2.5x skill ups, but I’d rather have him sooner than later.
  • Sadly, Arkham Knight is an invade. I’m going to wait until the last day for the invade and drop rate bonuses to farm him for Light Batman skills ups. BOdin skill ups would be nice too.

10 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 31

  1. Seems to me that all they really need to do for Ame is to make her bind immune, which seems almost certain. That alone would make her a core sub for Shiva Dragon, and anything else would be gravy.

    Not sure why people dump on her active, either. With his haste ShivaD can keep the extra rcv buff up much of the time with little effort, bringing him up to crazy sonia-levels of recovery or allowing Ame’s rcv to carry a team of Rodins and ares’. It’s not DIza-tier but not bad for a rider on a bind removal.

    And let’s not forget the most important thing: SPATS.


    • I was about to write a reply when Uzume’s stats were revealed. Bind immunity and a skill boost. Good, but not exciting.

      I think your appraisal of her as a “core sub” is severely overestimating her usefulness or you’re misunderstanding what a core sub is. A core Shiva Dragon sub would be Ares or maybe something like Yamato or Urd; something you’d want to use in every dungeon. Uzume is a utility role player since her bind clear is her only useful aspect. Very valuable, maybe, but she’s not a core sub.

      It seems like you need to separate your judgement of Uzume from Shiva Dragon. Almost everything is going to look great on a Shiva Dragon team. Also, dual Sonia-levels of RCV is wasted on teams without an HP multiplier. The 2.25x RCV from dual Shiva Dragons is more than enough to heal to full.

      I’ll agree that her spats are amazing, though 🙂


      • Ame’s pretty exciting for fire nation, finally a bind clearer with decent stats, and only a split evo to boot. The auto-heals are bit eh compared to the alternatives but they’re welcome on most fire teams.

        Sorry Rozuel, I hardly knew ya.


  2. So, I just checked from a JP site and Ame’s awakenings are: an enhance orb, 2 auto heals, 1 row, 2 bind resist and a skill boosts. Elements are Urd compatible – fire and water, God/Balanced type. Leader’s skill unchanged.
    Osiris: 4 bloody enhance green orbs, 2 tpa and 1 time extend. Leader skill unchanged.
    Nut’s UVO is also revealed. No further information added.

    Not that I’m complaining or anything, but is it kind of bizarre that Osiris get that many OE? green team aren’t exactly heavy on OE, and unlike Awoken Yomi he doesn’t have any sub like Z8 to make use of it (Vishnu maybe? REM only though).

    Another time extend instead of a 4th OE seems better in anyway for me.


    • Finally, a place where my max skill My Melody can shine! Okay, maybe not.

      I think Osiris getting that many OE instead of other options was disappointing for almost everyone (time extend, skill boost, skill bind resist). I was really hoping for a skill boost since wood is pretty weak in that department.

      I do think Vishnu becomes even better for Osiris, maybe even double Vishnus. With double Vishnu and Awoken Meimei you can get 14 wood OEs. TPA + OE is a good way to boost Osiris’s meager 12.25x without having to bring a dedicated damage enhancer. I’ll agree that wood needs more good 2+ OE options, though.


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