Rating the Godfest: 9/12-9/13

Grading scale. The individual grade is a composite grade of all monsters in it relative to all other pantheons. The combined grade is a composite of all monsters in both pantheons relative to all other combinations of pantheons. Combined grades are not an average of the individual grades, but based on the normal distribution of all possible two-pantheon combinations.
Godfest: Heroes & Japanese 1 9/12, Indian 1 & Egypt 2 9/13
Day 1 Day 2
Heroes Japanese 1 Indian 1 Egypt 2
Individual B+ B B+ B+
Combined B+ A-
Individual A A B B-
Combined S B-
Individual A A- B+ B
Combined A+ B+

I can get used to godfest announcements coming this “early”.

After getting the rest of their awoken uevos, Japanese 1 is now one of the best overall pantheons in the game. Pair them with the Heroes and you have the second highest overall rated pantheon pair — only behind the Chinese + Heroes — and the very best rated for subs. This doesn’t mean you should automatically roll day 1, but if you need anything specific to fill out a team or are just shopping for value, this is about as good as it gets.

Day 2 can’t hold a candle to day 1, but it’s still quite good for leaders. The Indian 1 pantheon is as good as it’s always been, only losing a little footing due to power creep, but that’s to be expected. Egypt 2 is in line to get their first set of uevos with Nut and Osiris already having theirs revealed. Sadly, they weren’t all that impressive, but an upgrade is an upgrade. Hopefully the rest of the pantheon will get something better.

Grading scale. Ratings are weighed in favor of endgame viability. Ratings try to take the latest JP updates into consideration. The overall grade is not an average and is based on the normal distribution of the combined lead and sub ratings.
Day 1, 9/12
Name Lead Sub Overall
1732 - Stormy God-Emperor, Yamato TakeruYamato Takeru B+ A- A-
1733 - Blue Chain Starsea Goddess, AndromedaAndromeda B+ A- A
1734 - Green Star Vanquishing Deity, PerseusPerseus B+ A- A-
1735 - Revered Monkey King, Sun WukongSun Wukong B+ B+ B+
1736 - Wailing Bleak Night Goddess, PandoraPandora B+ A- A
Japanese 1
1726 - Awoken HinokagutsuchiKagutsuchi D A B-
2322 - Awoken OrochiOrochi B B+ B+
2323 - Awoken Susano no MikotoSusano B+ A- A
2324 - Awoken Amaterasu OhkamiAmaterasu A- A- A
2325 - Awoken YomiYomi A B+ A+

It’s amazing how relevant the Heroes pantheon has stayed in spite of their uevos being relatively old. This doesn’t look like it will change any time soon, especially with the mild resurgence in rows (which may only be the tip of the iceberg).

Since the last time they were in an NA godfest, the Japanese 1 has shot up the charts. Which is no surprise considering the rest of the pantheon after Kagutsuchi was finally bestowed with awoken uevos. They turned out great. Yomi is one of the best overall leaders in the game and Amaterasu, Susano and Orochi all got huge upgrades.

If you need anything specific from this day, GFEs included, this may be your best chance to roll for a long time. There’s just so much quality. However, if you’re specifically looking for a leader, this may not be the day for you. It’s not that they’re bad as leaders, but Yomi is the only elite-level one so you’re probably better off waiting for Egypt 1 to come back.

Grading scale. Ratings are weighed in favor of endgame viability. Ratings try to take the latest JP updates into consideration. The overall grade is not an average and is based on the normal distribution of the combined lead and sub ratings.
Day 2, 9/13
Name Lead Sub Overall
Indian 1
1954 - Awoken ShivaShiva A B B+
1955 - Awoken LakshmiLakshmi A- C- B
1956 - Awoken ParvatiParvati A- B- B
1926 - Heaven-Shaking Thunderdragon, IndraIndra C A- B-
1927 - Abyssal Darkdragon, VritraVritra B B B
Egypt 2
1660 - Burning God, SetSet B C+ B-
1662 - Goddess of the Starry Sky, NutNut B+ B+ B+
1664 - God of Dark Riches, OsirisOsiris A- B A-
1666 - Sacred Life Goddess, HathorHathor B+ D B-
1668 - Goddess of the Dead, NephthysNephthys B+ C B-

It’s actually kind of sad that the Indian 1 pantheon has become pretty “meh”; such are the ways of power creep. That being said, they’re all still great and well worth rolling for. Considering how far behind NA is on endgame content, they should continue to be great for quite a long time.

It’s really hard to place Egypt 2 since they’re literally in the middle of getting their uevos. We’ve already seen Nut and Osiris, neither of which were all that impressive. Osiris is still great because he’s still Osiris, but Nut really needed a boost to become more relevant as a leader. Conversely, Nut has become an amazing sub for Sarasvati due to the extra orb enhancers while Osiris doesn’t have a great home for his (finally getting uevo Vishnu will help a lot, though).

It’s hard to say whether the rest of the pantheon will follow suit, or whether they’ll get sub-oriented uevos at all (remember, Japanese 2 didn’t get all of the same type at first, either). I’m hoping that they’ll get leader-oriented uevos, but if they get sub-oriented ones GungHo better make their awakenings much better than Nut and Osiris’s since they need a lot more help to be relevant subs (I’m looking at you, Hathor).

While not as high quality as day 1, day 2 is still quite nice. Where day 1 is more for subs, day 2 is more for leaders. If you’re looking for a new leader in particular, I’d recommend waiting for Egypt 1, but it’s hard to go wrong here. I mean, in the worst case you can dump your garbage for MP and buy a dragon, right?

Ratings Notes

  • I finally raised the bar for power creep with Ra Dragon being the first monster with a 110 endgame leader rating (the previous cap was 100). This mostly comes off the back of his raw power paired with the consistency with which he can clear the Ultimate Arena. You only need two DKalis to run him; time to open your wallets, boys.
  • You know the power creep is real when the Greco-Romans are now plain average. It’s scary to think that someday they’ll be bellow average, but I guess that’s just how things work.
  • I’m still looking into incorporating the GFE selection into the overall day grades. I have a lot of farming to do so I don’t expect it to be done anytime soon.

Please feel free to leave questions in the comments; I’ve relaxed the comment settings so you should be able to post anonymously, if that’s your thing. I’ll try my best to reply to them ASAP as I know how time sensitive godfest advice can be.


78 thoughts on “Rating the Godfest: 9/12-9/13

  1. haha I was waiting for your thoughts on this godfest.. was checking out your ratings spreadsheet while you were adjusting it.

    My question is.. even if you do not have the ideal leads for the day 1 godfest subs, would you still roll just for its value? I feel like PCGF may have the best value overall, but this combination of JP1 and Heroes is really tempting even if I do not have the best leads to best use these subs.


    • I don’t think you’ll get much better value than this during a PCGF; this day has such good concentrated value in comparison. It also helps that it has all the good GFEs. That certainly isn’t a license to roll, though. If you don’t have any of the leaders required to run them, I’d be apprehensive about rolling. This is especially true if you’re non-IAP as you have to pick and choose your rolls more carefully.


  2. Thanks for the rating! Your blog helps me quite a bit. Do you think this GF is worth rolling compared to year end players choice? I have my lead with bastet and run an urd team as well. Should i roll day 1? Probably not day 2. Non iap player.

    Pad herder:

    On a side note, what do you avg i your combos with bastet? Im not good enough to bit the 7+ yet. From what I gather, playing bastet you basically need to hit 7+ with at leaselt one tpa to clear most descends.

    Thanks for your input


    • I going to bed soon so I’m going to keep this relatively short. I’ll be happy to answer any follow on questions you might have tomorrow, though.

      Since you already have two great leaders and couple of great subs for them (Cao Cao and Liu Bei), what you need is to improve the rest of your subs for them. Day 1 is a great fit for this. Kagutsuchi is an ideal addition to your Urd team and Perseus and Susano are great for your Bastet team. Yamato is also quite good for Urd. I don’t think you’ll get more relevant targets than that in any other godfest and the PCGF is a bit too diluted for your specific sub needs. Day 1 also has all the good GFEs. I’d highly recommend giving it a shot.

      I can usually hit the requisite 7 combos for Bastet, mainly because I stack time extends. I feel like 1 TPA with 6 combos should be enough for old descends, but you should try using a damage calculator to make sure. For newer ones, yeah, you probably have to hit 7 every time.


      • I ended up rolling 11 time and am happy with results. I got

        Haku (dupe)
        Freyja (dupe)
        L. Kali
        Red Riding Hood
        Baal (Dupe)
        CyberBeast Leonis

        Excited to see how much further ronia and Kagu can take my Urd team. Perseus is a great add for my bastet and Yomi and L. Kali are good side projects. Thanks for the advice!


  3. I think I’m gonna roll day 1 because the Heroes pantheon and GFEs are so good and I hardly have any of them. However, I have 4/5 Japanese 1s (missing Hino) and was wondering is there any use for dupes of them if I end up with some?


    • I don’t know of any uses for dupes of them. Kagutsuchi is probably the best of the lot as a dupe, but even then that is questionable if you have better options.


    • there is value in a dupe of Amateratsu. Both her current ultimate and awoken forms are excellent and go on different teams. L/R is a great bind healer for Shivadragon specifically, or red/attacker teams generally, while Awoken is great on any green or light team, and also as a leader

      The others… you can run double hino on urd or Awoken shiva, but honestly those dupes are pretty “meh”.


      • I disagree with attacker Amaterasu being any good. The active is extremely powerful, but the cooldown is so high and hard to skill that it’s hardly worth the effort. In what situations does Shiva Dragon need a bind heal? There are so few preemptive binds in the game that can’t be stalled out otherwise. Every other normal bind is irrelevant since a proper Shiva Dragon team one-shots almost everything. If you really need the bind heal, the new Ame no Uzume is far superior. The only place she really shines is the Cloud System since the 100% heal is critical for a predominately physical team.


  4. I accidentally mistook Egyptian 2 for Egyptian 1 when I first saw the announcement and was totally going to roll day 2…but then I realized it’s Egyptian 2. Not gonna roll anymore… Nut and Osiris’s uevoes were kinda disappointing, ESPECIALLY Nut (she’s the only Egypt 2 I have…out of all the ones to have I have the worst one). Ah well.

    I’ll probably roll once on Day 1 instead, I would love to have Susano, Hinokagu, or Yomi. The thought of not having a chance at BlOdin is saddening but they’re special gods, they’re always around. Waiting for Greek 1 to come back around (Venus) or a PCGF that Venus and some other good stuff is in…


  5. Hey Setsu,

    Earlier you told me to wait for a Heroes GF or PCGF to roll. Now that is coming up and Heroes have a good pairing! As a quick recap, I typically run a Beelze (now +297 thanks to 3x!) team with haku and a selection of lilith, cdd, lu bu, dj and persephone.

    I have a couple additions to my roster : I rolled a couple in the previous GF and got Caocao and Nut and then the memorial egg was kind and dropped me a Bastet!


    Do I want to roll big here? I am non IAP and have 120 stones saved. I’m starting to nudge into the Challenge 8 territory with my team but would love any advice.

    Another question for you – I just beat the Zeus-Vulcan challenge using Beelze, DJ, Lillith, Persephone, Haku, Friend Ronia. I know it depends on the descend, but where should I Be focusing my +s? I’ll be maxing Haku first and then not sure who my next target should be.

    Thanks again. I love your writeups!


    • Considering your teams, this is a great godfest for you. Even getting a dupe Yomi isn’t the worst thing since you can use Awoken Yomi in the future and also have a spare D/L for a possible Hathor team. Here’s how I see your hits this godfest:

      Krishna: Kagutsuchi, Yamato
      Bastet: Perseus, Susano
      Hathor: Amaterasu
      Beelzebub: Pandora

      That’s six hits this godfest, with Yomi not being horrible as a dupe. You also have some nice water pieces, you just need a leader. So Andromeda and Orochi aren’t terrible complements for that for you ever get one. Also, the best GFEs are available. Sounds pretty good to me.

      Pandora is still you highest priority roll. If you decide to roll, I wish you luck in getting one!

      As for where to put your plusses, it’s hard to say. I’d say finish Haku first, like you intended, then rethink where to go next after that. Right now Persephone, Meimei, Liu Bei, Cao Cao and LKali are all great targets, but it really depends on where you want to go.


      • Hey Setsu,

        I went ahead and rolled all my stones and am very happy with the results. The only quibble is no Pandora, but I got 4/6 hits that you mentioned:
        Kagutsuchi, Yamato, Susano, Amaterasu
        I also pulled Verd and Satsuki as well as some nice to haves : Sun Wukong, Artemis, Thor, Kano, Leonis and some others.

        My updated box is here:

        I especially feel now like I could go a few different directions but wanted to get your input if you see a specific team that would be stronger than others and should be my focus. Also, is there a preferred sort you have on padherder? I definitely appreciate you looking at my team and if I can make it easier for you in the future, I’m happy to change the link I send.


        • That’s quite the haul you pulled in. Congrats!

          Since I’m wood biased, I’d say you have the makings of a pretty sweet Bastet team. Bastet / Susano / Meimei / Liu Bei / Verdandi / Bastet. That’s quite a few Woodpys, though, so if you go that route you have a lot of work ahead of you. A nice side benefit of going this route is that you’ll also have a very nice Verdandi farming team.

          Krishna also looks quite good. Krishna / Cao Cao / Kagutsuchi / Minerva / Yamato / Krishna is pretty sick. It’s not quite as good as the Bastet team, but you only need pys for Kagu and Minerva. If you ever pick up an Urd you’ll have a farming team too.

          I’d keep an eye on the new Hathor uevo, too. A good team might be Hathor / LKali / Amaterasu / D/L Yomi / flex / Hathor.

          Finally, with Satsuki and the Persephone and Haku you already had, you have the basis for solid Infinirog and Yomi teams. Dark Dragon Swordsman and Voice are also fine for Infinirog. This path also has py/skill up problems. You’d also have to switch up their uevos and give up your devil team in the process, meaning you might not have a farming team anymore.

          I think most of those teams have more potential than your Beelzebub team. I don’t know what I’d do personally. If you have already have an inclination, I’d just go with that.


  6. How many dupes of Hero gods should I keep around? I currently have 1 Yamato, 2 Andromeda, 5 Perseus, 4 Wukong, and 4 Pandora (thanks, school REM, for all of the heroes and not of the school cards).
    I’d really like a Susano, and Orochi and Amaterasu might be cool, and a DKali would be great (haha…ha…okay…), but I’ve already got a Kagutsuchi and 3x Yomi. I might do a roll or two, but it doesn’t seem worth going particularly hard for Susano here 😦


    • Hmm, that’s hard to say. I value the Heroes very highly so I keep 4 of each around just in case. I think you only need 1 Perseus and maybe 2 each of the others, though. I guess it really depends how much you need the MP.

      I guess Susano’s value really depends on whether you have a Kushi or not. If you do, the need to get him diminishes (although he’s still significantly better). But yeah, since you’re at such high risk of dupes it probably isn’t worth going all out for him.


      • I don’t really need the MP at the moment (MP dragons are just way too ugly) so I don’t mind holding on to my extra heroes for the time being. I figured ~2 each was a reasonable number though. Poor Perseus; I was so happy to get the first one…but then he just wouldn’t leave me alone.

        I already have a max-skilled/leveled Kushi, so that’s a fair point that Susano’s value diminishes significantly. My main leaders are Verdandi (who can tank basically any hit anyway), and Awoken Shiva for really hard dungeons, so Susano would be reasonable to run on both of those teams, but maybe I should just go skill up DIza instead, and save myself a bunch of stones/painful dupes.



  7. Hi Setsu,

    Thanks for answering my question a while back. With the Heroes pantheon being featured I guess it’s now time to roll all my stones in hope that I pull Yamato for my Gadius team.

    Knowing my luck though and being non-IAP there’s a good chance I won’t get him so I’m wondering if you (or anyone who has time) can give suggestions about any other teams I can form with my current box:


    My Gadius team isn’t great but it’s managed to get me to end game content. I’ve managed a few descends but I’m close to hitting a wall. I’ve got a Pandora team in the works as well but I’m missing Hanzo. Is there a better team I can form that I’m not seeing or is Gadius/Panda the best I’ve got?

    Thanks again for any advice.


    • I think you’re on the right track with Gadius and Pandora, but you also have a nice Osiris team in the works. Parvati, Meimei and GZL form a respectable core. The team is on the grindier side, so it’s a nice complement to your other two, more burst-oriented teams. This godfest has two nice pieces for wood teams in Perseus and Susano, so you have less of a chance of walking away empty handed.

      Hanzo is nice to pair with Haku, but if you don’t have one CDD does a nice job filling the role too.

      I hope you get your Yamato!


      • Thanks for your advice Setsu, didn’t see the Osiris team. Don’t feel confident that I can consistently activate his leader skill but will definitely try him out.

        Rolled 12 times and it was heartbreaking:

        Exa-Hydra (ugh)
        Dino RIder (double ugh)
        Dark Dragon Swordsman
        Indra (WTF are you doing here, you’re not featured until tomorrow)
        Red Sonia (awesome if I pull Yamato as well)
        Red Knight Nim
        Holy Knight Arcline
        Andromeda (1st hero pull not the one I need)
        Unicorn Rider
        Sun Wukong (2nd hero pull, again no the one I need)

        Well that sucked. I’m salty because out of all the hero pulls I got the 2 I didn’t need. A dupe Panda I could find a use for and Perseus would be great for the Osiris team but nope. I suppose Sonia is a consolation prize as she and Uriel make a nice pair. Overall a meh GF for me.

        I might be able to gather enough stones for 1 more pull but seeing my luck I’m wondering if I should just give up for now and start saving stones until the next Heroes GF.


        • It’s unfortunate that you didn’t get anything you wanted, but you did get some nice pieces. Zuoh and RSonia can form the basis of a devil team if you ever want that. Both of them and Dark Dragon Swordsman are all usable on Infinirog. Andromeda is one of the most valuable building blocks in water and is also a great Awoken Isis sub. Wukong is… unfortunate.

          I’d probably just start saving up again. You need some time to recoup mentally and jamming another roll probably won’t help. At least that’s what I try and tell myself.


  8. HI Setsu, thank you for all of your fantastic blog posts! I am a rank 153 non-IAP player and typically run the following team:
    Extant Red Dragon Caller, Sonia (lead)
    uevo Haku
    dk/bl vamp
    uevo ccd
    Witch of the night Lilith or King Baddie
    Beelz +297 (friend)

    Here is my entire roster: https://www.padherder.com/user/mikeyang75/monsters/#31,0,31,2047,268435455,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,0

    I have 129 stones and can run kotg about 50% of the time (depending on luck/skill). Should I roll on this godfest or should I want for a pcgf? Or maybe do a little of both?

    Also, I am currently trying to +max Ronia, and then Haku next. Does this sound like a good plan or should I change it up? Thanks in advance for any advice!


    • Since your box is relatively undeveloped, there is chance that a PCGF is better for you. I say that because you really only have two viable leaders in RSonia and LKali so it might be better to roll in an REM with some leaders in the mix, too.

      You have a pretty good thing going with your RSonia team. Haku is a key sub that many in your position would kill for. Since you do have a solid team for your rank, I wouldn’t be in a rush to roll. Pandora from day 1 is great for that team, but do any of the other monsters interest you at all? I guess that’s what it comes down to.

      I think Haku is more useful overall and therefore a better +egg target, but RSonia is solid too. I think your plan of +egging both is a good one.


    • If you use a friend Lu bu you’ll have a better win rate in KOTG, also it gives you a 2nd spike.
      Use lu bu + Ronia on floor 9, and Haku+CDD+Baddie on Zeus.


  9. Hey setsu! I’m pretty sure I know the answer, but I thought I’d check to see if I should roll Day 1; padherder here:


    Commonly used teams and teams in progress here:


    Since the last time I asked (https://setsupad.wordpress.com/2015/08/12/rating-the-godfest-814-815/comment-page-1/#comment-672), I’ve hypermaxed both Haku and Pandora, and have transitioned from running mostly Pandora to running almost everything with Beelzebub/Haku/Hanzo/Pandora/Baddie/Ronia. It’s been good enough to clear up through challenge 7 and I managed Zeus Mercury this morning (yay!), but I’m starting to feel the limitations for stuff like Zeus Legend Plus and Challenge 9/10. I’ll occasionally use Ra or Hathor for specialty stuff but I’m much more confident with the margin of error that Beelze/Ronia provides.

    Long-term, I’m looking for something that will help me clear the hardest content: challenges 9/10, Legend Plus, Infinirog and Kaliseum when they come to NA, that kind of thing.

    Still 100% non-IAP, sitting on 50 stones, and I’m fairly sure I want to spend them all on day 1:

    – Hino and Yamato would both be monster upgrades for Krishna, and probably make that team viable enough to start seriously investing in.
    – Yomi would likely replace Okuni on my Ra team, and might be easier to play as an endgame lead than Ra? I dunno, 7 combos with a 5 seems awfully tough, though there’s 3s of extend just from the leads…
    – Andromeda would be great for Lakshmi, although I’d still want Karin or Skuld before putting too much more resources there.
    – Susano looks amazing. Not entirely sure who I’d use to lead him, though, maybe something like Zhao Yun/Liu Bei/Vishnu (hooray uevo!)/Susano/CuChu/Verd?
    – Amaterasu looks like a great fit for either Ra or Hathor, and tons of fun to play as a lead too.
    – And of course I have zero GFEs, with Kalis and Skuld at the top of my list.

    – I don’t really see a place for Orochi, Perseus, or Wukong, but I don’t have any of them so solid box improvement, I suppose.

    – Pandora is about the only one in either pantheon I’d be mildly sad to roll, and having a second of her probably isn’t the worst thing ever (I could go Zuoh/Pandora/Pandora over Haku/Hanzo/Pandora for Beelze, although the thought of all the work that went into Haku sitting on the bench makes me sad).

    My questions are these:
    – I should roll day 1, right? Pretty sure answer here is yes, roll and roll hard.
    – With 3x normals coming (yay!), should I continue to stack +s on my Beelzebub team, or is it time to start working on something else? I’m pretty sure I want to finish Beelze and I think Hanzo is next, but I’m not sure if I should start focusing on Ra or some other team to get to the next level. Does that answer change if I roll LKali, who I think is the biggest missing piece for Ra?
    – Speaking of other teams, is it even worth investing in Krishna? I see you have him as an 80 lead, with Beelze bumped down to 75, but I’m wondering if that’s a ton of investment for little marginal gain.
    – Similarly, is there a wood team in my box worth playing? I’ve been leading Krishna with Verd every now and again, but even with Susano on the team it doesn’t seem nearly as good as Beelze.
    – Finally, how do Ra teams handle monsters in the 4m+ range? I find my 100x tops out around 2-3m depending on skyfall and I’ve been bringing Muse to handle bigger stuff, but I feel like I’m doing it wrong. Do I just need to get better at combos and/or bring guys with TPAs?

    As usual, thanks for your thoughts and keep up the great work on the blog! It’s great to be able to get an endgame player’s perspective as I try to get there myself.


    • Hits:
      – If you got those two Krishna would be a decent investment. Urd would also be great to pair with your RValk. Although I’m not sure how much better than Pandora he is.
      – I think Yomi is harder than Ra to use, but that’s predicated on Ra have a few Kalis to play with. If 7 combos are too hard, Infinirog should help you get the last one much of the time.
      – Yes, I don’t think one Andromeda is enough incentive to start a Lakshmi team.
      – Amaterasu is pretty nice lead. You already have the DQXQ and there are plenty of good light healer farmables.
      – Yup, I think either Kali is your most needed roll.
      – Agree here too.
      – Two Pandoras are great. At the very least they can be used on an Infinirog team.

      – Yes, I think day 1 is a good day for you to roll. For all the reasons you stated. I think only a Heroes & Chinese godfest would be better for you, but that seems unlikely.
      – If you’re feeling the limitations of Beelzebub already, it likely isn’t going to get much better with a few +eggs. If you’re undecided where to go, you can +egg your Baddie then feed it away when you have a clearer vision. I don’t think a single LKali is enough reason to invest heavily in Ra.
      – I don’t think Krishna is all that much better than your Pandora team. The burst may be better, but is it really worth it? It is a different, fun playstyle though, so if that attracts you that could be enough reason.
      – I don’t think you have a great wood leader yet. Vishnu isn’t bad and Susano could lead himself, but I don’t think that’s enough reason to venture into wood, yet. You probably want a Bastet, Osiris, or Parvati to lead. Verdandi is better than Beelzebub for having a more reliable burst and for farming, but there isn’t much she can do that Beelzebub can’t.
      – Your Ra damage is lacking because you don’t have the subs. The biggest damage dealers are the LKalis and their 2 TPAs.


      • Awesome, thanks for the quick reply! I’ll finish up Beelze and start working on Hanzo since it doesn’t sound like I have another team worth putting heavy investment into just yet.

        I’ll probably continue to work on Krishna as a side project, putting resources into his team when I’ve got some to spare and need the box space. I was thinking he might be useful to speed-farm things like Mechdragon Rush, where it’s hard to get enough Pandora burst to cover every floor, and having a different playstyle to fool around with seems fun. Plus, if I ever roll a Shiva, I think most of the subs will carry over.

        More pertinent to the topic, I’ll be spending all my stones day 1. Here’s hoping for loads of Kalis!


        • Just want to add that farming something like Mechdragon Rush isn’t a great idea. Farming rank exp is a very inefficient use of stamina since you don’t get any other benefits. You’re better off farming KoG or alt. coins.


      • Ah right, I was trying to think of an example of something that had enemies at around 1m every floor, and Mechdragon Rush was the first thing that came to mind.


      • Burned all my stones and wound up with:

        Water Dragon Swordsman

        Lots of trash in there, but two of my biggest wants in Yomi and LKali, so I’m pretty pleased.

        Thoughts on the new CyberDragon/Beasts? My initial reaction is that they’re pretty mediocre, maybe ok row subs if you haven’t anything better, but not really ideal for anything.


        • They’re easily the best set of troll golds we’ve ever gotten. They will be solid for future machine teams and are great in fours for system teams. Haste is an incredibly powerful ability.


  10. Hey there,

    good recap, but does the exclusion of sonia/kali/odin/meta change your value or rolls?

    im torn on which day to roll, since i main URD i could use a verd (my gzl skills suck).
    day 1 i could use: either kali, hino, yomi, zuoh (some of these are luxuries)
    day 2: i could use shiba, parv (i think), neph, an odin, zuoh

    none of these are necessary i think EXCEPT for verd since i dont have a good green team. only thing close is a GGY team that is young.

    team: URD. beez (new), athena (new), U&Y(new), Ra(new). and a crappy ronia team(new)
    here is my box: https://www.padherder.com/user/djaf3rb3ats/monsters/

    for value, lead or subs, doesnt matter, i just want to build my box, which is still the better day to roll?

    i got 3 rolls, maybe 4 by then if im lucky.



  11. I think the Metatrons and Odins are by far the worst of the GFE groups. I think the Kalis and the Norns are the most useful.

    I think day 1 looks a lot better for you. You already have two great leads in Urd and Ra so day 2 isn’t that great.

    I don’t think you need a Verdandi. Your fire box looks much better than wood even though you have a Liu Bei. Urd, RSonia, Krishna, Leilan, and even Freyr are solid fire monsters.


    • sweet, then a day1 roll for me! 🙂

      my problem with Ra is that i dont have a good team for him, im missing so many REM subs.
      URD is developed but its still missing good subs, its all farmable stuff.

      that being said, my rationale for verd was that it would get me further than urd because
      1. the consensus online is shes much more capable and can get further in descends (right now urd cant handle mythicals aside from one or two lucky ones)
      2. since im missing so many good REM subs, a verd leader could put me at Verd lead/LiUUU/GZL/then flex with Sasuke, Marine rider, Gronia,Ruel, GGY, or even another GZL.

      you think an URD team of mine could get further in descends? im stuck on thurs and fri MYTHS.


      • I think Urd is just as good as Verdandi as a lead. Although I do see the merits of going Verdandi considering your box. For whatever reason I overlooked that you had GZLs. If you do roll a Verdandi I’d go ahead with the team, but if you don’t Urd will also get you pretty far.


  12. Hello Setsu,

    I just wanted to make sure that rolling in this Day1 Godfest is worthwhile. I am NON IAP


    My main team is Kirin – I’ve been able to tackle up to challenge level 8 and finished the more recent Zeus Challenge (including the Rush)..
    I also use Urd/Beelz/Verd for farming and some of the descends where I have the type advantages.
    My other team would probably be my Lmeta team which I also use for the dark dungeon descends.

    So essentially, I think my Kirin team is by far the best right now and to further make it stronger… I think I would need an Apollo and an Lkali.

    But as a non IAP, its not smart to roll for a specific monster. Based on my teams.. some of these subs are worth while right?

    Because of GFE and Light Gaia, I have a chance for A.Venus, Apollo, Lkali for my Kirin team,.

    I also have Krishna.. should I be using him instead of Urd? But regardless, Yamato, Hino, should be great subs for my fire team.

    Susano and Perseus should be good for my Verd team although I am missing a GZL/spiker.

    And finally Pandora should boost my devil team, giving me the opportunity to awaken Haku for a different team.

    So with all that.. I should roll in this day1 godfest right? My devil team is for farming KotG, while my Urd/Verd/Krishna team would be for some descends and my Kirin is the main descend tackler…and I guess rolling any of the JP1 would be advantageous in the future… So should I stick with Day 1 and ignore Day 2? Or wait until PCGF.

    Thank you!


    • It’s unfortunate that Awoken Sakuya hasn’t been revealed yet; it’d be a lot easier to give a recommendation if she had.

      In most cases you’re right that non-IAP shouldn’t roll for specifics, but you’re in a situation where it’s realistic since Awoken Sakuya will probably be endgame worthy and you already have some nice farming teams. Day 1 is great value, but it doesn’t present many upgrades for your Sakuya team. So I guess it comes down to: do you want to risk rolling for specifics in hopes of advancing in the endgame or do you want to diversify your roster? I’d recommend playing it “safe” and rolling for value, especially since you still have a lot of work to do in +eggs and skill ups to be truly endgame viable, but that shouldn’t automatically invalidate the other option since clearing newer, harder content is also rewarding.

      As for PCGFs, I think day 1 has better overall quality.


      • Ok, so I should roll a bit because this gala and godfest combination hits all my potential needs for various teams. Should I just roll and change the focus of my team based on my roll results?

        Also… According to your ratings spreadsheet. Urd is vastly superior overall to Krishna.. but Krishna has a very potentially high multiplier with the sparkle effect (5 orbs + 1 enhanced).. Would krishna be considered better end game than urd?


        • Yeah, I agree with all your reasons why you should roll day 1. However, you should only actually roll if you made the decision to prioritize diversifying your box over improving your Sakuya team. Of course you can always compromise and just roll a bit, like you said.

          My rating spreadsheet is just a tool for me to give godfest recommendations, I wouldn’t take one specific rating vs. another too seriously, especially the overall rating which is there more to measure value rather than effectiveness. Krishna has more endgame potential than Urd just because of his burst, but Urd is a better farming lead and a better sub. Also, Urd just needs one killer sub to shoot up the leader ratings since she has one of the best well-rounded leader skills in the game. Ame no Uzume is a good start, but something akin to Liu Bei would really give her a boost.


      • Thank you so much for your help! I also took your advice and created a devil team with Beelz/Ronia… even tho they are very underleveled.. I can grind Kotg so much easier!

        And I think I will roll a bit for value because we are still waiting to see how Awoken Sakuya will be like! Thanks again Setsu!


  13. Andromeda has been high on my want list for awhile and I’ve rolled a fair amount in past godfests to get her, but it’s left me with a fair amount of dupes of the pantheon (3 Yamato, 1 Perseus, 1 Wukong, 2 Pandora). I don’t really see a need for 2 Perseus or Wukong in the current meta, but I figure now is a good of time as any to roll? Yomi would be nice as would Susanoo (have Kush), but I don’t think either is that necessary? And I already have 2 Kagu and 1 Orochi and, again, not seeing any use for further dupes of these cards. Plus, No Metatrons kind of hurts for me (pretty set on Kalis and Norns, myself). The only other pairing I see being better for me would be a Chinese or maaaybe Egypt 1, but these pairings seem unlikely?

    Or do I just forgo Andromeda and stick with Sarasvati, which seems to be the next best blue lead (I have trouble with Skuld on harder dungeons and don’t see the point of U&Y with a decent Kali team)?



    • Looking at your box, I’m assuming that you IAP? If that’s the case, then if you really want Andromeda it’s a good time to roll. If you’re non-IAP, I’d avoid it.

      That being said, if you’re looking for Andromeda to lead, I’d just wait for Neptune Dragon to come out. It basically has all the good points of Andromeda and Lakshmi as leads combined into a single unit.


      • Thanks for the tips. I hadn’t looked into Neptune Dragon as everyone seemed to gloss over him compared to Ra and Shiva, but yes, he looks quite a good fit for that strong blue leader I’ve been looking for. By then I might have enough MP to get him!


  14. You’re providing a great public service, setsu!

    I continue to covet Yamato quite badly, he’s like a nitro boost on Goemon and Shiva Dragon teams. After so many rolls at some point you start rolling less for what you need (descend capable) and more for convenience (speed run), which can be even more dangerous for your wallet…

    If I can’t nab him in 10 or so rolls I think that might be enough for me to go green, I fortuitously rolled Vishnu last week because I’m crazy.


  15. Hey Setsu, I rolled hard to get the two Pandas for the Typhon tem we talked about needless to say I only ended up with 1 but I got two Satsukis so not all terrible.
    My question though is I also got 4 Zuohs. How many should I keep?
    I know he doesn’t have a UEVO yet so should I hold onto all of them?


  16. Finally rolled a Yamato for my Shiva Dragon team. Along the way, picked up Hathor and DQXQ and enough dupes to sell to MP store for the jewels I needed for Awoken Haku. I suppose I should start looking at this Zaerog-8 team that people keep talking about.


  17. Hey Setsu! Wonderful guide, my friend told me about you yesterday. I’m a relatively new player (been playing for around a month, rank 100). So the relevant gods I have are Krishna, Ronia x2, Markab, Shotel, gigas, homura, echidna, karin, gronia, bastet, perseus, kirin, arcline, indra, satsuki x2, wee jas green x2, and wee jas light x2. Currently been trying to run a krishna and bastet team but lacking a lotta good subs to make them viable. Should I roll more today or save up for PCGF?


    • Do you IAP? If so, now’s as good a time to roll as any. If not, I’d wait for later. Not necessarily a PCGF either since a lot of the godfests are pretty good now (like today’s).


      • I would be willing to IAP to get a good start and been hearing from friends (and you) that this godfest is particularly good!


        • Today is a great day to IAP, but I suggest not going too crazy. Since you’ve just started, it will be difficult to utilize everything that you get. Mostly due to team cost, but you’ll have limited resources with which to level and awaken everything, too. You may also run into the problem of having too many things to do which can be distracting to your overall progress. I don’t know what your budget is like, but maybe like an 85 pack at most, or if you’re particularly affluent maybe stop when you start getting dupes. If you do decide to roll, I wish you luck!


      • To add, I don’t want to IAP too much in the future so I would consider myself a light-IAP player. I would consider IAPing possibly 3-5 times a year.


  18. Hi Setsu! Non-IAP player here, but I’ve saved about 15 stones from doing dungeons and all, I’m rank 88 right now at Starlight Sanctuary (Normals) and Mechdragons’ Massive Fortress (Tech), I’m currently running a DQXQ, Empress of Serpents, Echidna, Shiva, Keeper of the Rainbow, and Graviton Earth Dragon, my friends tell me that’s a horrid team setup, but I don’t think I really have better options considering team cost and what’s available to me. I’m feeling like I’ve gotten to the point where I need a better leader (I like the damage of spike teams but that’s bitten me in the behind in various dungeons due to getting orb-trolled and my lack of skill sometimes), is this a good Godfest to use my stones in?

    Also, any advice on how to build my team? Should I just stick with DQXQ for now? I can’t really do any descends, but my friends tell me that’s normal at my rank/monsters.

    My monster box currently has:
    Burning Maiden, Princess Valkyrie
    Blue Sonia
    Red Sonia,
    Divine Flowers, DQXQ
    Empress of Serpents, Echidna
    Guivre Chimera
    Hatsume no Tsubone
    Graviton Earth Dragon
    Wood Wizard Leeza
    warrior rose, graceful valkyrie (chibi)
    Goddess of Secrets, Kali
    2 Black Beast Demon, Zuoh
    war deity of the night, tsukuyomi (chibi)
    Archangel Lucifer

    I don’t really know what to do with my team or what direction I want to take it in, I’m pretty open to anything right now. Any advice?


    • I also didn’t know if you had some sort of inbox for questions more on team building so I just thought I could post here .. If I shouldn’t have, my bad!!


      • No problem, the comments section is the only place I have set up to interact with readers so it’s perfectly fine to post here. That may change in the future, but for now this is working fine.


    • I think you should hold onto your stones for now. Your friends are correct, I don’t think you can expect to be blazing through the game at your rank. Unfortunately a lot of the PAD early and mid-game is slowly buffing up your team and accumulating team cost. Team cost is likely to be your biggest limiter for a while.

      If you want direction for the future, I’d try out a Kali team who does significantly more damage than DQXQ. Something like LKali / Yomi / Mini Valk / Echidna / ? / LKali. Where ? covers water and can be something farmable like Angel or Anne&Mary. Or you can use DQXQ just for the awakenings or as an emergency heart maker. Later you can consider something like Sandalphon or LIzanami. This team can also be spun into an XQ team if you need the HP multiplier as most of them are healers. You should probably try that out for a while, then decide if those teams are something you want to continue improving or if you want to switch to something else. From there you can decide which type of godfest or PCGF you want to roll in.

      I definitely think the LKali is worth investing in. Even if you don’t like her team, she’s so good as a sub on other teams.

      Aside from that, you have some nice pieces (RValk, the Sonias, Shiva, Hatsume, Leeza, Zuoh), I think it’s just a matter of slowly improving your box and going from there.


      • So should I just run technical jungles to farm Pendgras and level up my monsters, while trying to get all their respective evos?


        • For exp I think it’s better to farm Super Kings. You should time your rank ups so you can run it more times. After that, it’s evo mats and finding a good place to farm.

          I’m not a good resource for deciding what to do in the early game. It’s been so long since I did it and I mainly IAPed my way past it. You can check something out like the PAD subreddit or PAD Forum; I’m sure they have some good guides.


  19. Your site is great and has a wealth of information!
    I started out running a LKali team which let me progress further than I should have faster than I should have :D.
    However she sucks for farming so I have been building up a Ronia team. I can do Kotg about 75% of the time.
    My question is I have iapd pretty hard last few fests and have lots of choices and am not sure if I should keep focusing on a Ronia (dark focused most likely) or work on something else?
    Pad herder https://www.padherder.com/user/derek13/monsters/#31,0,31,2047,268435455,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,0


    • I think for your current rank RSonia is fine, but there’s only so much you can do with the team in the future. She’s not very consistent in Challenge Dungeons even when paired with Beelzebub. For speed farming, her ATK multiplier is too low and rows are too orb hungry to be efficient. I will give her credit where it’s due, though, as she’s a good option for KoG farming.

      Urd looks to be a much better long term option for you. You can run something like Urd / Kagutsuchi / Cao Cao / Leilan / Minerva / Urd. The best part is this team can easily be spun into an endgame Shiva team which can clear just about anything. You also already have Ame no Uzume who became a great fit for Urd with her new uevo.


  20. Sorry to bother you, Setsu, but I would like to know if I’m in the right track with this whole this.

    After some months playing, I ended up with an excellent light box and some other core subs for Ilm and LKali. Problem? I’m at rank 171 at the moment so team cost is getting in the way. Fortunately, I found a team that could do the trick:

    Ilm / Leilan (Fire-Light uvo, as the Awoken is out of my reach for now) / Fuma Kotaro / Apollo (new uvo for the sweet awakenings) / CyberDragon Shedar / Ilm

    My question is… would it be good enough to step out of mid-game once it is leveled up and skilled up?

    Shedar will be sooner or later replaced (he is there for its low cost), but I think that everything else is pretty solid for an Ilm team. It stacks a nice amount of rows and prongs and Leilan + Fuma allows me to create a light-heavy board for bosses. I just want to be sure this is the right call before investing all my resources in it.


    • The team sounds solid. It should get you through all of the late game. You’ll probably have to make some adjustments to take on the endgame, though.


      • Wow, that’s a relief… Thank you, really. I’ve been trying to get a lategame-worthy (and hopefully endgame too) team for quite a while, but I didn’t have anything that convinced me. I guess that adjusments are a must for something so difficult as endgame… I have an Indra, so it should be a nice addition once I get the team cost to use him without going over limit.

        I wonder, however, why Ilm is so unpopular in America… It has beaten all levels of the last challenge dungeon (19) from what I gathered in youtube, but I hardly ever see it brought up in discussions. It’s a shame, really.


        • Yeah, Ilm is very strong. I think him not being played much on NA has a lot to do with him being a somewhat new 6-star GFE and his team not having any glaringly obvious enablers. I think his usage will probably kick up a bit once the Sonia-board active skills get reduced to 13 turns and more people get dupes to use.

          Also, Indra is an amazing sub for him. You definitely needed him or Phoenix Rider to advance to the endgame. Now if you have something like Amaterasu, LMeta or Ame no Uzume, you have most of the annoying late- and endgame gimmicks covered.


      • That makes sense… Hopefully time will help like you say, more so when great subs like Tsubaki are appearing. Also, as you said, the new reduction to 13 turns will be a great improvement (more with an Awoken Leilan to help him with haste).

        Ah, I have a LMeta! I had already thought about her as a bind clearer, but she seems even more situational than Indra. I guess that Active Skill Lock is the biggest problem I would face with those subs available, then. But talking about Indra… why do both Indian 1 dragons lack an Awoken? It has been bugging me for a while. An Awoken Indra would be amazing…


  21. Ilm is very powerful with the right subs. Yamato and Gadius are are a couple more great subs other than the ones you listed. Gadius might not be the greatest in all situations but I am currently using him as a band aid for the terrible recovery of the rest of the team. Nothing some plus eggs wont fix though.


    • He is! I watched a bunch of videos to get a feel of his playstyle when I rolled him and his strength is amazing. The biggest problem with him is getting those right subs, but I had them already by the time I rolled him (Less Leilan, and Leilan was my next pull).

      You are right on Gadius and Yamato (and I have the later), but the team cost of a fire-focused Ilm team, given my sub options, would be prohibitive for my rank. That’s why I will probably train the team above first.


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