Hypermax Vishnu


Finally. Although, since this essentially came at the expense of pushing Infinirog back the feeling is bittersweet. He’s very likely to permanently replace my Liu Bei on my Bastet team.


4 thoughts on “Hypermax Vishnu

  1. Looks good. I too am thinking it’s going to replace Liu Bei on my Bastet team. I have 2 hypermax Liu Bei’s; do you think it’s worth it to feed one to my UEVO Vishnu? I know 3x normals are coming up, but I have so many other cards I need to hypermax.


    • Ouch, I never thought the day would come when it would be reasonable to feed away a hyper Liu Bei. I’d at least wait to see what the Verdandi uevo brings before pulling the trigger.


  2. Apart from desperately wishing he had a fire sub attribute, I’m quite fond of Vishnu. I’m nowhere near good enough to use bastet, even with the time extends, but two of these guys helps. I figure his active should help me hit 7 combos through skyfalls, in theory.


    • I haven’t done a lot of testing with him yet, but from what I’ve seen firsthand and what I’ve seen from various Sarasvati, Krishna, Bastet, and Infinirog videos and streams the 15% skyfall really does help. You should definitely give it a try.


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