12 thoughts on “Challenge Dungeons 12 Lv10 – Bastet

  1. Hey Setsu,

    I read your blog as soon as you put something up. You’re very insightful and do a lot of research and I appreciate what information you have to share.

    With that in mind, could you share (or maybe even put up a blog) about Kaede and what her role in ABastet teams would be? Synergy? I can’t find a place to put her and I run ABastet, Osiris and am looking forward to the Verd ult.

    I am really not sure who to replace with Kaede and how it would benefit. Also, I’m in the same spot with Vishnu. Let me know what you think about those two cards if you ever get a chance.



    • I don’t know what there is to talk about. I can’t imagine better Bastet subs than Vishnu or Kaede. Vishnu is Vishnu and Kaede has haste and amazing awakenings. It would help if I knew what your teams were.


  2. I really have all you have except a ceres. It’s just that vishnu (while having better awakenings) does not do the orb change liu bei does. This, along with random skyfall (even with 15%) is a gamble. Kaede is great with haste but not the full board change meimei is. Generally, it seems best for liu, meimei, meimei flex. You get meimei’s haste, Liu’s tpa and statweight plus double orb change and your flex can be Asusano, Perseus, Ceres (you seem to always need at least one of those).


    • It sounds like you don’t value time extends very much. Unless you’re a combo genius, every time extend is precious. And if you are, you don’t need any team advice from me since you can win with just about anything. So, assuming that you aren’t:

      Liu Bei is a poor Bastet sub when compared to Vishnu. Vishnu does more damage and has significantly better awakenings. There are many reasons why Vishnu’s active is better:
      – It’s faster.
      – The orb spawn can help fix Meimei boards. Of course, Liu Bei’s active also interacts, but combining 9 and 10 turn actives seems like a waste.
      – Almost doubling your chance of skyfall wood orbs is amazing. Not only will they all be enhanced, but it gives you more wood orbs to work with on the turns you use your Bastet and utility actives. It can also save you from yourself by increasing your skyfall combo chances.
      – Liu Bei’s is prone to flooding the board with wood orbs, making 7 combos difficult if not impossible.

      With Vishnu you don’t need that deadweight Perseus on Bastet anymore. With Meimei and Kaede/Meimei #2 you’ll reach the 100% SBR you’re looking for. If you need the skill boosts, just run that second Meimei.

      As for Kaede vs. a second Meimei, there’s advantages either way, but I prefer Kaede for the consistency. There’s not very many instances where I need the second Meimei board and Kaede is faster and provides emergency heals. Oh, and the extra time extend.

      My team going forward will be Bastet / Vishnu / Kaede / Meimei / Osiris / Bastet, subbing out Osiris for utility if necessary. Apparently JP has been preferring double Vishnus as of late (although I’m not a huge fan). Of course, neither opinion matters as it’s up to you to make the team that best suits you.

      I know you mentioned Osiris and Verdandi. Vishnu is clearly better for Osiris for taking advantage of the orb enhances and Osiris’s more grindy nature, double Vishnus being even better. Liu Bei is obviously better on Verdandi. For Kaede on Osiris, it’s pretty much the same argument I had for Bastet. I wouldn’t run Kaede on Verdandi.


      • I think you underestimate how powerful vishnu’s active is. I have very limited use with Vishnu himself but I have played a fair amount of Krishna and I am always shocked by how useful the skyfalls are. He is particularly useful on a Bastet team because generally most or all of the board will be cleared every turn because of all the time extends.


  3. Honestly, if Wee Jas got a massive upgrade I think he’d be so much more of a versatile flex sub than many other cards that are staples for Abastet.


  4. Thanks Setsu,

    You basically stated what I was looking for. Being I have them (yet have not invested the time to use them properly because they are not leveled and plussed), I have been sticking to my old stuff. Your explanation of Vishnu’s active was probably the most thorough I’ve heard and gives me confidence that it’s the right move in most cases.

    Thanks for the response! (Still wouldn’t mind a Wee Jass ult that put it on par with better cards -_- .)


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