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More boring hypermax posts. I don’t really have time for anything else since all my free time is being dedicated to +egg farming.

With this round of uevos, NA is about two months behind JP again. We’ve been jumping between two and three months for a while now, but with just about weekly uevo releases I’m hoping we’ll stay closer to two months. Since we got Persephone in this update as well, perhaps what is most notable is that we’re in line to get split uevo Ares soon which will be a boon for those with Shiva Dragons.


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  1. Congratulations!! I just uevoed mine today as well, along with Persephone. However she’s not max leveled, skilled, or awoken yet, so I have a long way to go before I even consider +egging her.


  2. She’s an S-tier sub because she’s an extremely useful sub on dark-combo teams like Anubis, Zaerog Infinity, and Awoken Yomi. She has less relevance on row-based teams like Pandora and even less relevance on dark Prong based teams, but since combos don’t rely on either of these things for multipliers, Dizanami fits on them perfectly.


    • This answer is misleading and it doesn’t even explain why Izanami is good. To pigeonhole her into a specific type of team is a disservice to how strong she really is.

      She’s S-tier almost entirely on the back of her active skill (whether she’s actually S-tier, that’s another story). Her high HP is valuable for teams without an HP multiplier. Her awakenings are fine. The dark resist is probably the most valuable, but the auto-heals help offset her lack of RCV. The OE is becoming more relevant as more dark match-5 leads are introduced. In other words, she’s pretty meh outside her active.

      I could go in-depth as to why damage reduction actives are great, but I’ll summarize it like this: it’s a flat multiplier to HP and RCV the turns the shield is in effect. In Izanami’s case, it’s a 1.54x boost to both. This type of boost is extremely valuable to teams that don’t have HP or RCV multipliers and is still great for those that do. Shields are also critical for surviving large preemptives like DQ Hera’s 38k one in Challenge Dungeons.

      So the active is good, but what is it about Izanami’s shield that makes her’s so good compared to others’? It’s due to her cooldown. Max skilled, you get that 35% shield 3 out of every 6 turns. Add a second Izanami to your team and you get it 100% of the time. With hastes being so prevalent nowadays, you can often get 75+% uptime on your shield with only one. Then add in the fact that several S-tier leaders are desperate for such an effect and you have an S-tier sub.

      As for what teams she should go on, she’s obviously best on the teams you listed: Anubis, Infinirog and Yomi, but there’s no point in limiting her to dark combo teams. She’s great on rainbow teams. Heck, she’s great on pretty much every team in existence, especially for people that don’t have access to the ideal REM options for their teams. It’s not ideal to run her on off-color or off-type teams, but the old MMO adage still rings true here: you do 0 DPS when you’re dead. And Izanami certainly helps keep you alive.


      • The part about being great on much pretty any team is so true. I used her on my Shiva Dragon team to farm Hera Rush and God Rush since I lack the plus eggs to survive the preemptives otherwise.


      • > it’s a flat multiplier to HP and RCV the turns the shield is in effect. In Izanami’s case, it’s a 35% boost.

        Minor nitpick — it’s actually better than that, clocking in at roughly a 1.54x multiplier to hp and rcv, as an N% damage shield is equivalent to an HP/RCV multiplier of 1/(1-N). That multiplier also applies to autoheal awokens, so a dual-iza team rocking a full-time shield is actually getting the equivalent of 4.5k hp every turn.

        I think the low cooldown might also synergize well with leader skills that give bonuses when skills are used, but until mine get max-skilled that’s just theorycrafting on my part.


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