Infinirog Announced for KR


Please let this mean NA will get him next event, too. I’ve been busting my ass off farming +eggs for this very reason.


7 thoughts on “Infinirog Announced for KR

    • Given access to all subs, Typhon is actively bad on Infinirog. His active is pretty much worthless since it won’t generate enough dark orbs nor does he do very much damage. His only advantage is being a dragon, but if you want more dragons I’d just run more Satsukis.


  1. If you don’t take advantage of the “dragon type” then his multiplier falls below an awoken Yomi team.
    So wouldn’t an awoken Yomi lead with the subs shown in this article be better then leading with infinirog?


    • His multiplier is always lower than Yomi, 43.56x for dragons vs. 56.25x. There’s no reason to gimp your team with underwhelming dragons when 36x is more than enough.

      Yomi is much harder to activate, especially if you’re trying to make TPAs. It’s a trade off.


  2. What do you run for Bind clearing? The reason why I’ve been moving away from Dark teams is because of the lack of notable clerics, meanwhile my Awoken Ra team has multiple bind clears available to him.


    • There actually aren’t many preemptive binds anymore meaning you can avoid most of them by managing HP levels. Random binds aren’t as devastating to single element teams as they are for rainbow teams, although the ideal Ra team doesn’t have problems with that anymore either.

      If you really must run a bind clear, then the least to most effective would be Pandora, DKali, Shadow Dragon Knight, and Aamir. Yomi Dragon will also be a possibility in the future. I personally don’t plan on running a dedicated bind clearer; I’ll just run a different team if I have to.


  3. Well, at least infinirog gets 1-2 months in the sun before being overshadowed by awoken yomi on NA. Poor sonia gran died before even seeing the light on NA thanks to the massive difference in delay between awokens and descends.


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