Batman Farming and Skill Ups

There’s about 1.5 days left for 2x invade bonus to farm skill ups for your Light/Disruptor Batman. For those wondering, the invade rates are acceptable and are a much better option than Pys, even without the invade bonus. I farmed Mythical in hopes of getting the best invade rate.

Batman Collab Mythical – Arkham Knight Invades – No Bonuses
Date Runs Stamina Stones Drops Drop / Run Stam / Drop
9/9/2015 27 1350 3 5 0.19 270.00
9/10/2015 6 300 0 3 0.50 100.00
9/11/2015 12 600 1 1 0.08 600.00
Total 45 2250 4 9 0.20 250.00
Batman Collab Mythical – Arkham Knight Invades – 2x Invade Bonus, No Drop Bonus
Date Runs Stamina Stones Drops Drop / Run Stam / Drop
9/19/2015 29 1450 30 11 0.38 131.82

It’s within reason to assume a base invade rate around 20% which is close to what people found on at PF. If it’s actually lower, then I’m glad I got that lucky. If it’s actually higher, then I’m still glad as I didn’t have to waste any Pys.

If we run with the assumption of 20%, then a 40% invade rate under a 2x invade bonus isn’t bad at all. This makes the cost of a Batman skill up 1,250/625 stamina under 2x and 1000/500 under 2.5x. This is a much better option than Pys.

For those curious about Deathstroke appearances for BOdin skill ups, I had somewhat wild results. For the bit of farming I did with no bonuses I went 22/45 or about 49%. During 2x invades I went 6/29 or about 21%. Overall, that’s 28/74 or 38%. It would make sense that the appearance rate is 50% since he shares the floor with Bane, but I’ve also heard rumblings that Deathstroke appears less than that. I didn’t care to search up data confirming either, so take this data for what you will.

I then impatiently tried skilling up under 2x.

Monster Tries Success Rate
Disruptor Batman 20 5 25.00%
Blue Odin 20 5 25.00%

I’ll take it.