More God Rush Jewel Farming Data

I decided to farm God Rush for some more jewels. This data extends what I found in this post.

Spirit Jewel Rush Farming – 1.5x Invade Rate
Date Dungeon Runs Stamina Jewels Jewel / Run Stam / Jewel
8/30/2015 Devil 25 2475 6 0.24 412.50
9/2/2015 God 68 6732 23 0.34 292.70
9/18/2015 God 61 6039 20 0.33 301.95
Total   154 15246 49 0.32 311.14

Rushes are still good for time efficiency, but I’m now questioning how good they really are. I mean, if you can farm an easy descended like Goemon, you can basically use a mindless push button team to speedfarm it. Another benefit is being able to farm any time in the day instead of being restricted to a three hour window. I guess Rushes are still a good option if the current event doesn’t have a good Mythical/Jewel pairing. I still prefer Rushes over Pys, but alt. coin dungeons are still a good option if you covet the side benefits over time efficiency.

I wanted to skill up a few Leilans and Karins, but I think I’m going to stop at one each for now. This is getting way too expensive and I’d rather spend my stones on +eggs.


2 thoughts on “More God Rush Jewel Farming Data

  1. Push button farming didn’t even occur to me for descends jewel farming, only when I was considering 10x descends (NA plz). Mostly out of curiosity, (and also so I can keep an eye on the ones I can benefit from in the future) what other descends can be tackled with a push button team? At a glance it seems like Valk and goemon. Other than that I’m not sure.


    • I’m actually not entirely sure. If I find some time I may look into it, but I have a lot of other things I want to get done in the mean time. Sorry!


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