Quick Thoughts on the NA and JP Streams 9/18/15

I decided to take a break from +egg farming. I just can’t go all out over an entire event. The streams were a welcome diversion.

  • Verdandi – I’ll address this first: I’m satisfied with it (although not so much with the art). No, it isn’t impressive, but you have to think about it in terms of other survey uevos and GFE uevos in general. The general template is a leader-based uevo which gets one extra awakening and a marginal leader skill boost (LKali, RSonia) or a sub-based one which gets three awakenings only (DKali, ROdin). There are exceptions like DMeta, though. Then you have to account for the fact that survey uevos have been generally underwhelming since their inception. In that context, Verdandi did pretty well. While it would’ve been nice if Verdandi got a second TPA instead of the OE, the skill boost and time extend make her much more useful and comparable to Awoken Meimei. While Meimei’s HP addresses woods HP deficiency and she hits much harder, Verdandi is also much easier to skill up.
  • I&I – This is an example of nailing the art, so much so that the shitty awoken uevo is almost an afterthought. Their active is worse than Kanna’s — in many ways I preferred the old one — and their leader skill is worse than RSonia’s. There’s something to be said for an element condition being easier to utilize than a type condition, but still, I’m very disappointed. Although I’ll probably still try to make a team for them since they’re so cute. Maybe tankier teams will make a comeback and their skills won’t look so bad.
  • Thor – This ugly piece of shit may as well not exist. I thought we were long past the days of manlet art.
  • Japanese 2 – I actually don’t care much for any of these, but here we go:
    • I’m glad they decided to do uuevos for U&Y and Kushi as the normal leader-based uevos would’ve been a waste of time. This could possibly be the route they go for the Egypt 2s.
    • U&Y – The best overall Japanese 2 god remains the best, especially with the upgrade to their active skill cooldown.
    • Kushi – I find it amusing that she now has nine awakenings, but only three are relevant. Okay, I guess OEs are relevant now, bringing the total to five.
    • Izanagi – I think it’s telling that Izanagi got a huge upgrade, but is still pretty much worthless. His dark sub-element may be his most coveted feature.
  • Shingeki no Kyojin – I want to believe we’re getting this. I could care less about the anime or manga, I just want more machine types for my Batman. Armin’s active skill looks pretty sweet, too.
  • Multiplayer – I haven’t looked too much into this, but it sounds neat, at least.
  • NA Stuff – Oh yeah there was an NA stream, too. I almost forgot since I slept through most of it (granted, I would’ve slept through the JP stream too if it wasn’t for the new reveals). It does look like we’re going to be getting a lot of cool stuff soon, which is a credit to GungHo. I’m pretty hyped for Susano, but I’m hoping Ares is coming out soon, too.

20 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts on the NA and JP Streams 9/18/15

  1. I’m currently sick and tired of Japan bitching about Sakuya not being “good enough”. It’s immature and stupid. Also Kushinada and Thor might as well as not exist to me, their upgrades were so marginal and so bad. IMO Awoken I&I isn’t terrible, along with B/D Hermes she is a rare B/D sub for Awoken Karin. Granted there’s better leaders out there than the Awoken Chinese gods but barren boxes with nothing else to go on would appreciate that. x2 to water to me isn’t that bad since LMetatron teams have been running on Sandalphon ever since that guy’s descend was released but eh. I’m especially frustrated about Thor as he and Freyja are the only Norse gods I own. Seriously owning all the gods that get shafted the hardest is getting old now.

    Come on PAD JP step up your game and stop it with Sakuya I know you’re the creator’s pet but this is just dumb.


    • I currently have 19 Shynpys, but I don’t have any plans on using them on her. I just don’t play on making any teams that would make good use of her.


  2. The biggest problem with the Norse Pantheon is how similar they are to one another from conception, as it really doesn’t give Gungho much room to go wild with their Awoken like they did with Japanese 1 and the like. I have hopes they get buffed or something, they aren’t bad (I’m sure people will find use for both of them) but I expected a bit more…

    As for Japanese 2… I only have Izanagi and this kind of uevo makes him a much better situational sub for my future LKali team. But oh well, time will say as that team is pure theorycraft for now. For now I just don’t want to close any door without trying it out.

    Btw, the Angels are at last getting skill up materials with Aegir Descended… Gungho has remembered they exist!! I can only hope they become more useful from now on. I don’t own any of them, but it’s kind of sad a pantheon is SO bad.

    (I’m also giddy like a schoolgirl at the Sonia-like boards’ buff, but that’s to be expected)


    • I agree that the Norse has that problem. They are pretty much the only awokens that I’ve said “meh” too. They’re good, just not what we’ve come to expect from awokens.

      Yes, I’m hyped for Angel skill ups. It’s about time. I also think at 12 turns, Sonia boards are back to being relevant again. Especially now that there are so many hastes and a better selection of quality 2+ skill boost subs.


  3. > I’m satisfied with it (although not so much with the art)

    I actually really like Verdandi’s new art. Also, I thought that you would be a lot more ecstatic about Verdandi getting a skill boost and a time extend (the latter of which ive always thought was like your most favorite thing), but I see.

    I also wished she would get a second TPA instead of an orb enhance, but it looks like Gungho is really… GUNGHO about orb enhances on new wood evolutions. (yea im hilarious)

    > I could care less about the anime or manga

    why so full of hatred

    > Armin’s active skill looks pretty sweet, too.

    I was thinking this as well. Might be obvious, but armin’s active looks like wood’s answer to bagiineko.


    • Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with Verdandi’s uevo, but it basically just met my expectations instead of exceeding them. Which is why I’m merely satisfied. She’ll be an elite sub for a very long time.

      I’m actually very fond of Shingeki no Kyojin, but what I meant was that relative to just actually getting the new monsters an NA, I could care less if it was Shingeki no Kyojin or something else; I just want them. Then being related to the manga would be a very nice bonus, though.

      If we miss out on Armin on top of Baggi, I’ll be incredibly sad.


  4. After seeing the light of combo leads and Awoken Ra’s 100x I don’t think I can go back to 4-color… but Umiyama was an early roll for me so I’d still like mess around with some teams when we finally get it. At a glance +900 HP and the 7 turn active with his new LS seem quite good!

    Poor Izanagi… first PAD Bear, then Muse, now even his crazy wife is in a better place.

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  5. I wasn’t expecting much from Verdandi’s uvo (it felt too soon) so the main think I wanted was sweet new artwork, and I was disappointed by that. Not a fan of the new hairstyle at all 😦 I keep looking at it again hoping it’ll grow on me, and it never does…

    Awoken Noah was also a letdown – I wasn’t expecting her to become the blue version of Goemon, but man, bummer.


  6. No argument about Awoken Thor’s new art, but is he really that bad power-wise? His new LS looks like you could make a very strong light team in the Beelzebub mold:

    Himi Udon / Ilm / Apocalypse / DQ / Awoken Venus / Awoken Thor

    Fully plussed, that team sits at 51k hp and 10k rcv, with another 3k coming from autoheals. There’s 11 row enhances, 2 time extends, and full SBR built in, plus two hastes. And you get the same spikes as beelze: Ilm plays the part of Ronia, and Apoc/DQ gives you a 2/3 board just like Haku/Hanzo or Zuoh/Pandora, except that the spike also gets you hearts, which seems like a non-trivial advantage.

    On the downside, obviously 5x is not 6.25x, and the base damage of this team is lower, but you also have 4 more row enhances. I don’t have a damage calculator that knows about the new uevos but back-of-the-envelope suggests that it’s pretty close for 2 row boards. You also lose a utility heartmaker since both your heartmakers are needed for spike, which is kind of a big deal, but you also heal for more and have more of an hp buffer.

    Now, it’s true that Beelze is starting to lose his place in the meta (I was sad to see your post about mothballing your team), but he’s still strong enough to 0-stone all of the descends and challenges up to 9 and sometimes 10, which is plenty good for most players and A-tier worthy. And this team is light, so will get type advantage against some of the harder dungeons.


    • The awoken Norse are pretty bad. With each wave of awoken uevo releases, GungHo has raised the bar for what a good leader or sub is. The Norse do neither. I actually think their old actives are better than their new ones. I’m sure they’ll be fine since they have nice awakenings and 2.5x RCV is powerful, if outdated, but when things like Ra Dragon, Awoken Yomi and Awoken Sakuya are being released, yeah, they’re bad. It’s all relative.

      That team sounds cool, though. But I think I’m done with tank teams until the meta dictates that I have to change.


      • Yeah, relatively speaking Thor doesn’t hold a candle to any of the recent awokens, which makes me sad as I was hoping my memorial egg troll Freyja would become relevant at some point. But I think he’s good enough for players without a better lead to invest in, if they’re non- or light-IAP and may not get anything better for a while. Although that’s assuming you can find Himi Udon or Thor friends, which may be a stretch.

        One thing about tank teams that you mentioned back in your original Beelzebub post that tends to get glossed over these days is that those teams are way, way easier to play. 100x leads are awesome and all, but if your skill is such that you’re only making 4-5 combos a turn reliably, they’re not going to do you much good.


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