RIP Beelzebub Team

I attempted to record a Challenge Dungeons 12 Lv10 clear with my Beelzebub team, but I couldn’t 0-stone it over the course of about 10 tries. There’s just way too much RNG involved to survive all the hurdles and incoming damage. I actually think it’d be fine if just about every floor didn’t have some sort of orb changer that randomly killed hearts, but having to rely on both having enough hearts every turn and Zuoh giving good board changes is just too much RNG for me. I’ll be laying my Beelzebub team to rest, perhaps resurrecting it if a certain dungeon happens to line up well. I’ll stick with Bastet for endgame content going forward.

As I result, I converted my Water Batman to Batmobile with a clear conscience.



7 thoughts on “RIP Beelzebub Team

  1. … and I had just grabbed a beelzbub a couple of weeks ago to lead my RoBu team. My kid pulled me a batmobile this morning (when I roll, I get Robin), but I cannot find anything resembling a working team for him. Batladies, vampire, sleeping beauty, and maybe the farmable delay from the collab for a delay?


    • I can still use my Beelzebub team if I really wanted to because I still have a hyper Vritra. Water Batman is obsolete anyways, but I kept him around in case I really needed that 2x vs. 1.5x. Now that I’ve mothballed the team, I didn’t need to keep him around anymore.

      The plan is to use a Disruptor Batman team to potentially farm 5×4 dungeons for latents. Batmobile may see play as a sub. Also, considering how far NA is usually behind on coin dungeons there’s a chance that Kakkab skill ups will be out before then. If I somehow got 4, Batmobile would lead that team.


        • I was actually considering it until the Sengoku pantheon was teased on the NA stream. I’m hoping by the time we get the coin 5x4s that I’ll have gotten a Kakkab or two; I still need another ROdin and another DKali would be nice too, so I still have a lot of rolling to do.


  2. Really wanted a Batman, so I decided to try again and just roll until I got (presumably) the silver one yesterday. Two Robins later, I got a gold egg, and this guy popped out 😀 I have no idea what I’ll do with him (whereas the silver I could at least use for cost-restricted dungeons), but I’m not gonna complain~
    Hopefully he gets more support in the future though!
    Also, to go back to another topic, while getting a whole bunch of silvers is definitely not a great feeling either, it’s nice knowing that when a gold egg finally appears, it isn’t going to be some stupid Chester trolling you.


    • Grats on the pull!

      I also think cost restricted leads are overrated, especially now that there are so many good options and they’re obtainable outside their dungeons. You can get Tengu from Yamato Rush, Gaia from God Rush and Xuanzang from the Journey to the West dungeon. All, including Draggie, can be obtained from the Descended Carnivals.

      I also totally agree about the gold/silver egg thing. They really should create another egg type; even the regular REM floods you with gold eggs now.


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