Weekly Roundup 33


The Past Week:

Next Week and Beyond:

  • NA: It may be event downtime, but GungHo has blessed us with the second coming of Descended Challenge 1. I don’t know how often we’ll get repeat Py reward dungeons like this, but if they are anywhere near frequent I would take back my complaints about NA’s lack of freebies. I gotta give credit where credit is due: good job, GungHo, at least for now. Outside that, I’ll be farming Arcline skill ups during the weekend invade bonus period (and maybe get a Hathor skill up or two). It also looks like we’ll be getting DC Collab again, hopefully with new uevos. JP will be getting Shingeki no Kyojin during the same time, but if there’s new content, DC not a bad substitute.
  • JP: I don’t expect any new uevo announcements as the ones revealed at TGS are scheduled to be released near the end of the week. Although, Sakuya will likely get an upgrade (good job JP! /s) and hopefully the Norse do as well.
  • KR: It looks like I may have to start keeping track of KR updates. They already got the Angel/Devil invades and Infinirog, now they’re scheduled to get the Ultimate Arena.