Max Skill Goemon #2


We’re gonna get 10x someday, right? …Right?


8 thoughts on “Max Skill Goemon #2

  1. I have a bunch of fire pys lying around. Should I use them on Goemon or just skill him up the hard way? The only two fire cards I have that don’t have skill up fodders are Belial and future A. Freyr.


    • It’s hard to say. Normally I ‘d say save your Pys since they were such a pain to get, but if NA keeps getting Py rewards every week then you can be more liberal in their usage. Goemon is certainly worth it, especially if you nothing else to use it on and don’t want to dedicate the stamina for dupes. Maybe wait for Awoken Freyr and decide after that?


  2. What’s the 10x push button team look like? I’m interested in super fast/easy descended farming. Granted, Shivadragon does plenty of work as is, but I assume it’s a decent amount slower.


    • I don’t think there’s a go-to team like for Star Vault, it really depends on the descendeds we get and what your box looks like. The main players are obviously Shiva Dragon, ROdin, Goemon, and Tengu, though.

      I found that the search term “パズドラ プラマラ” on YouTube brings up a lot of relevant videos.

      Sasuke has vids for Goemon and Zeus (if we should be lucky enough to get it):

      Here’s a Shiva Dragon team with two Goemons:

      The same team failing to Grizal invade, which could be relevant:

      Here’s a 3 Goemon team that needs to match once, but demonstrates that it’s possible to deal with a Grizal invade (not sure about Iria):

      Speaking of which, I should probably write a post on this…


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