Hypermax Zaerog∞


Well, that was extremely annoying.  Not looking forward to skilling up another one. For now, time to sleep.


7 thoughts on “Hypermax Zaerog∞

  1. I was happy to just beat it once to get him. So far I haven’t been able to duplicate my success. That combo shield at the end is a huge wall for baddies like me, unfortunately. But congrats on hypermaxing him!


    • Yeah, that combo test is annoying. I got orb trolled a few times, the lack of wood orbs preventing me from doing enough damage to avoid the nuke even when I did enough damage. I swapped in Vishnu on my Bastet team to help combat that and it helped. The comboing only got worse as the night wore on, but I’m glad I got at least one skilled before going to sleep.


    • No, netete hasn’t made one that I’m aware of and I just basically rehost his images. Sarasvati isn’t made for Zaerog since she requires a 5-match. The TPA or regular combo charts are your best bet.


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