Light Cat Dragon Skill Ups

Monster Tries Success Rate
Hathor 21 5 23.81%
Light Xuanzang 40 9 22.50%
Arcline 19 5 26.32%

I’m pretty happy with the skill up rate.

It’s a bit late for Light Cat, but for those looking to farm Dark Cat and are curious about my drop rates:

Light Cat Dragon Mythical – 69 Runs (3450 Stamina) – 2x Drop/3x Invade
Monster Drops Rate Stam / Drop
White DeviNyan 27 39.13% 127.78
Chickenbowl 19 27.54% 181.58

Ridiculously poor drop rates, but they’re in line with previous Cat Dragon dungeons, as expected. I still don’t know if Mythical makes any difference for DeviNyans, but my main targets were the Chickenbowl invades so I went with the hardest difficulty. For those that don’t want to deal with these horrible drop rates, it’s worth looking into whether waiting for the survey carnivals is worth it for you.


4 thoughts on “Light Cat Dragon Skill Ups

  1. Congrats Setsu!

    I have a question… I just recently spent this past week (non IAP) max skilling my Diza and LIza… Currently using my Diza on my Sakuya team (the shield is so awesome).. I was wondering if its worth it to max skill another Diza in the future? Any use for having two Diza’s? Or is it overkill now with the haste actives

    The only thing I could see using two Diza would be on a future Awoken Haku/Z8 team


    • I think you only need one. You’re correct, the amount of hastes in the game nowadays makes it not as crucial to have two. There are situations where you may want two, but it’s better to be reactive and be behind the curve a bit than the opposite and have wasted stamina.


  2. Can you think of ANY reason for 2 max skilled Arcline? I am staring at #2, and 20 bowls I do not want to evo.


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