Zaerog∞ #2 Max Skilled

Glad to be done with this stupid dungeon, hopefully forever (in before he becomes an evo mat). If I had to sit through these fucking preemptive animations anymore I’d likely go insane. I didn’t have a team that could cheese it as well as deal with the boss easily, so I had to do it the hard way with Bastet. Farming with Bastet is far from enjoyable.

#1 went 10/35 or 28.57%. #2 went 10/45 or 22.22%. I’ll take 20/80 everyday.


12 thoughts on “Zaerog∞ #2 Max Skilled

  1. I cleared it 2nd run (derped combos first run) then decided it could wait for the future, cause it’s pretty miserable. Impressive that you cleared it 80 times without killing yourself :-p


    • Yeah, I probably should’ve saved it for the future. Very annoying dungeon. Not sure why I went all out this time, but at least I can forget about the dungeon for now.


  2. Yeah, clearing that dungeon 80 times is nuts man, good thing you at least got good skill up luck on them. At least you’re done with it. It was a lot easier than I expected it to be, but still tedious I don’t think I’d have the stomach for running it that much over the span of a day.

    Grats though, looking forward to seeing your team builds with Infinirog.


    • Tedious the the correct way to describe the process 🙂

      They’ll be staples on my Disruptor Batman team until I get some Kakkabs and their skill up fodder comes to NA. Eventually Awoken Yomi, too.


    • Technically, yes. You can use Genie to tank Zaerog’s first form then something like Baal to induce the second form’s dispel. This obviously works best on a team like Wukong who also has elemental advantage on the second form. If you have room you can use Ra to kill the first form without matching.

      This guy’s video is about 4 minutes long which is huge. Most of my runs took at least 6 minutes since I had to think about hitting my combos.


  3. Shieldra floors are some of the most infuriating things in the game.

    I’m also farming with Bastet, it’s pretty stable but time consuming and mentally taxing. I think I’ll stop after one Z8, I heard jewel invades on JP also applied here (Legend Plus). That would be great if so, and I’d rather come back with something closer to a farm team.

    Anyway, you’re made of tougher stuff, congrats!


    • Yeah, it’s a good idea to wait it out. I regret not having the Wukong team or some other, less taxing team to farm it, but at least I got a lot of good comboing practice in.


  4. Lol that was crazy, congrats man, the farming was grueling. You are truly dedicated. Haha I tried max skilling my zaerog, unfortunately I failed, 10/11. Just couldnt dedicate more time to it, busy day, my rate is pretty bad at 9/40, I wonder when he would descend again, would love to make a 2nd one for awoken yomi lead, double z8 double a.haku.


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