Haku System Complete (Kinda)


Lost somewhere in the excitement (or perhaps frustration) of farming for Zaerog∞, I forgot to mention that I skilled up my last Haku. The system is only kinda complete since they aren’t all hypermax, but I don’t have any intention of finishing the rest off. Maybe if I go nuts during 10x.

I haven’t used the Haku System much yet, but I still prefer the Meimei System. Maybe because I’m more biased towards wood than dark, but at least with Zaerog as the lead the Haku System is a lot less consistent. It does have the huge advantage of being 100% skill bind resistant, though. And as much as it pains me to admit it, Haku’s art is much better than Meimei’s; I really don’t like the shading on Meimei’s face.

After skilling up three Hakus via jewels, I don’t think I want to do that again. While I got to conserve my Pys, I don’t know what I would’ve done had I gone 0/40 like I did with Ares (quitting comes to mind, though). I’m not saying I’d use Pys, either. Even though we’ve gotten so many easy ones on NA lately I’d like to avoid farming them ever again. So I guess my dupe Leilans and Karins are going to sit on the shelf unskilled for a while.


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  1. Congrats man, Haku system is awesome. This team is actually *almost* possible for me as I have 3 Haku’s (as opposed to only 1 Meimei). I only had the time/patience to beat Zaerog∞ once this time around. If I decide to go for Haku system I will have to farm it more the next time it comes around. I will need a faster more consistent team though. Looking forward to some Haku system vids 🙂

    And damn 0/40 on Ares…that is some improbably bad luck.


    • I actually don’t think the Haku System is worth it, yet anyways. It just costs too much to skill them up for too little reward. Yomi Dragon is another option to lead instead of Zaerog, but it too can be inconsistent (although it’s probably better than Zaerog). But if you love Haku, you do what you have to do.

      The 0/40 was brutal, but at least Super Rubies are easy to get. Looking back on it, I’m approaching 10,000 skill up attempts so some streaks like that are too be expected. Sadly, it was the 0/40 variety instead of 8/8.


      • I’m running a Haku/Satsuki system for Z8, and I’m really enjoying it. I went 8/38 on Satsuki skillups today and I’m actually 2 off from full max skill (and far from full +eggs, working on that this week).

        But imho for Z8 it is a lot more reliable than a full haku system because of the number of dark orbs Z8 needs to get even 16x.

        It’s superfun tho, and with +eggs he’s pretty damn beefy for the amount of damage he can do, and do rather consistently with 6 hastes on the team.

        Would love to hear how your experiences have been with Z8. What I’m finding so far (with only a hyper Z8 and relatively few plus eggs elsewhere, DIza flex) is that generally, my Bastet team is way less reliant on RNG and much easier to play. BUT, my Z8 team can do content my Bastet team can’t do to his survivability/stats (like tanking DQ Hera on turn 1 of Challenge Floor 10) while also having extremely high damage output.


        • I don’t like Zaerog as a lead very much. I hypered him more for use on Yomi than anything. I’ve found Shiva Dragon is much more effective for what I want to do and easier to use. Then again, I haven’t had much motivation to use Zaerog yet. Now that Satsuki is max skilled, I may take him out for a spin in the upcoming Challenge Dungeons for a change of pace. The one huge advantage Zaerog does have is almost 100% uptime on Dark Izanami.

          You can survive floor 1 DQ Hera with Bastet with dark latents. I survived the baby 31k one for the last Lv10 with just 10 dark latents and it should be possible to survive the full 38k one with full resists. Resist latents will hopefully be farmable on NA soon. But yes, it’s easier to meet that requirement with Zaerog.

          Lastly, a peeve of mine is when people misuse the term system as it relates to PAD. A system is an infinite loop of the same active/effect for each turn. While 2 Haku, 2 Satsuki would certainly allow for an active use on each turn, since it’s not the same effect it isn’t a system. I don’t nitpick it on other sites because it doesn’t really matter, but I will on my own site.


  2. it’s not as consistent as meimei because zuoh has a more flexible leader skill.

    Anyways, I’m thinking for my Awoken Yomi team I’m going to use 3 A.Hakus and that last spot be either Zaerog or Satsuki.


  3. Would it be better to run 2 Hakus and 2 Satsukis instead? Since your entire team consists of Haste, you can afford to use a Satsuki whenever you have a garbage Haku board.


      • What about using the new version of dark Metatron as the leader? I’m currently building a team using Dmeta leaders, 2x awoken Haku and 2x Satsuki with a TPA focus.

        Fully skill bind immune, fully immune to jammers, poison, and accidentally healing above Dmeta threshold. 6,846,784 guaranteed damage each turn starting as soon as you enter the threshold (66% dark orbs every turn by combining Haku and Satsuki active and then pop Dmeta to enhance). Dmeta active has 100% uptime by cycling subs until she’s charged again.

        The biggest downside I see is that the 6.8 million damage is pretty much guaranteed to never go higher unless you skyfall some additional combos.


        • And I just realized after posting that that it wouldn’t create a full cycle within each turn, only if you only use one active per turn… So not quite as powerful as I thought, but still would do 2.5 million ish minimum with the potential for 6.8 on bosses.

          Wish I’d thought more on it before posting, but I still think it’s a pretty cool team idea!


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