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  • Well, let’s get this out of the way: DC Collab is complete and utter garbage. Even when it originally came out last year, it was questionable how good any of the rolls were. Considering the power creep since then, no uevos, new monsters or even stat upgrades is just a kick in the balls. The only decent roll is Superman, but now that 5x is obsolete and NA looking like it’ll never get Cloud, even he has limited uses now. This will be the first collab since Eva was running last year when I first started that I won’t be rolling in.
  • Sadly, I already have all the skill ups from DC, making this collab a total dud for me.
  • Instead, I’m going to blow a couple packs on the godfest. I guess GungHo doesn’t give a shit whether DC makes me unhappy or not since I’m going to give them my money anyways…
  • As for farming, I’ll probably do Zeus Dios on Wednesday for some ATK latents. I want a set for one of my Meimeis since I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fallen just short of killing Extreme Kings in Rushes. I’m not sure after that since I’m probably just going to farm resist latents, whenever those come out, for my key monsters. The rest of the latent schedule doesn’t interest me, although Guan Yinping for some HP latents might be a good target. I guess this will be a good chance for me to do some alt. coins, or maybe just take a break from farming altogether.
  • JP just revealed Set as a triple donger. This makes me somewhat excited for Hathor and Nephthys, but as with most uevos I’m prepared for disappointment.
  • Now that Egypt 2 and Norse are the only pantheons with hanging uevos, what’s next after them? Archangels could use split uevos. Angels could really use uevos. Something has to be done about the Archdemons. And that’s really about it, considering the Sengoku haven’t even been released in NA yet. I wouldn’t complain about any of them, but Archangels should be next based on “seniority”, but the Angels probably need the upgrades the most.

7 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 34

  1. Is Darkseid as strong as he seems (for something farmable)? I had just started playing when this collab cane through the first time and couldn’t clear the harder difficulties to grab him…


    • No, he’s not very good. He’s just an improved version of Bane with better stats and a skill boost. This makes him a nice add for budget Super Kings or Tama farming teams, but beyond that he’s not going to help much. It takes so much effort to skill him up and the rest of the dungeon isn’t very rewarding.


  2. Sengoku has been out technically since the update I think, I got Mori while gunning for Phoenix Rider. Of course my box has no use for Mori!!

    No updated DC Collab is unfortunate, would’ve been a nice surprise on the heels of the Batman update. Superman has a place on Ilm teams but is by no means worth chasing after (or Ilm at 6 stars even). The collab just feels like scraps for NA honestly, then and now.


    • No 6 stars godfest exclusive is worth chasing after unless you are a whale… it just brings you lots of frustration and crushed hopes. Although that may change with the GFE x4 Godfests like the one incoming in JP. The featured pantheons seem hardly a reason to roll this time around, given that they only get a x2.


      • Oh, I just realized that NA gets that kind of Godfest too… Nevermind.

        JP only or not, aiming for GFEs may be even reasonable if this kind of event becomes more common.


      • In response to “JP only or not, aiming for GFEs may be even reasonable if this kind of event becomes more common.”

        for 5 stars maybe, they’ll have like a 2% chance, but a 1/50 rate isn’t TOO terrible rate, but 6 stars is just obscene. Accepted rates for 6* gfes during 3x rates is .3%, or 1/300 rolls. Not stones, rolls, so 1500 stones. And that’s for ANY 6*, not the specific one you’re looking for. So even then it’s like a 1/10 shot of getting DKali, or 1/3000 rolls, or 15000 stones. *Barf*

        Hence the GFE rotation, it keeps the featured GFEs thin enough that there’s a 1/however many 6* GFE chance instead of a 1/10, which is better, but still obscene.

        Kicking it up to 4x means an approximate rate of .4%, or 1 in every 250 rolls/1250 stones. So yeah, please don’t chase the 6*s, even with 4x it’s still such an abysmally small chance it’s obscene.


      • Ah yeah, I’m not clueless enough to aim for anything in special just because the odds are seemingly better. I wouldn’t mind getting a dupe Ilm (not so much a dupe DKali, one is enough for me), but I’m rolling just because I can. I was suddenly flooded with stones (reached a day milestone) by the time of the announcement, and given I have more or less everything I need at a short term I’m just going to give up to the temptation.

        (I want a Gadius, but the desire sensor will work against me and I know it)


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