Godfest Rolls 2015.09.30 – 4x Godfest Exclusives, 2x Three Kingdoms & Sengoku

The video for this post. Now I need to learn how to use rainbow leads.


13 thoughts on “Godfest Rolls 2015.09.30 – 4x Godfest Exclusives, 2x Three Kingdoms & Sengoku

  1. Where can I get some of that luck? Dkali refuses to step foot in my box. Along with Skuld, for some reason. Guess they’re temperamental.

    Last piece I need for Ra Dragon too, of course. This is interesting though. Seems like you are making a departure from wood teams lately.

    You had mentioned wanting to make an Infinirog team but the Shiva Dragon team was a surprise and now with you setting up for Ra Dragon. Curious to see your build setups and what teams you end up using most.

    What is your overall impression of Shiva Dragon now that you made a team for it?


    • I feel like I’ve taken wood about as far as it can go as Bastet is the only elite-level leader the element has to offer. It will always be my main element, but I’ve had to expand my repertoire since wood doesn’t farm descendeds or the Arena well, something that the MP Dragons do quite well. Dark was my next project as I wanted to a find use for the leftovers from my now defunct Beelzebub team, but the MP Dragons have proven to be a greater distraction.

      Shiva and Ra Dragons are just a means to an end. I don’t particularly like the teams, but they’re the best for farming descendeds and the Arena, respectively. I don’t plan on going too deep on team comps for them; I’m just going to stick to cookie cutter builds.

      Shiva Dragon is ridiculously good. Farming latent tamas has been so easy because of it. Like I said earlier, I don’t like the team, but it gets the job done and is extremely efficient at doing so.


  2. Partway through my third pack, and I’ve gotten Skuld #2, Blonia #2, Gronia #2 and 3, and two Arclines (how???), but somehow haven’t gotten a single new GFE. I did get two Ares (and two Leilans, and two Animas, and two LMetas…) but I didn’t buy Shiva Dragon, and it’s too late now >_<
    And of course I got a Red Chester, because it wouldn't be a godfest without a Chester…

    Wish I could gift you one of my (now) four Cao Caos, in the hopes that you'd make some Shiva videos!

    Anyway, congrats on the awesome rolls 😀 Sorry for the rain of salt above, but it has been a frustrating godfest…just give me a Phoenix Rider or Ame no Uzume, GungHo please! I've given up on the DKali dream…


    • Ugh, that’s some rough luck. It’s a shame that 6-stars really don’t mean anything if they aren’t the ones you want. I totally sympathize with that, though.

      When I think about it, Chester might be the biggest casualty of the awoken uevos or power creep in general. His skill bind resists would mean so much more if the majority of new monsters didn’t come with one. I remember when I actually wanted one for my Pandora team back in the day for 100% SBR. Ah, those were the days…

      Apparently Cao Cao hates me… I didn’t know there was any interest in me making Shiva Dragon videos. I usually just make videos for whatever I feel like at the time, but I’ll consider Shiva Dragon in the future. I’ll definitely make one if I ever make the Markab System. Deus Ex Machina couldn’t come any sooner.

      The salt is welcome, I can sympathize all too much. It just so happened this godfest I won the lottery after being a sucker for so long. I wish you luck in future rolls!


      • I finished up my rolls and got a second Red Chester, haha. So it goes… It is unfortunate though – like you said, he’d be a solid utility sub, but when everyone starts getting a SBR, there’s no point to him. Converting away Jammers and Poisons is nice, but makes him so much more niche than either + color. Although, if he was unbindable and had a bind-clear awakening…that would be pretty sweet. Alas.

        I don’t know if you’re interested in making significantly more videos, but it’s been cool to see you use a range of teams, rather than “Use X to clear everything”.

        So my final roll was a Tsubaki, which maybe could be a Leilan System leader? Trying to find a positive in all this… (realistically I don’t think I’d ever skill 4 Awoken Leilans)

        Tempted to roll one more pack, even though at this point, I don’t actually expect to get any of the cards I wanted 😦 Maybe I should just wait until PCGF…


        • I can look into changing up the leads I use for videos. It’s a bit easier to do that now that I’ve diversified my teams a bit, but I’m still really only confident with Bastet in Lv10s.

          I think Tsubaki is a pretty good leader for a Leilan System, but, yeah, it’s probably not worth all the effort unless you wanted a Tsubaki team for general use.


  3. I got trolled really but really hard in JP event, got almost all the freaking dark gala (srly 10 pulls and ONE WAS GREEN??!!)the only good thing was Yomi (Persephone maybe for my Okuni prong harem)and In NA where I usually get stomptrolled got D.Kali, Satsuki (finally Zaerog8 team is complete)and Leilan(second pantheon complete)


      • I play more in Na region due to the language, Japan is nice and dandy with all those stones raining (in the same lapsus I got 35+ stones minus the ones from the dungeons compared to the squalid 8 from NA)but the language is a big barrier but with the good pulls I got there I slowly making my way (already rank 155 with only a couple of month activity and abusing my bestfriend ra dragon lol)But Im lacking really good subs to make a stable team (pretending to awaken my Sakuya and then see what happens)
        this is my Jp padherder:

        Some monster are missing (one cyber-dragon and one cyber-beast and the one from Ghost in the shell movie) no idea why they don’t appear in my padherder.


  4. Completed my rolls; didn’t get a single GFE in the last pack 😦 At least I have THREE Ares to go with the Shiva Dragon that I didn’t buy…
    And then this morning I collected five Angelits, fed them to LKali, and got zero skill ups. I think I need a PAD break…


    • That’s rough. There’s no reason to force yourself to play the game when you’re feeling down about. Hopefully you enjoy the break if you take one, but hopefully you also come back.


      • Thanks. Obviously going 0/5 isn’t that big a deal or anything, but it was just like that final straw after that bad godfest. My break will probably be really short though, because I’m weak, and next event is 3x Normals AND Blue Sprite (for once an event without Dark Sprite?? I can’t believe it…)

        At the very least I’m going to force myself to avoid the REM for a while!


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